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Assembly language subroutines (source code).
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Assembly language subroutines (source code).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASM.TXT 779 462 deflated
BEEP.ASM 817 387 deflated
CLEAR.ASM 1225 515 deflated
CLOCK.ASM 11059 3467 deflated
CLOCK.DOC 2626 1227 deflated
CO.DOC 2165 987 deflated
COENDP.ASM 354 252 deflated
COPRNT.ASM 4096 1615 deflated
DISASM.BAS 1312 706 deflated
DISKDIRL.ASM 17842 4420 deflated
DISPTEXT.ASM 6203 2213 deflated
DOS-EDIT.ASM 62209 13849 deflated
DOSERROR.DOC 641 295 deflated
DSK.ASM 1367 756 deflated
FILES316.DOC 3328 1308 deflated
FREE.ASM 5104 1721 deflated
FREE.DOC 1141 546 deflated
GETSP.ASM 3947 771 deflated
INIT.ASM 439 283 deflated
INITMEM.ASM 683 381 deflated
LIB.EXE 32128 10217 deflated
LIST80.ASM 10644 3974 deflated
MEMDRV.ASM 10335 4331 deflated
MEMDRV.DOC 2496 1224 deflated
MORERAM.ASM 7168 2936 deflated
NOLF.ASM 4842 1691 deflated
OBJSNOOP.COM 3072 1745 deflated
OPCODE.DOC 55 55 stored
OPCODE.TXT 2636 624 deflated
PAGE.ASM 767 370 deflated
PARTBIOS.LIS 2611 913 deflated
PASSWORD.ASM 3456 1487 deflated
PRTPATH.ASM 871 486 deflated
PUT_DEC.ASM 3827 1082 deflated
PUT_DEC.OBJ 242 215 deflated
README 3200 1261 deflated
ROMBIOS.ASM 7509 2446 deflated
SCRN.ASM 12071 4076 deflated
SCRN.DOC 2570 1218 deflated
SCROLL10.ASM 6404 2312 deflated
SKELETON.ASM 287 178 deflated
SL.ASM 3104 1136 deflated
SPEDUPDK.ASM 1218 670 deflated
TABS.ASM 18304 4494 deflated
TALK1.ASM 6330 2301 deflated
TEXT.DOC 2560 667 deflated
TEXT.EXE 9728 4799 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
UPDIR.ASM 2809 1199 deflated
UPPATCH.ASM 6564 1885 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This disk contains assembly language utilities and programs to use as
a teaching tool or reference for experienced programmers. The file
descriptions for ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS #1 (Disk No. 316) are found on this
disk due to lack of space [See FILES316.DOC].

ASM TXT Here are two tips from Boca Raton
BEEP ASM This is a sound generator routine
CLEAR ASM A sample screen clearing routine from CHASM
CLOCK ASM This routine will print the date & time on the screen
CLOCK DOC Instructions for CLOCK
CO DOC Instructions for both COENDP & COPRNT
COENDP ASM This is a part of a program that lists disk contents
COPRNT ASM This is a part of a program that lists disk contents
DISASM BAS A Basic utility to disassemble assembly programs (?)
DISKDIRL ASM This is a part of a program that lists disk contents
DISPTEXT ASM This will display a line on screen w/o BIOS
DOS-EDIT ASM This is an Assembly Language text editor
DOSERROR ASM This lists error return codes
DSK ASM This gives the number of free sectors on a disk
FREE ASM This displays the amount of free space on a disk
FREE DOC Instructions for FREE
GETSP ASM This will list the free space on disk
INIT ASM Routine to initialize
INITMEM ASM This initializes memory between 544K and 576K
LIST80 ASM This displays the first 80 characters in a line of ASCII text
MEMDRV ASM This is a faster boot up & uses ALL of the available memory
MEMDRV DOC Instructions for MEMDRV
MORERAM ASM This uses all of the available RAM
NOLF ASM This will remove extra line feeds from some printer files
OBJSNOOP COM This will display label references in object code lines
OPCODE DOC Instructions for use with DISASM.BAS
OPCODE TXT Instructions for use with DISASM.BAS
PAGE ASM This routine demonstrates multiple screen pages
PARTBIOS LIS This is a partial listing of BIOS low memory
PASSWORD ASM This is a password security utility
PRTPATH ASM This displays current directory path
PUT_DEC ASM This places decimal point in ASCII string
PUT_DEC OBJ The object code for PUT_DEC
ROMBIOS ASM This is ROM BIOS information
SCRN ASM This is a variable time screen saver routine
SCRN DOC Instructions for SCRN
SCROLL10 ASM This is a sample test for DISPTEXT
SKELETON ASM This is a shell of a minimal assembly language program
SL ASM This tests the program to scroll screen
SPEDUPDK ASM This changes some disk drive parameters to speedup drive
TABS ASM This replaces blanks with tabs in ASCII text type files
TALK1 ASM This is a dumb terminal setup for IBM PC
TEXT DOC Instructions for TEXT.EXE
TEXT EXE A utility that provides several text conversion options
UPDIR ASM This routine moves the user up one directory level
UPPATCH ASM This is a patch for another program
Note: All files ending in .ASM are assembly language source code.

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