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Allows 4 HD's on a single PC.
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Allows 4 HD’s on a single PC.
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From the No Games BBS running RBBS Modified!
Running 4 Seagate ST4096 80 Meg drives w/3.2 Dos

Well for about a year and a half I have been running FOUR hard disk
on one IBM true blue XT and alot of people have ask me how it was done. Well
the hardware was not that big of a problem after I sit down and worked it out
because in order to put two hard drive controllers they MUST be addressed
differently and therefore I called Western Digital in CA. and they had just
what I needed and that was the WX1 controller that could be readdressed at
CA00. The normal controller is addressed at C800. After getting my hands on
a TECMAR buss extender cable and a second case, 150w power supply and a bare-
bones IBM expansion chassis type of motherboard I was set or so I thought,
but for some reason DOS 3.2 or 3.3 doesn't look any farther than C800 for
HD controllers and DOS 4.0 has bigger drive limits but only looks for two
drives and or one controller. The only place in DOS to tell the system what
is there is in the "CONFIG.SYS" file so thats the reason for this being a
device driver but it does work and is not a trojan or virus, it is a simple
device driver to tell DOS that you have more than one Hard Drive controller
in the system. The command line for this is to put it first or second line
in your config.sys file. Example: "DEVICE=MULTDISK.SYS"

Call today and check out the conferences and Join the TECH conference
for the latest updates on MULTDISK and other good utilities.

No Games BBS 1-919-364-7378
RBBS Modified
U.S.Courier HST 9600 rom 963
4 ST4096 Seagate 80 meg drives
SYSOP.....Jeffrey A. Barnes Sr.

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