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Double Space technical information.
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Double Space technical information.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CVF.DOC 17097 6235 deflated
CVF.H 8474 2849 deflated
DRVINFO.C 4420 1291 deflated
DRVINFO.H 369 222 deflated
DSAPI.DOC 28368 9124 deflated
IOCTL.ASM 2546 794 deflated
MAIN.C 60302 14648 deflated
MAKEFILE 1352 516 deflated
README.TXT 872 453 deflated
TEST.C 761 355 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

DoubleSpace Compressed Volume File (CVF) Format
This directory contains documents and source code to describe and
illustrate the format of the DoubleSpace Compressed Volume File
and the use of the DoubleSpace System API.

Version 1.00.02, 05-Jan-1993

cvf.doc - Overview of DoubleSpace CVF format
cvf.h - Equates for CVF
drvinfo.c - Function to identify drives in a DoubleSpace system
drvinfo.h - Header for drvinfo.c
dsapi.doc - DoubleSpace System API Specification
ioctl.asm - Functions to flush and flush+invalidate DoubleSpace cache
main.c - DSDUMP.EXE sources -- shows details of CVF format
makefile - Makefile for DSDUMP.EXE
readme.txt - This file
test.c - Test IsDoubleSpaceDrive() function in drvinfo.c/h

Built with MS C 6.00A, MASM 5.10A.

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