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Two level demo of new Wolfenstein game, not the original game but plays just like it, excellent graphics and sound.
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Two level demo of new Wolfenstein game, not the original game but plays just like it, excellent graphics and sound.
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Contents of the SOD.DOC file


Spear of Destiny brings virtual reality to the PC, hurling you into an
intense battle between good and evil in which only you can save the world!
A breathtaking musical soundtrack sets the mood, while amazing
``first person'' visual perspective and spectacular digital stereo sound
effects give an experience like no other game you've ever played!

It's World War II and you are B.J. Blazkowicz, the Allies' most durable
agent. In the midst of the German Blitzkrieg, the Spear that pierced the
side of Christ is taken from Versailles by the Nazis and secured in the
impregnable Castle Wolfenstein! According to legend, no man can be
defeated when he has the Spear. Hitler believes himself to be invincible
with the power of the Spear as his army of destruction sweeps across Europe.

Your mission is to recapture the Spear from an already unbalanced Hitler,
with the hope that the loss of his most coveted weapon will push him over
the edge! You must infiltrate the heavily guarded Nazi stronghold and
time is running out!

In your quest to recover the Spear, you will encounter the exciting and
hazardous challenges, secret doorways to hidden passages, gruesome mutants,
and powerful monster-like ``bosses''. All this in the midst of the massive
fire-power of well trained enemy soldiers throughout the castle! See if
you have the ``right stuff'' to accomplish the most dangerous mission of
the war!

This is a complete two-level playable version of Spear of Destiny - a
Wolfenstein 3D Graphic Adventure. Your mission is to make your way
safely through each of the levels to find the elevator to the next floor.
On the way, you'll have to fight your way past the guards - they'll kill
you if you don't get them first!


If you have an AdLib, Sound Source, or Sound Blaster compatible sound
device, you're in for a special treat. Spear of Destiny features an
original musical score, and digitized sound effects. If you're using
a Sound Blaster, make sure there's a line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT similar
to: BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 T2.

Free up as much memory as possible. The more there is, the faster and
smoother the game will run.

Playing the Game

Start the game by typing SOD.

You will be able to control the game using your mouse, joystick or
keyboard. All the controls are configurable from the menu within the

The primary game actions are: movement, opening doors or passages, and

MOVEMENT is accomplished by using the [up] and [down] arrows to move
forward or backward. You can turn to the left or right using the [left]
or [right] arrow keys. The joystick and mouse can also be used and work
as you'd expect. The mouse is, by far, the best way to control movement.
You can move sideways (instead of turning) by holding the right mouse
button down. This is extremely useful for looking around corners where
danger may be lurking.

OPENING doors or passages is done with the [space] bar. To open a door,
you need to move right up to it and then press [space]. The door will
open, and remain open for a few seconds, and will then close
automatically unless you or one of the other characters is in the doorway.
There are many secret passages in the game which are hidden behind objects
on the walls or behind ordinary wall panels. They are opened in the same
way doors are. Hint: there's a secret panel in the back of the first
alcove to the left when you start the game.

SHOOTING is done with the [Ctrl] key, the joystick button, or left mouse
button. Naturally, you need to be aiming your gun at the enemy you intend
to shoot. There are a number of weapons you can choose from, and they are
selected with the [1],[2],[3] and [4] keys. The [1] key selects the
knife, [2] selects the pistol, [3] and [4] selects the machine guns
(which you'll have to find before you can use them).

GAME SPEED and smoothness can be controlled by changing the size of the
view port. If you're using a 386/25 or higher you'll be able to get very
smooth action with a full screen view. If your system is a little slower,
you can improve the speed of the game by making the view port smaller.

Playing Tips

You can pick up any treasure you find by simply running over it. The
treasure is what gives you points, and most of it is hidden in secret
passages. You'll have to explore carefully, pressing on the walls to
find them. A good player will be able to rack up at least 100,000 points
in the demo.

Ammunition is all-important to your survival in the game. You can take
the blue ammunition pouches from the guards you shoot by running over
them. There are also a number of ammunition stores in the game, some
in the secret passages. Finding these will be essential to your survival.

The Complete Game

You can get the complete Spear of Destiny game at your favorite software
store after October 1, 1992. The complete game features:

- over 20 complete floors to cover
- 4 levels of play difficulty
- special extra challenges for advanced game players
- digitized stereo sound effects
- breathtaking musical soundtrack
- saves multiple games in process

Spear of Destiny is available for only $59.95 or less at: Egghead, Babbages,
Electronic Boutique, CompUSA, Bizmart, Office Depot, Price Club,
Software Etc., Staples, Walden Software. In Canada you can find Spear of
Destiny at Radio Shack, Wise Guy Computers, APLUS Software and other fine

If you can't find it, you may order it directly from:

FormGen Corporation OR FormGen Corporation
Box 249 13 Holland Drive
North Andover, MA Bolton, ON
01845-0279 L7E 1G4
(800) 263-2390 (416) 857-4141

Computer Gaming World says,

"the player is `there' like no game I've ever played..."

"the sound and the visual action, is frighteningly realistic"

"I can't remember a game making such effective use of perspective and
sound and thereby evoking such intense physiological responses from its


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