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Bridgepal - play bridge against the computer.
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Bridgepal – play bridge against the computer.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Introduction to BridgePal by WR Software

Welcome to BridgePal, a computer version of the card game of bridge. This
program is loaded with features to help you learn, improve, or just enjoy the
classic card game.

To use BridgePal, just enter one of the following at the DOS prompt:

BRIDGE - starts the program
BRIDGE1 - use this if BRIDGE (above) doesn't work on your computer
PRINTDOC - prints the 12 page documentation manual (DOCUMENT.PRN)
ORDER - prints a form for Registration ($9.95)

The first part of the manual tells how to use BridgePal, while the later
sections describe the card game of bridge.

You can select HELP on the first BridgePal menu for a brief introduction to
the program. If you have played bridge before, this HELP information may be
the only thing you'll need to read.

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