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BRIX: New EPIC MEGAGAMES 256-color action puzzle game. Featuring 112 levels of mega VGA excitement, Sound Blaster music and digital sound, and 100% pure FUN.

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BRIX: New EPIC MEGAGAMES 256-color action puzzle game. Featuring 112 levels of mega VGA excitement, Sound Blaster music and digital sound, and 100% pure FUN.
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Contents of the BRIX.DOC file


BRIX Version 1.00

programmed by 10/1991 by Michael Riedel



I'm a student of computer science in Karlsruhe, West Germany. After
my last test, there were 6 weeks of emptiness lying before me. So I decided
to fill this hole with training my VGA-Programming skills. This is
what came out of this.

The Game

BRIX is an arcade-style strategy game. After the starting screen
a tree of levels is shown. Depending on the number of the level
you have one, two, three, ... choices. Each of the choices consists of
4 problems which have to be solved to get to the next level.


In the tree of levels, use SPACE to select one (only the blue Problems
can be selected).

In a problem you have to move the icons together (vertically or horizontally)
and they BLAST AWAY. There should be no icons left, or the problem is
not solved. Attention: Sometimes it is necessary to put together three
icons at once! On the left side the level, problem-numbers, the remaining
time and some statistics on the icons left on the playing field are

The selector is controlled with the cursor-keys, space toggles between
move and select mode. During the game, ESC exits (immediately!),
F4 restarts the level (up to 2 times, but the time continues). If you have
used F4, there will be no bonus count.
If time runs up, you can continue by pressing space (5 lives).

Technical issues:

This game uses a 320x200, 256 color-mode. The timing-loop uses the
real-time-clock, so you must have at least an AT-class-computer!

The game comes equipped with 112 different levels. I have written a
level-editor to design the levels. If you want to do your own
level(s), write or mail to me (adress below), so that i can send you the
level editor.

Release notes:

I release this programm into the public domain, but if you enjoy it
you may send me ANY amount you want (Michael Riedel, Volksbank Karlsruhe,
West Germany, BLZ: 66190000, KtoNr.: 909599) ---- Thanks a lot!!!

The best way to communicate with me is via the BITNET or INTERNET
(see adresses below).

Michael Riedel, Klosterweg 28/L611, W-7500 Karlsruhe
BITNET: [email protected]
INTERNET: [email protected]

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  1. I have a bunch of time on my hands.

    What I would like to do is to program the BRIX game into the Windows 10 Environment.

    I have done this with some games, including the Original ADVENTURE.

    Can you send me the Source Code for your BRIX?

    I can start from there.

    TNX Claude Smith
    aka: SlideRule

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