Assembly Language Source Code

ASSEMBLY Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
2DROTATE.ZIP10982Mar 12 19932-D rotate routines - ASM.
3DROTATE.ZIP19964Mar 26 19933D rotate ASM routine.
61PATCH.ZIP182328Mar 12 1993This is a patch to MASM 6.1 to create 6.1a. This fixes problems when trying to run MASM from the same directory as MS Visual C++ and a few other things. It allows MASM to use the latest DOSXNT DOS extender.
6800_ASM.ZIP92084Sep 24 1989Compile Motorola 6800 code on your PC, from Motorola.
68EM.ZIP63410May 6 1991Motorola M6800 emulator and cross assembler.
68XASM.ZIP146452Nov 26 199368000 Cross Assembler and Emulator for x86 based computers.
8048DIS.ZIP15949Sep 27 1987Disassembler for the Intel 8048/8049 chip still very new.
A2PCTRAN.ZIP8149May 29 1992Transfer Apple II disks to the PC.
A86CNVRT.ZIP37370Jun 16 1987Demonstrates coversion of MASM source code to A86.
A86V372.ZIP171202Sep 20 1994A86 macro assembler, V3.72 now with INCLUDE files, listings, no limit on size of source files, fwd refs in complex expressions, END operand, default ORG END in DATA SEGMENT, and more.
ABORT.ZIP2758Sep 8 1986TSR to abort Program Runaways. Return to DOS.
ABRD40.ZIP6091Nov 16 1989Absolute read/write ASM functions for all DOS versions including PC-DOS 4.0 and Compaq 3.31's Big Drive support.
ADIR103.ZIP7665Jan 1 1980Fast ARC file directory read.
AE24A.ZIP28513Sep 15 1994Asm Edit 2.4a: smart tabs, auto comments, more. Freeware.
AFIXV100.ZIP23022Feb 18 1990Fixes that allow most PC-Mag ASM code to be compiled by A86.
AFORM.ZIP7478Apr 2 1987AFORM is a filter used to format assembler source. It will create as output a file with consistent capitalization and indentation.
AGNEW.ZIP21092Dec 2 1988LIBRA is a user interface for the Microsoft LIB program.
ALINT.ZIP17849Apr 26 1986Assembly Language Syntax Checker - Like Lint for C.
ALPROG.ZIP28213Nov 3 1986IBM PC assembly language tutorial by Joshua Auerbach, Yale University. From 1986, but still has some useful information for the novice.
AMAG0389.ZIP24304Mar 28 1989Assembly language magazine.
AMAG0589.ZIP16367May 21 1989Assembly Language Magazine #3, May 1989.
AMAG1289.ZIP32971Dec 16 1989Assembly magazine for December, 1989.
AMAGC289.ZIP18024Feb 21 1989Assembly language magazine, 1st issue.
ANIM-TC.ZIP4789Dec 12 1988ASM source code to demonstrate bit-plane animation.
APL2EM.ZIP216818May 30 1990Apple ][ emulator for 286 machine. Full ASM source. Few docs.
ARROWASM.ZIP50225Feb 1 1986Public Domain assembler. Professional quality, MASM 3.0 compatible.
AS11.ZIP85196Sep 9 1989A 68HC11 cross assembler for the IBM PC with C source code.
ASM-SUBR.ZIP62584Jan 20 1986Collectioan of ASM language Subroutines.
ASM1.ZIP20480Jun 5 1986PC Mag .ASM files not found in VOL6N8 or later.
ASM2.ZIP38418Jun 5 1986PC Mag .ASM files not found in Vol6N8.ARC or later.
ASM3-A.ZIP34710Jul 28 1986PC Mag .ASM files prior to Vol6 Nr8.
ASM32PM.ZIP36837Jun 7 1993A 32-bit program "skeleton" in assembly language. Just fill in the middle part of the code, assemble with MASM or Turbo Assembler, and you'll have a 32-bit .EXE file for 386/486s.
ASM4.ZIP38696Jul 16 1986PC Mag .ASM files prior to Vol6 Nr8.
ASM7000.ZIP16556Feb 7 1992Assembler for Texas Instruments TMS-7000 MPUs.
ASMDDD.ZIP9505Apr 20 1991ASM Source code to many device drivers, including drivers that can be loaded as .EXE files, or .SYS files, PASS-THRU drivers, and memory resident.
ASMDEVEL.ZIP83953Feb 6 1990Complete source from several programs in "Bluebook of Assembly Routines" by Waite Group.
ASMDRV.ZIP46231Jul 2 1988Source code from the book "Writing MS-DOS Device Drivers" in ASM and C.
ASMGEN3.ZIP75369Apr 11 1989A program to generate cross-referenced assembly language code from any executable file. Great for Hackers.
ASMLIB35.ZIP181197Jan 22 1993ASMLIB is a library of assembly-language subroutines, linkable with your .OBJ code.
ASMPOP.ZIP26991Jun 17 1987ASMPOP is a memory resident assembly language reference guide. It allows you from inside any other program to access details about 8088/6 assembly language. This includes information on the linker, flags, registers, etc.
ASMSUB2.ZIP112916Apr 20 1987Assembly language subroutines (source code).
ASMTUT.ZIP49932May 23 1984Asembly Language Tutor that includes a simple ASM compiler.
ASMTUT1.ZIP98289Aug 13 1990A tutorial for PC 8086 assembler (TASM/MASM/A86.) Requires previous programming experience and basic knowledge on PC. (Part 1 of 4).
ASMTUT2.ZIP102452Aug 10 1990A tutorial for PC assembler (TASM/MASM/A86.) (Part 2 of 4).
ASMTUT3.ZIP88276Aug 10 1990A tutorial for PC 8assembler (TASM/MASM/A86.) (Part 3 of 4).
ASMTUT4.ZIP72971Aug 10 1990A tutorial for PC assembler (TASM/MASM/A86.) (Part 4 of 4).
ASMTUTOR.ZIP27236Nov 28 1985Assembler Tutor.
ASMTXT01.ZIP16931Oct 14 1994Text file on assembly language for beginners, by a beginner. Covers TSRs, High level interfacing, registers, addressing, memory and more.
ASMWIZ20.ZIP76884Nov 3 1994Assembly Wizard's Library v2.0, over 175 routines for use in tiny model asm programs (.COM format): buffered file I/O with sharing & critical error handling, text and graphics (Herc to VGA), mouse, kbd, 32-bit math, more.
ASM_SUBR.ZIP62584Jan 20 1986Assembly language routines from the Bluebook.
ASPIC.ZIP108149Jun 3 1993PIC 16CXX assembler.
ASSEMBLE.ZIP37294Feb 13 1983Assembles even Pseudo-Op codes...
ASTRSYS.ZIP16389Sep 26 1989Various ASM routines with full source. String, DOS, SysReq keystroke tester, and a simple program that allows Y/N answers in batch files.
ASYNLIB2.ZIP17736Mar 21 1991Simple serial communications routines. Assembly source included.
AT110.ZIP30860Jun 23 1986Drive Bios in ASM source. Good to play with.
ATFMTASM.ZIP2221Jan 1 1988Low level formatter for AT.
ATPROTMD.ZIP12476Jul 12 1985Assemby lang. routines for 80286.
AT_INIT.ZIP5312Dec 8 1987ASM code to device driver that does not stay resident. Useful if you want to write your own non-resident device driver.
BCIII.ZIP97899Feb 14 1989Bubble Chamber III disassembler could use more doc but still easy to use.
BIOS386.ZIP231994Apr 7 1992Complete assembly listing of an AMI BIOS.
BLOCK.ZIP3621May 25 1987Cursor to Blink BLOCK and BACK asm src.
BLUEBOOK.ZIP63181May 14 1986ASM source code from "The BlueBook of Assembly Language".
BOOTSECT.ZIP4950Mar 2 1987Disassembled DOS bootstrap program.
BREAKPT.ZIP2649Oct 19 1984Install a break-out hotkey for debug. Includes ASM source code.
BXD26.ZIP24657May 28 1989BrandX full screen debugger, v2.6.
C--C0200.ZIP308795Sep 14 1994Sphinx C-- Compiler v0.200: C-- was designed to build small and fast programs. It is most suitable for memory resident programs (TSRs), programs requiring interrupt handling or programs that have limited resources. It is
C64.ZIP43752Aug 14 1991Commodore 64 emulator for the PC. Docs written in German.
CAS8051.ZIP271619Feb 12 1993This is an experimental public domain one-pass assembler for the 8051 processor that uses skip lists for its symbol table.
CBREAK.ZIP20244Aug 29 1985Control Break/C Handler in Assembler.
CCIT.ZIP4137Sep 13 1986ASM source that calculates the CRC-16 for a given data block.
CLEARSCR.ZIP966Nov 6 1988ASM source code that shows how to get screen default colors, ANSI and DOS.
CLOK3.ZIP8367Sep 29 1987On screen clock with ASM source.
CMOSSAVE.ZIP3578May 17 1987Save/read AT setup data in/from file.
CODE32.ZIP37057Jan 9 1993Everything You Need To Start Coding In 386 Protected Mode Assembly. An Update Of Our Old START32 Code, It Also Includes Many Helpfulines And Examples To Start You Off. The Libraries Include File I/O, Command Line Parsing,
COM_PKG2.ZIP12749May 28 1987COM_PKG2 is a buffered serial port I/O package. ASM source included.
COREAIDS.ZIP89501Jun 26 1987A large collection of memory routines in Assembly. Real good.
CPUUID.ZIP6127Jul 14 1991CPU ID in ASM and TP. Can tell the difference between 386 and 386SX.
CUG292.ZIP412417Sep 30 1991The ASxxxx assemblers are a series of microprocessor assemblers written in the C programming language. This collection contains cross assemblers for the 6800(6802/6808), 6801(hd6303), 6804, 6805, 6809, 6811, 8085(8080
D86BIOS4.ZIP30606Jul 7 1989D86's BIOS interface for unusual machines, v.4.
D86V372.ZIP91002Sep 20 1994D86 debugger, V3.72, update to accompany new A86 assembler.
DASM31.ZIP19034Oct 29 1986PD Dis-assembler.
DATA2SCR.ZIP42415Mar 2 1994This program is freeware that converts .COM files to text and then to a script suitable for DOS's debug utility to convert it back to a .COM file again. C source code included.
DCAASM.ZIP15690Oct 11 1988DCACHE disk cache from PC Mag. Includes full ASM source code.
DDD.ZIP10300Apr 20 1990Assembly framework for loading TSR's as a device driver.
DDKIT.ZIP8411Jun 3 1986Device Driver toolkit.
DEFEND.ZIP166247Feb 26 1990Defender-type game with ASM and C source. This source code is supposed to be a primer for ASM begineers.
DIS86216.ZIP69131Dec 20 1992DIS86 Interactive Disassembler Ver. 2.16.
DISASMBL.ZIP62133Aug 3 1988Disassembler related to ASMGEN.
DISASS.ZIP15775May 2 1988Disassembler for TI 7000 series microcontrollers.
DISKMP.ZIP3313Nov 8 1987ASM source to a program that will decode FAT and directory information.
DOCFILES.ZIP90210Nov 25 1987DOCs for .ASM files in ASM1 - ASM4.ARC.
DOSEXEC.ZIP6455Jun 7 1989ASM examples by Ray Duncan that show to access MS-DOS's EXEC function. Also includes some examples of an overlay manager.
DOSTD.ZIP2845Mar 28 1991Simple routine to display system time & date. With TASM 1.0 source.
DRIVEKIT.ZIP8730Mar 10 1990ASM source code to a device driver shell. Includes sample RS232 to PRN handler. Very well done.
DRV8250.ZIP3894Nov 8 1987Control RS232 port on 8250. ASM source code (example).
DSKPATCH.ZIP20499Apr 14 1990DSKPATCH diskette/disk sector editor, from Peter Norton's "Assembly Language Book for the IBM PC" with ASM source code included.
DSM7000.ZIP12909Feb 13 1991Disassembler for Texas Instruments TMS-7000 MPUs.
E10_EDIT.ZIP41969Mar 15 1990A simple full-screen editor. Includes full TASM source code.
EASTER.ZIP2827Sep 12 1988Neat little ASM program I wrote -- prints Easter's date for a given year.
EGA720.ZIP5825Jun 28 1986Herc emulator for EGA, ASM only.
EMAC15ES.ZIP101012Jun 8 1989ASM source to Freemacs 1.5e.
EXCOM.ZIP9302Jun 11 1987Excom is a BIOS int 14h COM port handler that provides interrupt-driven buffered input. Includes ASM source code.
EXE2COM5.ZIP17320Aug 23 1990EXE2COM is a one-for-one replacement for the EXE2BIN program that was formerly distributed with DOS.
EXECDE.ZIP1620Sep 2 1989Example of DOS's EXEC function using assembly language.
EXEDEVEL.ZIP17469Feb 19 1988Executable programs from "Bluebook of Assembly Routines" by Waite Group.
EXEROM.ZIP23531Jun 6 1989ASM and C source code that will create ROM'able EXE files.
FDB.ZIP52619Jul 6 1992FAUXdBUG Ver Jul 92. Scan files for byte patterns; replace with other data. Kind of like some of the capabilities of DEBUG, but nicer. Intended to facilitate small patches to COM or EXE files.
FILE256.ZIP34704Jul 15 1987Allows the use of 256 open files. From Spinright author (Gibson).
FILEMOD2.ZIP20127May 15 1989Rewritten byte editor, w/.ASM source.
FIXVGA.ZIP28891Nov 3 1989ASM source code that shows how to change VGA text attributes and create special effects. By Chris Dunford.
FORMAT12.ZIP4748Jan 29 1992Dos Format. Assembly Language Source Included.
FP16.ZIP17539Aug 3 1993Demonstration of speed in using fixed point math with asm source.
FREELINK.ZIP195750Nov 14 1992FREE object linker for MS-DOS, faster, more versatile, uses WarpLink technology. Dynamic overlays, nested overlays, apps can use XMS, EMS, direct generation of .COM files (no EXE2BIN needed), much more.
FUZZY.ZIP13624Feb 28 1989Demonstrates the Ratcliff/Obershelp Pattern Recognition Algorithm. Includes complete ASM source, with C interface.
GRAPHX11.ZIP3431Nov 25 1986GRAPHICS routines in assembler for Hercules Graphics Card.
GRPIC.ZIP5175Dec 7 1988Load a compressed (.pcx) PC-Paint file on cga. ASM source code.
GUIASM.ZIP2348Mar 8 1994This is the assembly language code to the gui.lib graphical user interface library for Turbo C.
GX1FILE.ZIP8589Jul 2 1988ASM Source to load & save Microsofts Paintbrush GX1 file format pics.
IBMBIOS.ZIP11480Jul 16 1987Hardware dependent routines that form the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) for MS-DOS on the IBM Personal Computer. ASM source code.
IBMRS232.ZIP19890Aug 14 1987Interupt driven comm routines in assembly.
ICPUID.ZIP3721May 6 1991Program & Source from Intel to determine CPU type. Works with 486's & 487sx's.
ID12.ZIP27206Feb 16 1990ID (Intelligent Disassembler) version 1.2 is a hacker's basic tool that will help you disassemble any COM program. Includes full C source code.
IDCPU.ZIP2331Nov 21 1988ASM source code that will determine CPU type. 386, 286, 8086.
INT24GS.ZIP1837Oct 12 1988ASM Critical Error (int 24h) handler example.
INT86V2.ZIP7793Nov 3 1988Execute any DOS or BIOS interrupt from the keyboard. Displays all registers before and after. Great for testing DOS functions.
INTDEM.ZIP48966Mar 15 1993A demo of the INTERUPT program. Good for programmers in assembly language.
IW100.ZIP65253Nov 5 1991Interactive WarpLink - Menu front end for WarpLink linker. Self-ext.
JED.ZIP149262Dec 27 1989JED is a beginner's development environment for either MASM or TASM. It includes full TP 5.0+ source code.
JULIAN-A.ZIP29661Apr 7 1989Complete Julian Date functions in ASM, excellent!.
KEYCOMM.ZIP2548Jan 1 1980Very simple ASM terminal program, but interesting for educational purposes. Commented ASM source is included.
KRMTSRCE.ZIP367701Jul 11 1988Latest Source for Kermit.
LANGWIND.ZIP16008Nov 21 1986Pop-up Assembly Language Help Windows.
LEARNASM.ZIP26197Feb 26 1987Text file on 8086 assembly language.
LMPRIME1.ZIP18320Nov 26 1991Prime number generator up to 4,294,967,295. Requires 386 computer. Includes .ASM source code.
LOADALL.ZIP4938Jul 15 1990Text file documenting the 286's LOADALL instruction. This instruction will allow a 286 to switch between protected and real mode without having to reset the CPU. Unsupported by Intel.
LOADEMS.ZIP3366Feb 26 1990ASM Source code to show how to use DOS load overlay function to load a portion of code in expanded memory and then use EMM to call it.
LOADPIC.ZIP1714Apr 17 1986This program takes graphics image (PIC) files and puts them in the graphics plane. ASM source code that can be called from Quick Basic.
LOC1.ZIP2533Jul 16 1991Four of the files from LOCATE, DDJ Dec'87.
LOOKMEM2.ZIP13753Aug 29 1988View PC's Memory with asm source.
LPTX400.ZIP16302Apr 25 1986Re-direct LPT: to file: ASM sorce.
LW-86.ZIP16008Nov 21 1986Language Window 86. Pop-up 8086 instruction set.
LW286.ZIP15490Dec 22 1987Pop-up reference guide for Intel 80286 instruction set.
LZ.ZIP10495Jul 1 1986Lemp-Zemphyl ASM source and description of the squashing algorithm.
MAKELI.ZIP2370Dec 15 1988Patch for Borland Debugger 386 mode.
MASM50.ZIP1809Jul 3 1990MASM 5.0 conversion help for the A86 Assembler.
MATHASM.ZIP19360Dec 3 1985Asm routines for math coprocessor.
MC68HC11.ZIP5017Dec 1 1992Text file and asm code to program the Motorola MC68HC11A series of chips.
MCTERM.ZIP4596Jan 11 1988Small interrupt driven terminal program with ASM source.
MD8612.ZIP149367Jan 29 1988Most current shareware release of the Masterful Disassembler interactive disassembling environment. If you can't disassemble it with this, go back to BASIC.
MISC_ASM.ZIP182087Jan 17 1992Various ASM code fragments. Several handy functions.
MOUSEASM.ZIP28928Jan 5 1994MOUSE DRIVER in ASM. A good tool to have.
MSCPOPUP.ZIP34949Aug 15 1987TSR pop-up calculator/ MS-C 4 & ASM source.
NORTASM.ZIP94786Aug 14 1989Source code for Peter Norton's Assembly Language Book for the IBM PC.
OBJTOASM.ZIP13840Jul 12 1991Converts Masm object files to assembly language, does not work on all types of object files eg. VBDOS or VC++ 1.X.
OBJTOO30.ZIP52935Nov 5 1994ObjTool 3.0 allows you to view, alter, and repair .OBJ files. Got a conflict between two libraries? Change the names of the conflicting routines. Fixed a bug in the rename option since v2.2. Shareware, by Tom Hanlin.
OLXMODEM.ZIP26941Apr 2 1983The old Xmodem ASM source for MS-DOS. Includes complete Xmodem specs.
OOPASM.ZIP126864Oct 16 1992An object-oriented assembly language macro library. (Tutorial)
OPCODE_A.ZIP13599Apr 7 1990Assembly language OPCODEs for 8086/88/186/188/286 CPUs and -87 co-processors. Includes ASCII & WordPerfect 5.0 files. Nice print out for reference.
PARK.ZIP3063May 3 1985ASM source to park your HD.
PC370VM.ZIP92267Mar 2 1989370 cross assembler.
PCDGN200.ZIP377880Nov 7 1994PC-Dragon II emulator for the 6809 based Dragon 32, Dragon 64 and Tandy CoCo II home computers. Emulates kbd, casst, cart, printer, joyst, interrupts, text and 56 graphics modes, R/W cassettes with Soundblaster or paralell
PCMAC.ZIP84949May 22 1991Symbolic Macro Cross Assembler. From Hungary. Z80 definitions included.
PDISK.ZIP78080Feb 12 1989A multiple disk driver with partition utility. ASM source code included.
PENTMAC.ZIP3131Nov 17 1993MASM macros for new pentium instructions.
PICALC.ZIP37442Oct 1 1994Calculate pi to million digits with ASM source and FoxPro demo (spigot alg.).
PORT11.ZIP29165Mar 14 1991PORT is a tool written to facilitate working with I/O ports on the PC or Intel processor-based hardware. Allows easy access to all ports.
PROC.ZIP5170Oct 31 1988Macro file for assembly procedures used with high level languages.
PROTEC.ZIP131101Sep 15 1993Tutorial on programming .asm in protected mode.
PROTECT.ZIP131096Sep 11 1993ASM source for protected mode programming.
PS18A12.ZIP44392Mar 16 1987Cross Assembler -> RCA 1802.
PS48A12!.ZIP47783Mar 16 1987Cross assembler -> Intel 8048 family.
PS51A123.ZIP50278Mar 17 1987Cross assembler -> Intel 8051 family.
PS65A12.ZIP45501Mar 16 1987Cross assembler -> Motorola 6502.
PS685A12.ZIP46136Mar 16 1987Cross assember -> Motorola 6805 family.
PS68A12.ZIP46652Mar 16 1987Cross assembler -> Motorola 6800,01,02,03,08.
PS69A12.ZIP47632Mar 16 1987Cross assembler ->Intel 8080,8085.
PS85A12.ZIP45461Mar 16 1987Cross assembler -> Intel 8080,8085.
PS96A12.ZIP47554Mar 16 1987Cross assembler -> Intel 8069 family.
PSZ80A13.ZIP50252Apr 8 1987Cross-assembler Zilog Z80/268378.
QMATH0.ZIP5329Jul 12 199364-bit artithmetic, ASM source included.
R42.ZIP117483Jan 12 1993This is an ibm 370 assembler and emulater file 1 of 3.
R42LIB.ZIP5618Oct 30 1987Ibm 370 assembler and emulater file 2 of 3.
R42MAC.ZIP123901Jun 4 1992IBM 370 assembler and emulater file 3 of 3.
RE-SOURC.ZIP59323Aug 19 1989Interactive disassembler, thru '286. Does partial files.
REBUG.ZIP14831Jan 19 1988A TSR version of Debug. Handy for expermienting with other programs.
RES86.ZIP34909Aug 2 1985Resource-86 (disassembler).
RES86DOC.ZIP12908Sep 23 1986Some documentation for the RES86 disassembler, better than nothing.
RESORC93.ZIP62454Feb 17 1994A simple disassembler for exe com and dll files.
RHSTDLIB.ZIP116952Jul 21 1990Randy Hyde's Standard Library for 8086 Assembly Language Programmers.
RLOCATE.ZIP13700Jul 16 1991LOCATE reads in MS-DOS formate EXE files and writes out relocated code in Intel Hex format. The code segment is relocated to start at F000:0000. Data is relocated to start at 0040:0000. From DDJ.
ROM-MON.ZIP2848Mar 6 1993ASM code for a small resident debugger.
RS232DVR.ZIP19890Aug 14 1987Examples of RS232 device drivers with ASM source code.
RTGRAF.ZIP255627Jul 1 1990EGA/VGA graphic library with fully commented ASM source. Image loads, stencils, transparent text, etc. Interfaced to MSC (all models).
S3.ZIP14775Jun 7 1994Generate a Motorola S3 format hex file from any binary file. Used for downloading to a PROM zapper. Full C source included.
SA-MASM6.ZIP6276Oct 18 1991Include files for Spontaneous Assembly and MASM 6.0.
SCRL_PAN.ZIP11000Mar 18 1990Procedures not in dBASE III or Clipper: SCRLUP() ::= Scroll Active Display Page Up and SCRLDOWN () ::= Scroll Active Display Page Down
SCSIDRV.ZIP56088Nov 6 1991A device driver for the ST01 SCSI host adapter. Includes full ASM code. This is incomplete, but should be fun to play with.
SDIR24.ZIP17005Aug 24 1989The Original Sorted DIRectory Program, with ASM source.
SERIAL51.ZIP13299Aug 8 1992Serial interrupt routine for the 8051 franklin C compiler ver 2.5 to present. Downloaded from Circuit Cellar Ink BBS.
SETATTIM.ZIP1190Sep 4 1987Update DOS date/time from CMOS - no docs with this one.
SHELLASM.ZIP4636Mar 3 1988SHELL.ASM -- a simple MS-DOS shell. Includes complete ASM code for a clone.
SHOWPARK.ZIP7569Apr 16 1987HD park util /ASM source.
SHOWTSR.ZIP18526Oct 5 1988Fanatastic memory displayer. Like Mapmem, with source!.
SIG8051.ZIP106137Sep 7 1990Routines for the 8051 family of micro controllers.
SIM6841.ZIP60574Aug 10 1989Motorola MC68HC11 simulator program.
SIM85.ZIP84178Nov 3 1990Simulate 8080/8085 on a IBM PC/XT/AT.
SIMILF.ZIP5030Jun 17 1989ASM routine for string comparison. Returns percentage of exact match. Written to be callable from Turbo Pascal 5.0+.
SIMPLE.ZIP1845Apr 16 1988Simple device driver code with complete ASM source code.
SINCLAIR.ZIP273398Nov 11 1992Emulators for Sinclair Spectrum.
SLOWDOWN.ZIP2905Nov 25 1986Slows down your processor... can be used multiple times.
SOUNDEXA.ZIP5914Mar 28 1988Calculates Soundex Values. ASM source code.
SPLAY.ZIP10487Dec 10 1989TASM version of D. Jones' Splay Tree data compression technique. See ACM, August 1988. This code implements a FAST, efficient and deceptively simple single pass algorithm for data compression.
SPLAY2.ZIP7528Dec 25 1990Uses SPLAY.ASM routines to implement single file compression/decompression algorithms. Includes full ASM source code.
STDLIB_A.ZIP146385Mar 20 1991Nice (large) library of assembly language functions - the start of a public domain library. Full source code is included.
STEPDOS.ZIP20991Nov 8 1987Step to nxt INT 21;debug pgm in window, w/ASM.
SUPEROPT.ZIP41915Dec 16 1992Super Optimizer - Takes a function and converts it to most compact/speedist assembler code available (for 7 different CPU's, including 386).
SVASM02.ZIP33759May 24 1988Two pass cross assem ->6502/65C02.
SYSSLOW.ZIP12359Feb 11 1987Various slow down utilities for your IBM AT or faster. ASM source.
TASM30.ZIP138531Dec 14 1993Universal cross-assembler for most popular micros - 8051, 68hc11, etc.
TASMSWAN.ZIP49529Jul 18 1989Mastering TASM book source code.
TAVID12.ZIP39320Dec 22 1988TASM/MASM Fast video routines.
TD1PAT.ZIP8797Dec 13 1988Official patch for Borland's Turbo Debugger v1.0.
TIMERH.ZIP3478May 29 1988High resolution timer in ASM. Callable from Basic or C.
TOASM30A.ZIP33399Nov 21 1989TOASM is another 808x disassembler. Small, quick, and works with COM, EXE and SYS files.
TRACE.ZIP21316Aug 23 1988Trace allows you to log calls to interrupt routines and maintains a record of all registers (both before and after the call). Its great for debugging. ASM source code only.
TRI.ZIP4362Dec 7 1990PcConnect ASM Puzzler #8 Solution (Solve 'magic triangles').
TRISOUND.ZIP5942Jul 4 1985Three voice audio routines with full ASM source.
TRS80.ZIP43472Mar 16 1991Run TRS-80 programs on your PC. Emulator for TRS-80 model III.
TSR.ZIP2964Apr 18 1988Skeleton for writing TSR's in Assembly.
TSR21.ZIP35777Sep 21 1987Tsr editor and calc + assmbly.
TSRCOMM.ZIP18863Aug 29 1987TSR Comm by Ross Greenburg.
TSRSHELL.ZIP12514Feb 2 1987Excellent shell for writing TSR programs in MASM.
UASM.ZIP26958Oct 6 1985Disassembles .COM and .EXE files to assembler source code.
UCRASM27.ZIP284357Jun 26 1992University of California at Riverside library of assembly language functions, rev 2.7.
UGHBUG.ZIP45308Apr 8 1987Ughbug v. 1.01 Intel 8031/8051 monitor/emulator. Version 1.00 appeared as an article in the July 86 Byte. Contains the source,the .HEX file and the first draft to the Byte article as documentation. Uploaded by author, G
UNDOC2E.ZIP8142Jan 6 1991This programs shows the usage of the undocumented DOS interrupt 2eh. By executing this interrupt, you can permanently modify the DOS environment variables.
UNEXEP10.ZIP4218Dec 23 1991Unpack an EXE file compressed using EXEPACK (Microsoft).
UNIVAC21.ZIP207507Feb 6 1994Univac 1100/40 mainframe CPU emulator - full 16 or 256 color graphics & interactive! This thing actually WORKS. Has to be seen to be fully understood. This is NOT just a static graphic; it is fully functional.
UPACKF.ZIP14222Jul 10 1991Uncompress exe file compressed with Microsoft exepack.
USRSPOOL.ZIP12016May 15 1985Print spooler for the IBM PC computer and compatibles.
VFOOD.ZIP5198Sep 18 1991Win 3.1 driver that demonstrates the basic structure of a vxd.
VGAKIT60.ZIP82824Feb 25 1994A complete SVGA/VGA toolkit written in ASM. Can be called from most languages, and complete source code is included.
VLA_DMA.ZIP2664Aug 27 1993For DMA programming.
WASM201.ZIP101190Feb 21 1987Version 2.01 of the WASM Assembler.
WATCHDG1.ZIP1387Jun 19 1991ASM Source to WatchDog Utility for COM1.
WAVES.ZIP44653Feb 13 1994A great programming example, great graphics.
WDASM18.ZIP151812Sep 28 1993WDASM Windows Disassembler v 1.8. Windows Disassembler disassembles Win .EXE and .DLL. Browse the source code of a program without having to write it to a file.
X2B11.ZIP7674Oct 14 1989A replacement for the Exe2Bin program, includes ASM source V1.1.
XASM.ZIP97994Dec 7 1987C users' group disk # 242, cross assemblers for 8051, 6811, 63701 micro controllers written in portable c language.
XLIB20.ZIP58438Oct 18 1993XLIB is an assembly language library which may be used with assembly language programs to greatly simplify protected-mode programming under the Microsoft DOS operating system.
XTBIOS.ZIP40665Jan 18 1988Source code for plain vanilla XT BIOS.
ZAD.ZIP73731Dec 10 1993Z-80 Assembler/Editor. For educational use only. Commercial users must license.
ZD86-101.ZIP102814Jan 1 2000ZanySoft Debugger, shareware symbolic debugger for assembly language programmers. Works with MASM, TASM, A86, and others.
ZENASM.ZIP173756Mar 18 1990Source code from the book "Zen of Assembly Language" by Michael Abrash.
ZENTIMER.ZIP21411Oct 12 1990Source for high resolution timer routines from Abrash's "Zen of Assembly Language Programming" book (available from PC Techniques Magazine). Source included, in ASM.