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Skeleton for writing TSR's in Assembly.
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Skeleton for writing TSR’s in Assembly.
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Contents of the TSR.DOC file

Sample Terminate but Stay Resident assembly program.

TSR.ASM is the source code used to create TSR.EXE

TSR.EXE really does nothing... it is just an example.
It replaces interrupt 0 with a new interrupt vector
pointing to code which makes a far_jump to where interrupt
0 used to point. I use tsr.asm as a skeleton when writing
other TSR programs (to grab the keyboard, printer, screen,
disk, etc. interrupts). It needs DOS 2 or higher.

If you improve it, send me a copy...

Rob King
6622 Holford Lane
Springfield, VA 22152

(703) 644-9766 (eves)

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