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A comprehensive list of PC abbreviations, and their definitions.
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A comprehensive list of PC abbreviations, and their definitions.
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PC Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Abominations

List compiled by
William Parke, 1984-90

146818 IC clock chip
1488 IC chip to convert TTL to RS-232
1489 IC chip to convert RS-232 to TTL
16455 Intel 16-bit serial port controller chip
16555 Intel 16-bit serial port controller chip with FIFO buffer
27xxx EPROM chips
41xxx DRAM memory chips
555 IC timer chip
6845 CRT controller chip
74xxx IC logic chip series
74Cxxx CMOS logic chip series
74LSxxx Low-power Schottky logic chip series
74ALSxxx Advanced Low-power Schottky logic chip series
765 PC disk controller chip
78xx Positive voltage regulators
79xx Negative voltage regulators
8042 Intel keyboard controller chip
80x86 Intel central processing unit
80x87 Intel math coprocessor chip
8237 Intel DMA controller chip
8250 8-bit Intel asynchronous communication IC chip
8253 Intel timer chip
8255 Intel parallel port controller
8259 Intel interrupt controller
8272 PS/2 disk drive controller chip
ABIOS Portion of PS/2 ROM BIOS designed to support multitasking operations
ABS Absolute file name extension of HDOS Heath Disk Operating System
ACE Adverse Challenge Enhancements (Microcom)
ACE Asynchronous Communication Element (such as the 8250 chip)
ACK Acknowledgment, Control-F (ASCII 06H)
ACS Asynchronous Communication Server
ACU Automatic Calling Unit
ADA High level computing program popular in Pentagon
ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
AF Auxiliary carry Flag bit
AFD Asymmetric Frequency Division (Microcom)
AH High byte of AX register in 80x86
AL Low byte of AX register in 80x86
ALE Address Latch Enable line
ALGOL Algorithmic Language
ALNICO Aluminum-Nickel-Cobolt (speaker magnet)
ALR Advanced Logic Research, Inc.
ALT Alternate
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMD Advanced Micro Devices
ANSI American National Standards Institute
APA Adaptive Packet Assembly
API Applications Program Interface
APL 'A Programing Language' of IBM and Scientific Time-Sharing Corp.
APT Automatically Programmed Tools
ARB Arbitration
ARC File name extension for compressed file (a la Thom Henderson)
ARLL Advanced Run Length Limited
ARQ Automatic Repeat Request
ARU Audio response unit
ASC ASCII file name extension
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCIIZ ASCII string ended by a ASCII Zero byte
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASM Assembly source code file name extension
Async Asynchronous
AT 'Advanced Technology' - IBM's preface for 80286 machines
AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph
ATN Attention line
ATR Attributes (particularly, for DOS files)
ATS Administrative terminal system
AUX Auxillary (input/output device name in DOS)
AVG Average
AX Accumulating register in 80x86 CPU
BAK Backup file name extension
BAS Basic file name extension
BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BAT Batch file name extension
BAUD Signal transfer rate, from Baudot, inventor of TTY coding
BBS Bulletin Board System
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BDOS Basic Disk Operating System (in CP/M)
BEL Bell (ASCII 07H)
Bell103 AT&T 300 baud modem protocol standard
Bell212A AT&T 1200 baud modem protocol standard
BH High byte of BX register in 80x86
BIN Binary file name extension
BIOS Basic Input/Output System
BIT Binary digit
BL Low byte of BX register in 80x86
BOO File name extension for (Kermit server) compressed file
BOOT Self-start (from 'lift yourself up by your 'bootstraps')
BOT Beginning of Table
BOT Bottom of file
BP Stack Base Pointer register in 80x86 CPU
BPB BIOS Parameter Block (MS-DOS structure)
BPS Bits Per Second
BRI Brain Response Interface
Bsync Bisynchronization: Two-way synchronized communications
BTAM Basic Telecomunications Access Method
BTP Batch Transfer Program
Buffer Memory allocated for data
Bus Set of connections
BX Base index register in 80x86 CPU
Byte Eight bits, sufficient to code ASCII and EBCDIC character sets
C C Language, file name extension for C code
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAN Cancel (ASCII 18H)
CAR Central Arbitration Register (PS/2 Microchannel bus controller)
CAT Catalog
CAV Constant angular velocity
CBIOS Portion of PS/2 BIOS designed to support single-tasking operation
CBW Change byte to word
CCITT Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraph
CCITT Consultative Committee International for Telegraphy and Telephony
CCP Console Command Processor (from Digital Research)
CD Change Directory
CD Compact Disk
CD-I Compact Disk - Interactive
CD-V Compact Disk - Video
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CDROM Compact Disk Read-Only Memory
CE Collision Elimination
CF Carry Flag bit
CGA Color Graphic Adapter
CH High byte of CX register in 80x86
CHCP Change Code Page (MS-DOS command)
Chip Integrated circuit on a semiconductor waffer
Chkdsk Check Disk
CHR Character
Chrome Color
CICS Customer Information Control System
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIOCS Communication Input/Output Control System
CL Low byte of CX register in 80x86
CLC Clear Carry instruction
CLD Clear direction instruction
CLI Clear interrupts instruction
CLS Clear Screen (MS-DOS command)
CLV Constant Linear Velocity
CMC Complement Carry instruction
CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMP Compare
CMPS Compare strings
CMS Compiler Monitor System
CMS Conversational Management System
COBOL Common Business-oriented Language
COGO Coordinate Geometry language
COM Command file name extension
COM1 First serial Port (asynchronous port)
COM2 Second serial Port
COM3 Third serial Port
COMP Compare
ComSAT Communications Satellite Corporation
CON Console (includes Keyboard and Screen)
CoP CoProcessor
CP Copy Protected
CP IBM mainframe Command Processor
CP/M Control Program for Microcomputers from Digital Research
CPI Characters Per Inch
CPI Code Page Image file name extension
CPU Central Processing Unit
CR Carriage Return (ASCII 0DH)
CR0-3 Control Registers (80386)
CRC Cyclical Redundancy Check
Cref Code reference utility
CRF CREF file name extension
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CRTC CRT Controller
CS Code Segment (80x86 register)
CSL Computer Sensitive Language
CSMA Carrier Sense Multi-Access
CTL Control
CTRL Control
CTS Clear To Send
CTTY Change TTY (console) MS-DOS command
Cursor Visible indication of next writing position
CWD Change word to double word instruction
CX Index register in 80x86 CPU
CYL Cylinder (of hard disk)
DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter
DAL Disk Access Lockout
DASD Direct Access Storage Device
DAT Data file name extension
DB Define Byte
DB-25P Male twenty-five pin connector
DB-25S Female twenty-five pin connector
DB-9 Nine pin connector
DBase Data Base software (Ashton-Tate)
DBF Data Base File
DBMS Data Base Management System
DC Define Character
DC Device Control
DC1/3 ASCII Xon/Xoff (11H/13H)
DCB Device Control Block
DCD Data Carrier Detect
DCE Data Communications Equipment
DD Define Double word
DD Digital Display
DD Double Density disk
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDS Design Data Sheet
DDW Device Data Word
DEC Decrement register instruction
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DEL Delete
DF Data Field
DF Destination Field
DF Device Flag
DF Direction Flag bit
DFC Data Flow Control
DFT Diagnostic Funtion Test
DGroup Data Group
DH High byte of DX register in 80x86
DI Destination Index 80x86 register
DIF Data Interchange Format
DIN Euorpean interconnection standard
DIP Dual In-line Package
DIR Directory
DL Low byte of DX register in 80x86
DLE Data Link Escape (ASCII 10H)
DLR Divisor Latch Registor (8250 chip)
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMOS Double-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DMS Data Management System
DNC Direct Numerical Control
DOC Document file name extension
DOS Disk Operating System
DP Data Processing
DPB Disk Parameter Block (MS-DOS structure)
DPC Direct Program Control
DPI Dots Per Inch
DPO Data Phase Optimization
DQ Define Quadruple word
DR0-7 Debug Registers (80386)
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRI Digital Research Inc.
DRO Destructive ReadOut
DS Data Segment register in 80x86
DS Double Sided disk
DSR Data Set Ready communication line
DSR Device Service Routine software
DSW Device Status Word
DTA Disk Transfer Area
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTP Desktop Publishing
DTR Data Terminal Ready
DUP Duplicate
DVI Digital Video Interactive
DW Define Word
DX General 80x86 register
EBCDIC IBM's extended binary coded decimal information codes
ECC Error Correcting Code, Error Checking and Correction
ECD Enhanced Color Display
EDC Enhanced Data Compression (Microcom)
EDLIN Line Editor
EDPM Electronic Data Processing Machine
EEG Electroencephalograph
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memories
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EIA Electronic Industries Association
EM Enable Math coprocessor bit
EM End of medium (ASCII 19H)
EMM Expanded Memory Manager
EMS Expanded Memory Specification
ENDP End Procedure
ENDS End Segment
ENQ Enquiry (ASCII 05H)
Envir Environment: Reserved memory for user-defined strings
EOB End of Block
EOF End of File
EOI End of Interrupt line
EOJ End of Job
EOT End of Transmission (ASCII 04H)
EOT End Of Table
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-only Memories
EQU Equal
ES Extra Segment 80x86 register
ESC Escape (ASCII 1BH)
ESDI Enhanced Small Device Interface
ESS Electronic Switching System
ET Processor Extension Type bit
ETX End of Text (ASCII 03H)
EVI Electronics Vaults, Inc.
EXE Executable file name extension
Exec Execute function
EXP Exponent
Extrn External Reference
Farad Unit of electrical capacitance
FAT Fat Allocation Table
FAX Facsimile
FCB File Control Block
FCBS Number of File Control Blocks used by MS-DOS
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FDisk Fixed Disk partition utility (MS-DOS)
FEFO First-Ended, First-Out
FF Form Feed (ASCII 0CH)
FIFO First-In, First-Out
Filter Program which processes STDIN and sends results to STDOUT
FM Frequency Modulation
FONT Character set for a readable language
FORTH A high level RP language first used to control telescopes
FORTRAN Formula Translator language
FPP Fixed Path Protocol
Frame Bounded data structure
FS File Separator (ASCII 1CH)
FTS Federal Telecommunication System
FTT Function Transfer Table
G Giga (1 million x 1024)
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Gate Internally controlled transmission point
Gb Gigabyte
GDDM Graphics Data Display Manager
GDI Graphics Device Interface
GDT Global Descriptor Table
GDTR Global Descriptor Table Register
GIF Graphics Interface File
GPI Graphics Programming Interface
GPIB General Purpose Interface Bus
GRE Graphics Engine
GS Group Separator (ASCII 1DH)
GUI Graphical User Interface
GWBASIC Gee-Wiz Basic (honest: ref. Bill Gates)
GX1 ShowPartner graphics screen capture file name extension
H Include file name extension for C language
HAL Arthur C. Clarke 2001 computer (IBM + 1)
HAL Hard Array Logic
Handle Index of an opened file or device
HD Hard Disk
HD High Density disk
HDA Head Disk Assembly
Henry Unit of electrical inductance
HEX Hexadecimal
HEX Intel Hex file name extension
HGC Hercules Graphics Card
HLL High Level Language
HLP Help
HLT Halt instruction
HOOK Diversion of an interrupt process
HP Hewlett Packard Company
HPGL Hewlett Packard Graphics Language
HST High Speed AFD modem protocol developed by US Robotics
HT Horizontal Tab (ASCII 09H)
HWCP Hardware Code Page
HWD Height Width Depth
Hz Hertz (cycles/sec)
I/F Interface
I/O Input/Output
IBM International Business Machines Corp.
IC Interrupt Controller
IC Integrated Chip
ICW1-4 Interrupt Controller Word (registers in 8259 chip)
ID Identification
IDT Interrupt Descriptor Table
IDTR Interrupt Descriptor Table Register
IEEE Institute for Electric and Electronic Engineers
IF Interrupt Flag bit
IMR Interrupt Mask Register
IMS Intermediate Maintenance Standards
IN Receive data from port instruction
INC Increment register instruction
INI Initialization file name extension
INIT Initialize
INT Integer
INTR Interrupt Request line
IOCTL Input-Output Control
IOPL I/O Privilege Level flag bit
IP Instruction Pointer
IPL Initial Program Load(er)
IRET Interrupt Return instruction
IRQ Interrupt Request line
ISN Intercommunications System Network
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISO International Standards Organization
ISR Interrupt Service Routine
ITC International Typeface Corporation
IVT Interrupt Vector Table
JCL Job Control Language
JES Job Entry System
JMP Jump instruction
K Kilo (1024)
Kb Kilobyte
KBD Keyboard
Kbs Kilobytes per second
Kermit File transmission protocol of Columbia University
Kernel Essential core elements of an operating system
LAN Local Area Network
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulate Emission of Radiation
Latch Internally controlled asymmetric switch
LCD Liquid Crystal Diode Display
LCR Line Control Register (8250 chip)
LDS Load register and DS
LDT Local Descriptor Table
LDTR Local Descriptor Table Register
LEA Load Effective Address instruction
LED Light Emitting Diode
LES Load register and ES
LF Line Feed (ASCII 0AH)
LFI Last File Indicator
LIB Library file name extension
LID Logical ID
LIFO Last In First Out
LIM Lotus/Intel/Microsoft
LISP List Processing
LN Natural Logarithm
LODS Load instruction
LOG Base 10 Logarithm
LPN Logical Page Number
LPT Line Printer
LPT1 First Parallel Printer
LPT2 Second Parallel Printer
LPT3 Third Parallel Printer
LQ Letter Quality
LSB Least Significant Byte
LSI Large Scale Integration
LSR Line Status Register (8250 chip)
LST List file name extension
LU Logical Unit
LZH File name extension for compressed file (Lempf Zip Hoffman coding)
M Mega (1,000 x 1024)
MAC Macro definition file name extension
Macro Set of instructions tied to one command
Mantissa Digits of number without exponent
MAP Address map file name extension
MAP Maintenance Analysis Procedures
Mark Logic 1 in RS-232 standard
MASM Macro Assembler (Microsoft)
Max Maximum
Mb Megabyte
MCB Memory Control Block (used by MS-DOS)
MCGA Multicolor Graphics Array
MCR Modem Control Register (8250 chip)
MD Make Directory
MDA Monochrome Display Adapter
MEG Megabyte
MFM Modified Frequency Modulation
MHS Message Handling Services
MHz Megahertz
Min Minimum
MIPS Million Instructions Per Second
MIS Management Information System
MKDIR Make Directory (MS-DOS command)
MMC Microcomputer Marketing Council
MNP Microcom Networking Protocol used in modem firmware
MOD Modulus (remainder after division)
MODULA Modular Programming languague, derivative of PASCAL
MOS Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
MP Monitor coProcessor bit
MS Micro Second
MS Microsoft Corporation
MSB Most Significant Byte
MSG Message
MSR Modem Status Register (8250 chip)
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
NAK Negative Acknowledgment, Control-U (ASCII 15H)
NC Numerical Control
NCP Not Copy Protected
NCR National Cash Register Company
NEC Nippon Electric Company
NET Network
NFF No Fault Found
NI Norton Index of speed
Nibble Four bits
NICAD Nickel Cadmium
NICHROME Nickel Chromium
NLQ Near Letter Quality
NMI Non-Maskable Interrupt
NMI Non-maskable Interrupt
NOP No Operation
NOVELL Network company
NP Numeric Processor
NRZ Not Return to Zero
NS Nanosecond
NT Nested Task flag bit
NUL Null (dummy)
O/P Output
OBJ Object file name extension
OCL Operation Control Language
OCR Optical Character Recognition
OCW1-3 Operation Command Word (registers in 8259 chip)
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OF Overflow Flag bit
OHM Unit of electrical resistance
OMR Optical Mark Recognition
OPD Operand
OPUS Octal Program Updating System
ORACLE Data base program
ORG Origin (initial program IP)
OS Operating System
OS/2 Operating System /2
OSC Oscillator
OSI Open System Interconnection network reference model
OUT Send data Out port instruction
OVL Overlay file name extension
OVR Overlay file name extension
Page 256 byte alignment
PAL Programmable Array Logic chip
PAK Compressed File name extension (ARC clone by Phil Katz)
Para Paragraph - 16 byte alignment
PARC Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox)
Parity Even or odd character of a number
PAS Pascal file name extension
PASCAL Popular 'teaching' language (by Niklaus Wirth)
PATH Set of drive and directory names to search on executing a program
PBE Prompt By Example
PBSI Primary Binary Synchronous Interface
PC Personal Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCX Paintbrush picture file name extension
PDP Digital Equipment computer
PE Protect Enable bit
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PF Parity Flag bit
PGA Professional Graphics Adapter (IBM)
PGAP Pin-Grid Array Packaging
PGM Program
PI Program Interruption
PIC Programmable Interrupt Controller (8259 chip in PC)
PIF Program Information File
Pin Male electrical connection terminus
Pipe Unidirectional package for a a stream of data
PIT Programmable Interval Timer (8253 chip in PC)
Pixel Smallest unit on video display
PL/1 Programming Language 1
PLCC Pin Leaderless Chip Carrier packaging
PLL Phase Lock Loop
PMOS P-channel Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
POP Pop register from stack instruction
POPF Pop flags from stack instruction
PORT Location for exchange of data
POS Programmable Option Set
POST Power-On System Test
PPI Programmable Peripheral Interface (8255 chip in PC)
PPM Pages Per Minute
PRN First parallel Printer
PROC Procedure
PROLOG Programming In Logic
PS/2 Personal System/2
PSP Program Segment Prefix
PTL Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
PTR Pointer
PUN Punch device
PUSH Push register onto stack instruction
PUSHF Push flags onto stack instruction
PWR Power
QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (four bits/signal) in 2400 baud modems
QBE Query By Example
QDOS Quick and Dirty Operating System
Queue Waiting bits
RA Return Authorization
RAM Random Access Memory
Rand Random
Raster Display lines used to paint a picture on a CRT
RB Request Block
RCL Roll bits through carry Left
RCR Roll bits through carry Right
RD Receive Data communication line
RD Remove Directory command
RDB Relational Data Base
RDR Reader device
REF Reference file name extension
REM Remark
REP Repeat instruction
RES Resolution
RET Return instruction
RF Radio Frequency
RGB Red Green Blue (monitor)
RI Ring Indicator
RISC Reduced instruction set computer
RLE Run Length Encoding
RLL Run Length Limited
RLSD Receive Line Signal Detect
RMA Return to Manufacturer Authorization
RMDIR Remove Directory
ROL Roll bits Left operation
ROM Read Only Memory
ROR Roll bits right operation
RP Reverse Polish math operations
RS Record Separator (ASCII 1EH)
RS-232C ANSI standard for serial communication lines
RTC Real-Time Clock
RTOS Real-Time Operating System
RTS Request to Send
RWM Read/Write Memory
S/N Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SAS Single Audio System
SBSI Secondary Binary Synchronous Interface
SCC Serial Communications Controllers
SCP System Control Progam
SCR Script file name extension
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SD Statistical Duplexing (Microcom)
SEC Seconds
SEG Segment
SF Sign Flag bit
SG Signal Ground
SHELL Command processor (MS-DOS)
SHL Shift Left operation
SHR Shift Right operation
SI Shift In (ASCII 0FH)
SI Source Index 80x86 register
SI System Information
SIM Simulator
SIMM Single In-line Memory Module
SIP Single In-line Package
SLSI Super Large-Scale Integrator
SNA System Network Architecture
SNAFU Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
SO Shift Out (ASCII 0EH)
SOH Start of Heading (ASCII 01H)
SP Stack Pointer (80x86 register)
Space Logic 0 in RS-232 standard
SPCL Spectrum Cellular Corporation
SPL Spooler
SPSS Statistical Programming package
SQ Signal Quality
SQL Structured Query Language
SQRT Square Root
SQZ File name extension for compressed file
SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SS Single Sided disk
SS Stack Segment 80x86 register
STACK Memory reserved for CPU register saves
STC Set Carry instruction
STD Standard
STDIN Standard Input device
STDOUT Standard Output device
STI Set interrupt instruction
Strobe Hardware handshake signal on parallel ports
STX Start of Text (ASCII 02H)
SUB Substitute (ASCII 1AH)
SUBST Substitute drive/directory command (MS-DOS)
SYM Symbolic file name extension
SYMDEB Symbolic Debugger (Microsoft)
SYN Synchronous idle (ASCII 16H)
SYNC Synchronization
SYS MS-DOS command to install system on disk
SYS System file name extension
SYSOP System Operator
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TD Transmit Data
TF Trap Flag bit
THRE Transmit Holding Register Empty (status bit in 8250 chip)
TIF Tagged image file (Microsoft)
TMP Temporary file name extension
TOD Time of Day
Toggle Externally controlled symmetric switch
TPA Transient Program Area (memory to load program)
TR Task Register
TR6-7 Test Registers (80386)
TREE Directory structure
TS Task Switched bit
TS/SI Top Secret/Sensitive Information
TSO Time Sharing Option
TSR Terminate and Stay Resident (program)
TSRE Transmit Shift Register Empty (status bit in 8250 chip)
TSS Task State Segment
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic
TTY Teletype instrument
TXT Text file name extension
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UHF Ultra High Frequency
ULN Universal Link Negotiation (Microcom)
UNIVAC Computer manufactured by Sperry Univax
UNIX AT&T Bell Laboratories Operating System
UPC Universal Product Code
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
US Unit Separator (ASCII 1FH)
USART Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
V.22bis CCITT protocol for 2400 baud modem communications
V.29FT CCITT protocol for half-duplex modem communications
V.32 CCITT protocol for full-duplex modem communications
V.42 CCITT v.32 protocol with MNP added
VAC Voltage Alternating Current
VAR Value Added Reseller
VAX Computer manufactured by DEC
VDC Voltage Direct Current
VDISK Virtual Disk
VER Verify
VESA Video Electronics Standards Association
VGA Video Graphics Array
VGA Video Gate Array
VHS Very High Frequency
VIO Video Input/Output
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
VM Virtual Machine
VMS Virtual Memory System
VMS Voice Message System
VMS Voice Message System
VOL Volume
VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method of IBM mainframe
VT Vertical Tab (ASCII 0BH)
VT100 DEC terminal communications standard
VT52 DEC terminal communications standard
VUI Video User Interface
WC Word Count
WGS Work Group System
WKS Lotus software work space file name extension
WORM Write Once Random Memory
WPM Words Per Minute
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
XCHG Exchange instruction
XENIX Dialect of Unix operating system of AT&T
XLAT Translate instruction
Xmodem Communications protocol of Ward Christensen
XOR Logical exclusive OR operation
XT Extended Technology for IBM PC with hard disk
XTC External Clock line
Ymodem Extension of XMODEM communications protocol
ZIP File name extension for compressed file (a la Phil Katz)
Zmodem Communications protocol of Chuck Forsberg
ZOO File name extension for compressed file

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