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DDEWatch 1.0 Registration and Payment Form





State..:__________________ Zipcode:____________


ORDER Quantity Amount
DDEWatch 1.0 single user licence
at $85 per copy __________ __________
DDEWatch 1.0 single user license
and source code at $250 per copy __________ __________

Telephone support at $50 per half hour __________ __________

Sales tax for Michigan residents only (4%) __________

Overseas Shipping at $5 per order __________

Purchase order processing fee of $5 __________

Media preferred: [ ] 3.5" diskettes
[ ] 5.25" diskettes

[ ] Check or money order enclosed (U.S. funds only)

[ ] Bill company (enclose purchase order)

Payment of $85 per copy of DDEWatch 1.0 entitles the purchaser to:
* A single user license for DDEWatch 1.0.
* Printed documentation.
* The current release of DDEWatch 1.0 without the on-screen reminder.
* Three months of technical usage support via Compuserve.

Payment of $250 per copy of DDEWatch 1.0 with source code entitles the
purchaser to all of the items listed under the $85 payment plus:
* All of the source code components to the current release of DDEWatch 1.0.
* Half hour of technical telephone support. Additional time may also be

Payment of $50 per half hour of technical support entitles the purchaser to
* A total of one half hour of technical telphone support with a programmer
familiar with DDEWatch 1.0. A minimum of ten minutes per call will be


If you try DDEWatch 1.0 and find it to be a useful and valuable product,
please complete your purchase of it by sending payment to Horizon
Technologies Inc. at the address below.

Volume discounts and site licenses are also available. Phone us for

DDEWatch 1.0 has been tested and performs its functions essentially as
documented, without causing any damage to the computer in use or
any of its files. However, all users are responsible for backing up
their own files, and Horizon Technologies Inc. assumes no responsibility
for any damage or losses incurred as a result of its use.

Horizon Technologies Inc. supports DDEWatch 1.0, by providing technical
assistance, bug fixes, and enhancements. If you encounter problems or
have suggestions for improvements, please let us know about them.

Horizon Tecnologies Inc.
2356 Science Parkway, Suite 100
Okemos, MI 48864

Phone: (517) 347-0800 - Sales only
CompuServe: 75226,3136 - Technical support and pre-sales questions

DDEWatch 1.0: Copyright (C) 1990 Horizon Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved.