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Flight simulator scenery of Ankorage, Alaska.
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Flight simulator scenery of Ankorage, Alaska.
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Contents of the ANCHOR.DOC file

Title: Anchorage, AK Scenery
Designed by: Dan Greaves (visual designer) and
Tory P. Tolton (nav-com designer and accuracy verifier)
Requirements: MS Flight Simulator v4.0 or later
MS Aircraft and Scenery Designer
Setup Config: 37,500 bytes Static 18,000 bytes Dynamic

ATIS Freqs-- Lake Hood Seaplane ATIS 125.60
Anchorage Int'l ATIS 118.40
Merrill Field ATIS 123.70
Kenai Muni ATIS 120.30

VOR + NDB Freqs-- Big Lake VOR (BGQ) 112.5
Anchorage VOR (ANC) 114.3
Kenai VOR (ENA) 117.6
Campbell Lake NDB 338

Buildings of interests- Sheraton Anchorage
Anchorage Westward Hilton
Captain Cook Hotel
ARCO Alaska Building
Ensearch Natural Gas Building
BP Exploration
Anchorage Museum of History and Art
Federal Building
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
...and many more!

Comments-- This Anchorage, AK area scenery covers all public airport
facilities from Kenai, AK on the Kenai Peninsula, approx.
40 nm south of Anchorage, to the Vor station at Big Lake,
AK, near the south end of the Susitna valley, approx 30 nm
north of Anchorage. The western boundary extends from Mt.
Susitna on the west of town to Girdwood, AK near the east
end of Turnagain Arm, about 20 nm east of the city.
A good suggestion would be to delete many of the empty
downtown roads. This certainly would help frame rate. We
left them in for Anchorage residents to make their own
minor additions.
Set the weather on the modes as you like it, but if you
want realism, keep in mind that Alaska's flying weather is
not always perfect!

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