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Spelling checker memory resident program.
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Spelling checker memory resident program.
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STRIKCON.COM 14659 5652 deflated
STRIKE.COM 24291 10936 deflated
STRIKER.BAT 25 19 deflated
USER.DOC 12641 4528 deflated
USERREAD.COM 2578 1508 deflated
USERSAVE.COM 2466 1441 deflated

Download File STRIKE.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

Use the "STRIKER.BAT" file to load Strike. You probably want to put the
bat file in your autoexec file.

Here are some of the commands:
CTRL-SHIFT-Keypad 5 = Turn checking on/off
(On is two beeps, off is one beep)
ALT-SHIFT-Keypad 5 = Add word to user dictionary
CTRL-Keypad 5 = Main menu
ALT-Keypad 5 = Check paragraph or screen
ALT-SPACEBAR = Look up similar words.

STRIKCON will configure STRIKER.

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