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Partition editor from for use in preparing disk for Linux.
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Partition editor from for use in preparing disk for Linux.
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Contents of the EDPART.DOC file

Edpart.exe is a disk partition editor capable of managing up to four
partitions on PC/XT and AT hard disks. It specifically says "no
copyright", so I figured someone else might like to use it rather than
doing fdisk/diskfix pairs to create partitions.

There's no instruction file and no real on-line help, so here's a

EDPART.EXE maintains up to four hard disk partitions on either of two
hard drives. If it sees more than one hard drive, it will ask which
one to edit.

The commands are:

CREATECreate hard disk partitions
DELETEDelete hard disk partitions
STATUSBootable partitions may have the following status:
ACTIVEThis partition is the boot partition
READ/WRITER/W, not the boot partition
Non-bootable partitions (``extensions'') may be any of:
TYPEThere are four types; for Minix purposes, either "extension"
type will do to my knowledge.
DOS(4) BootableFor DOS 3.x
DOS(4) Extension
DOS(1) BootableFor DOS 2.x
DOS(1) Extension
The "Bootable" partitions are recognized by MS-DOS directly,
so I don't advise using either of them for Minix.

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