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Laser beam game. Find where the deflector is located.
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Laser beam game. Find where the deflector is located.
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BAFFLES (version 1.0) (7/7/1990)



This program implements the Baffles game on a 10x10 board with five
baffles. The baffles are placed randomly at the start of the game.
The goal is to find all the baffles without incurring many points.
By the way, a baffle is a / (right sloping) or a \ (left sloping)
mirror that reflects a laser beam at 90 degrees. For example, if
you shoot a laser beam to a \ from left, the beam will be deflected
down like this:

-------------* \

The player has four commands available.

G)uess : Enter the X-Y location and direction of the baffle. If correct,
that baffle is marked as found. This option costs 2 points.

L)aser : Enter the location to shoot a beam from. The exit point of the
beam is reported back. It might deflect from baffles along the
way. This could be used as a clue to figure out if there is a
baffle, if so what the direction is. The tricky part is multiple
baffles and deflections. This option costs 1 point.

* : Prints the score, and quits the program.

S)core : Displays the current number of shots, guesses, and the score.

H)elp : Displays the help screen.

CRC : 3935
Size : 12048

Requirements: Any IBM PC compatible with 128K, and a color monitor.

Source code : Available from the author upon request with a self-addressed
floppy disk envelope, and a floppy disk. This program is
written in Turbo Pascal 5.5.

Comments : Please forward any comments or bug reports to the following

P.O. BOX 9393

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