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Notes on connecting serial devices.
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Notes on connecting serial devices.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Jan 06, 1985

This is a set of write-ups on using RS232 cables to connect
personal computer devices, such as a CPM or PC-compatible to
a modem or printer device.

File Description

READ.ME This file
CAUTIONS How to be careful about ruining
expensive equipment and voiding
NULMODEM.KIT One of the more useful write-ups here.
A description of the cable configuration
that will work in connecting many
DCE-to-DCE or DTE-to-DTE pairs of
RS232CBL.TXT Explains what "DCE" and "DTE" means,
with the effect on cable configurations.
MDM-CONN.TXT Description of functions of RS232 wires
and pins when used in connecting modems.
RS232GEN.TXT One of the more useful write-ups here.
Explains how to pinpoint configuration
type, and gives null modem cabling that
supports general functionality.

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