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Nov. 1993 upgrade software for Intel Satisfaxtion Fax/model model 400.
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Nov. 1993 upgrade software for Intel Satisfaxtion Fax/model model 400.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASCII.OVL 20075 8842 deflated
CASMGR.EXE 79028 33483 deflated
DOWNLOAD.400 226530 76675 deflated
EPSON.OVL 31446 15460 deflated
FAXPOP.EXE 89928 51256 deflated
HP.OVL 178719 76453 deflated
MA.UTL 182561 80568 deflated
PRN2FAX.EXE 5880 3596 deflated
README29.TXT 5996 2464 deflated
SATISFAX.SYS 29319 5684 deflated
SETUP.EXE 237708 97104 deflated
WIDTHS.SFT 7848 3470 deflated

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Contents of the README29.TXT file

SatisFAXtion(R) Modem/400 Update Information

This document describes the changes in this FaxBACK update to Rel. 3 of the
SatisFAXtion Modem/400 software.


This package is a self-extracting archive including 12 updated
SatisFAXtion Modem/400 files.


* Copy all files except WIDTHS.SFT into your fax software directory
(usually C:\FAX). (If you extracted the archive in your fax directory,
overwriting existing files, then this step has already been done.)

* Copy the file WIDTHS.SFT to the HP fonts subdirectory (\FAX\HPFONTS).

NOTE: If you don't copy the WIDTHS.SFT file to the HPFONTS directory,
FAXPOP will display this error when you try to send a fax:

Unknown Error: 74
Press F10 to continue


DOWNLOAD.400 Ver. 3.14 (items with ** are new in 3.14):

** Fixes a problem where the board could not send faxes reliably to some
V.17 14400bps faxmodems.

** Fixes a problem the board had sending or receiving file transfers with
Class 1 faxmodems.

Note : In order for the Modem/400 to send or receive file transfers
with a Class 1 faxmodem, the computer with the Class 1 faxmodem
must be running Intel's FAXability Plus/OCR 2.0.

** Fixes a problem where the board doesn't respond correctly when sending to
several different fax machines.

* Enables 14.4Kbps fax receive capability.

* Fixes most problems where the board emits a clicking sound and/or no
dialtone is received when the downline phone is picked up. (When
using the "mostly voice calls" or "mostly fax calls" options.)

Version 3.02 and higher fixed these problems with most phones. However,
there are some phones (including many Panasonic multi-feature phones)
which still do not get a dialtone when plugged into the SatisFAXtion board.
The only solution to this problem is to try using a different brand/model
of phone.

* Fixes problems with Smart Line Sharing where the board picks up and
listens for fax tone even when fax autoanswer is turned off. This caused
the board to interfere with some answering machines. The board no longer
listens for fax tones when the fax autoanswer is turned off.

* Fixes problems with the "distinctive ring" feature of Smart Line Sharing.

* Fixes various data modem problems, including problems connecting with
2400bps modems.

* Fixes problems resulting in various protocol errors, including "Remote
unit not Group 3 compatible" and "Phone line dead or remote disconnected".

* Fixes problems with several autodialers, including ACT & Windows Cardfile.
** Fixed problems with Sharp and Panasonic fax machines.

** ATI3 command now reflects correct version of DOWNLOAD.400.

** ! dial modifier now works (hook flash)

** Fixed misc modem problems related to RI, &L2 and Robocomm.

MA.UTL Ver 1.41

* Fixes problems with printing to postscript printers.

SETUP.EXE Ver 1.49

* Fixes most problems where the SETUP program couldn't find the board due to
an I/O conflict at 0260h (the board's factory default I/O address).

* Fixes a problems where the SETUP program couldn't find the board due to a
change in the board's ID.

* Eliminates the need for #-tone to access the data modem when distinctive
ring option is set for data calls on "one long" ring.


* Minor internal changes and code optimization.

CASMGR.EXE Ver. 2.01

* Compatible with FAXability Plus/OCR 2.0's cover page designer.

* Fixes problem with sending Cover-only fax events to groups.

* Fixed problem where horizontal component of ASCII line-draw characters
sometimes didn't print on sent faxes. (Only affects ASCII textfiles &
cover sheet text.)

* Fixes problem where 80-column lines created a line feed after each line.


* Fixes various bugs in the HP emulation for FAXPOP & PRN2FAX.

NOTE: This version of the HP emulation software fixes several bugs, but
a small number of new bugs were introduced. In general, the
emulation was considered to be more robust than the previous
version, so it was released with this update. The following list
shows what was fixed and also lists the known new bugs. If this
version creates problems for your application, please run SETUP
from your original disks and recopy the original FAXPOP.EXE,
PRN2FAX.EXE, ASCII.OVL, EPSON.OVL & HP.OVL files. This will return
your HP emulation software to the original 1.40 version.

If you discover a problem in this version, please report it to Intel
by sending a fax to the "Intel Support, USA" number in your DEFAULT
phonebook. Include a detailed description of the problem and attach
a copy of the PCL file that is generated by "printing" your document
to a disk file (instead of the printer). Include the filename in the
description file.


* Bold characters printed as normal in some apps.
* Color text not printed some apps.
* Emulation process "crashes" in Display Write 5.
* Fill pattern problems in some apps.
* Border lines not printed far enough to the right.
* Fixed several problems printing in Landscape mode.

New problems:
* Some HP-GL commands are printed as graphics instead of being skipped.
(Note: The emulator does not support HP-GL, but normally HP-GL commands
are skipped instead of printed.)
* Last page is printed twice in Professional Write 2.2.
* Margin alignment problems in certain DisplayWrite files.
* Minor text alignment problems in certain files.

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