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An interesting HyperText program that creates semantic maps.
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An interesting HyperText program that creates semantic maps.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

This text is geared towards readers familiar with hypertext and some
knowledge of Operations Research & Computer Graphics. A simpler version,
probably in HyperText rather than HyperRez, is planned, as are EGA examples.

Start program by entering HR at the >prompt. Then follow instructions, i.e.
Alt I will activate program, Alt T remove it, F1 is help. To change colors
use HRK.EXE from HYPERREZ.ARC on Neil's BBS. This will not alter the
Color-Tx screens, which all have a non-blinking "parking" location. The
colors should look good on most EGA and show on CGA monitors. Shft PrtSc
should give you hard copies, but without color they make little sense.


Note: We know of two other users of a name similar to "InfoMaps". The three
products are so different that we feel they will not be confused.

1. MapInfo (TM)--a program for producing drawings of city streets and
highways with identification of places, traffic conditions, etc. It can also
be used for showing office floor plans or organization charts. No mention is
made of InfoMaps-like capabilities for producing no-coodinate semantic maps.
Databases are available for most US cities.
Contact: MapInfo Corp., 200 Broadway, Troy, N.Y. 12108, (518) 274-8673.

2. InfoMap: A Complete Guide to Discovering Corporate Information Resources
by Cornelius F. Burk, Jr. & Forest W. Horton, Jr.
(c) Prentice Hall, 1988. (No TM claimed)

"InfoMap" is a 254-page book that likens the discovery of information
resources to the process of geographic discovery and proposes a suitable
methodology. The advantages of the cartography/corporation information map
metaphor is examined in substantial detail, oriented mainly towards the use
of spreadsheets in presenting data and relationships.

The authors do not present a technique for automatically generating
specialized similarity maps based on semantic distance, i.e., a computerized
methodology in our sense of the word. The procedures they propose can serve
as an excellent base for initially gaining control over the information in
the corporate (or similar) environment. This could then be further enhanced
by means of the methodology we propose.

In line with the cartography metaphor, the book "InfoMap" proposes a
methodology for surveying the terrain and possible pathways. The computer
program "InfoMaps" then can be used for designing the transportation system
needed for even more efficient access to the ideas and facts.

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