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Tsr editor and calc + assmbly.
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Tsr editor and calc + assmbly.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BREAKON.EXE 2316 642 deflated
INT09.EXE 2003 1109 deflated
MAP.COM 9984 5854 deflated
MISCTSR.DOC 1110 604 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
TSR.DOC 26123 9226 deflated
TSR.EXE 5791 2978 deflated
TSRCALC.DOC 987 533 deflated
TSRCALC.EXE 7101 3479 deflated
TSRDOSED.ASM 18747 4475 deflated
TSRDOSED.DOC 2109 1030 deflated
TSRDOSED.EXE 2427 1115 deflated

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Contents of the MISCTSR.DOC file

Not a tsr. Run from the command line to display which tsr's are resident.

This is a complete replacement of the BIOS keyboard routine.
Improvements are:
..Typematic keys repeat twice as fast.
..Typeahead buffer is 128 bytes.
This should be made resident (in your AUTOEXEC.BAT) before
any other resident programs. Not needed for AT's.

Allows you to terminate any program by hitting Ctrl-Brk. This includes
programs that normally ignore Ctrl-Brk and programs that are looping.
With this program resident, there is no need for BREAK ON.
If you cannot break out the first time, try a second or third time.
Each successive increases the urgency. The third one is unconditional.
Handy for testing new tsr's because anything made resident after BREAKON
is deleted.
MUST be the LAST program in your autoexec.bat.

Your AUTOEXEC should look something like this:

. (others)

Robert Wagner

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