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À($INTELFXÿÿÿÿÀ.$INTELVA Intel SatisFAXtion Device Driver Version $1.41.
$Copyright (c) 1990, 1991, 1992 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

$ˆ¢¢ªüNi¦¦¦ó¦÷¢¢¢S S S H H H H H H H S S S ù S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S O S S S Ò Ù ‚ c
O @
H B S S S S à ¥ ¥ H H H H H H H ¥ ¥ ¥ ù ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ d 
¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ,
S S S Ò Ù ï Ð
O H B S ¥ S ¥ 


2äÑà‹ðÿ”¤&‰G_^]ZY[ú.Ž$.‹&&XË÷4uèq^¡ &‰G&ŒO¸øÃ¸Ã&Ä&‹E£HÑà‹ð¿FWÿ”LP¸èÄX^ƒøu"­‹È­Ä&;O~&‹O&ľFQó¤Y¸Ä&‰OþFÇÇD"&‹G‰D¹è<¸èqèî¸èh‹–ƒùtÄ&Äè ‹–ë¸Ä&‰OÃè©u‹÷4tìì&ˆG
þFÇÇD"ÇD¹èѸè胸èý‹– Ét¸ë¸ÄþFÇÇD!&‹G‰D¹蒸èÇ蚸辋–Ä&Åwè@‹–¸Ä&‰OøÃ&Åw­‹È­.;€~.‹€Qƒé¿Jó¤Y‰F£H=Cv¸ë2äÑà‹ø¾Fÿ•ÄP¸èPXÄ&‰Oø¹Ã¸Ë\‰”ÑãÑã‹;‡Ôtƒ¿Ôt¸ýÿ¹ë/¸$èX‹öì¨uè#rëô‹ú¸èÎP‹øîXë¸ÿÿ¹Ã¸$è(¡4©uèôrNëñ‹]&4ÿý;”t ¸üÿP¹ë;‹
ÑãÑã;Ötƒ¿Öt ¸ýÿP¹ëƒÇƒé¸‹úèeP‹øìë¸ÿÿP¹÷6u
‹üúì îûXÃ&‹&÷4t& î¸è)P&‹þ2ÀîXÃR‹÷4tì¸è
ƒøtólëónëèã¸Y_^Z[ÃSQR­»ð#ر Ó˱ÓàèZY[ÃQR¨u&4ÿþë4$þ‹î‹±Óèî‹ŠÃîZYÃ.Œ(.‰&*¼ûPSQRUVWüŒÈŽØŽÀ‹öì¨u雋úìŠÈìŠèìŠØìŠøƒû|¿F&‰
ƒùt Jë #¨€t$àP°€Í/
‹üúì$ýîûƒ><ÿt úœ.ÿ8ëú.÷4 tº ° îº ° î_^]ZY[X.Ž(.‹&*ρ4€Ã&4ÿÿFè¿ý¾JèŸþ­£­±Ó裒ÃVWœü€>IAu-‹G‹þƒÇ¾JQ€ ÇD8¡˜‰D¡š‰D¡–‰D¸¹
¡’&‰E¸Ã " €2#~¸ëŠD
Àt " €¢#¸Ãü¾J­£˜­£š­¾FÇÇD"‰D¹èÎû¸èè€ÿ¸èú‹–‹>˜Žšè¢ü¾FÇ
4Á&4ÿý¿FÇÇE9¡–‰E¸¹ÃQVƒéƒÆ¬¢J¸^YÃQVƒéƒÆ¬¢I¸^YÃǾF‹ Qüó¤YƒÁ‹üúì%ÿîû¿F‰
€îûƒÇ¸‹úƒéãèàû‹øìZY[XÃ÷4€tPSQR‹F»FŒÚÍhZY[XÃPQR+ÀŽÀú&‹n;u ‹‹&9lsøëùûZYXÃPSQR‹È‹Ùú+ÀŽÀ&‹l&‹n˃҃úr
ù°ré°ƒÚ‰‹‰ûZY[XÃPQÀtKH‹Èäa.¢Å! æa°¶æC¸©.£Æ!æBŠÄæBQ¹P°†æCäBŠàäB†à.;Æ!.£Æ!vèâæäa4æaYâÙ. Å!æaYXÃPSQRVP‹ÙƒãÑã‹Áƒà€±Óè‹ÈXƒøu龍+óÿæìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªìªãIéúþé

rsÿû÷ïßû÷ÿÿ@P °à`@P °à`Intel SatisFAXtion device driver installed.
$Intel SatisFAXtion device driver not installed.
$ Total SatisFAXtion memory installed K bytes.
$ Resident Loader Version
$ Transfer Agent Version

$ Can't find the Intel SatisFAXtion board.
Install the Intel SatisFAXtion board and use the IBM Reference
Diskette to tell your computer you've added a board.

$ The system has disabled the SatisFAXtion board, probably because
you picked an I/O address that conflicts with another board or
with your system.
Use the IBM Reference Diskette and change the I/O address.

$ Can't find the SatisFAXtion board at the specified I/O address.
Run the SETUP program and go to the "Advanced setup"/
"Set up hardware" screen. Choose an unused I/O address

$ There is an invalid option on the "DEVICE=" command
line in your CONFIG.SYS file.
Run the SETUP program and go to the "Advanced setup"/
"Set up hardware" screen, then press F10.

$ An invalid value was specified for the "BOARD=" option.
Run the SETUP program and go to the "Advanced setup"/
"Set up hardware" screen. Follow the instructions to
select a valid value for the "BOARD=" option.

$ An invalid I/O address was specified for the "IOADDR="
option on the "DEVICE=" command line in your CONFIG.SYS file.
Run the SETUP program and go to the "Advanced setup"/
"Set up hardware" screen. Follow the instructions to
set the Fax I/O address.

$ An invalid path was specified on the "DEVICE=" command line
in your CONFIG.SYS file.
Run the SETUP program and go to the "Advanced setup"/
"Set up hardware" screen, then press F10.

$ A DOS error occurred while opening or reading the file
Run the SETUP program and go to the "Copy SatisFAXtion
software" screen. Follow the instructions to install the
software on your system.

$ Can't find the file $ Can't find the file $ The file $
has been corrupted.$ The file $
has been corrupted.$ Can't find the configuration file CASMGR.CFG.
Run the SETUP program to create this file and to select
your configuration options.

$ The CONFIG.SYS file contains multiple SatisFAXtion invocation
Edit your CONFIG.SYS file to remove extra "DEVICE=SATISFAX.SYS"
lines. Keep the one line that shows the correct fax directory

$ The SatisFAXtion board is set up to use an interrupt that is
already being used by other hardware.
Run the SETUP program and go to the "Advanced setup"/
"Set up hardware" screen. Follow the instructions to
configure your hardware to use another interrupt.

$ The SatisFAXtion software can only be used with DOS version 3.0
or higher.
Install DOS version 3.0 or higher.

$ The SatisFAXtion board isn't set up correctly.
Run the SETUP program (Classic bus computers) or use the
IBM Reference Diskette (Micro Channel computers) to set up
your SatisFAXtion board.

$ The SatisFAXtion board isn't responding correctly.
This is possibly due to a conflicting FAX I/O address.
Run the SETUP program again (or use the IBM Reference
diskette if you have a Micro Channel computer) and change
the FAX I/O address. If you continue to have problems, call
Intel customer support.

$Please press any key to continue...
$ Download successful, control transferred to TA.
$ Processor type.......... 808x
$ Processor type.......... 80x8x
$ Bus type................ MicroChannel
$ Bus type................ Classic
$ Base address............
$ IRQ level...............

$ Resident Loader name....
$ Transfer Agent name.....

$!!LOADER.200$e!DOWNLOAD.200$IFP400200·!CASMGR.CFG$   !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ{|}~ñbBcöb@cübDcïbDEBUGIOADDRBOARDƒ6èZr>ècr9è”r4èwr/èr*èrr%è˜r èpƒ&6þ4÷4€u¸°ë¸eë ƒ4ĸè‘Ä£ ¸ÃPRº%´ Í!ºO´ Í!ºX´ Í!ø´0Í!<s0ùZXÃRÄ&Ä_è¢
ƒøÿu0€¡Dƒøvƒ0@ë,ƒøsƒ0@ƒà±Óà 4÷4@u(€>cwƒ0 逡@¹3Û;‡Èt CCâöƒ0 ëgƒ>Bÿuƒ4@¿KbGŠJb2í° üò®ãJ‹÷ý¬<\t<:t
:Jbt8þÁëíFIV¿!!O Jb*ÁŠÈ2íQó¤G‰>é Y^VQ¿e!Oó¤G‰>-!Y^¿·!Oó¤G‰>!÷0ðtùëøZù!Òéã4€ëƒ4÷4@t÷4€t ºÒ´ Í!뺯´ Í!øÃPQR÷4€t<±´!°Ír„äuþÁ´Ä°Ír„ÀuþÁ´À°Ír„äu
&ŠG$tþÁŠÁÐè<tƒ4ë4@÷4@t÷4@t ºö´ Í!ëº! ´ Í!øZYXÃ÷4@t èz 2ëè
 2¡4ƒà»°×ÑàÑà‹Ø¸ŽÀ&‹GŽÀ¾$‹þ¹+ó¦ãÇ<ÿÿë÷4@t'¡@¾c 耺G ´ Í!¡4ƒà»À×¾† èiºj ´ Í!÷2ôtùëøÃSQRVW¹3Û3ÿ°ÿº”îŠÃ úº–îºìŠàºìûþÃ=¿auG;>Dtâܸ€ëMúºìPƒà 4X±Òè$2äÑà‹ð‹„È=`u¸ ë%£@¾ö‹þü¹­@«âøºì¨tû¸ë¸@úP¸º–îûX_^ZY[ÃSQR‹@ú`u¸ ë>¾ö‹þü¹­@«âø‹ìŠØ±2íìþÃâû$€ã:Ãt¸ë‹ìƒà 4¸ZY[Ë!‰ç °´=Í!s'ƒøu
0ùéÃ0ù麋غc¹´?Í!‹Ès ƒ0ùé¡´>Í!s ƒ0ùé’€>Òeu ¹¾w!¿(!üó¤‹é ‰ç °´=Í!s%ƒøu ƒ0ùéaƒøu ƒ0ùéSƒ0ùéJ‹ØºÊ!¹@´?Í!‹Ès ƒ0ùé1ù@r 0é"´>Í!s ƒ0ùé‹ì €î‹ø2Àìè ¾Ê!VQú¹ 胟¸»èüŸY^èuŸ‹ì$îû¿Fèè瞃øt 4éÀ¿F‹U±Óꉒ¾nè^¾J襟€>Òeu¹¾w!¿n!üó¤ë'>’€t‹-!‰ç °´=Í!sW£Ã!¹¾s!¿n!üó¤‹-!‰ç °´=Í!s8ƒ>Ã!t ¹¾{!¿n!üó¤ƒøu ƒ0ùé9ƒøu ƒ0ùé+ƒ0ùé"‹ØºÊ!¹@´?Í!‹Ès ƒ0ùé ¾Ê!蘞ù@tÝ´>Í!s ƒ0ùéîÇFÇH¾F¹蠝¿Fèè靃øt 4é¾J­ƒøuƒ0鱃øt 4飜ÇFÇH¾F¹èT¿Fè»蝝¿J¹
° üó®O‹÷¿© 󤿙F¹ó¤ÇFÇH
° ó®O‹÷¿Õ 󤿺F¹󤝀>º1w€>¼3r ÇFÇH3¹ ¾Åe¿Jó¤¾F¹èǜ÷4@t%÷4u÷0uº{´ Í!º ´ Í!º¹ ´ Í!÷0tùëøÃSW¡4ƒàPP÷4@uUP3ۋì$<tŠÈ°ÒàŠØYƒ><t7°Òà
Ëî‹îŠØ‹ì„Ãt運2Àî‹ì"Ã:Ãuo‹ŠÃîX»°שptƒ4 ÑàÑà‹ø»Ñ
3ҎÂú&‹£8&‹E£:&‰&ŒMû‹ü°îX»¸׊Ø÷4 u€ûûu÷4€t³ýº¡ëº!ì"Ãîøë 0XXù_[À>1eMt€>1eItü¾1e¿
¹ó¤ë*€>Òeu#Æ MÆ UÆ
SÆTÆAÆFÆA e¢?ÃPR÷4u¸è¡÷4t
º´ Í!ég÷0tºÕ´ Í!÷0 tºÁ´ Í!÷0@tºØ´ Í!÷0€tº´ Í!÷0tº”´ Í!‹ç ´ Í!ºÜ´ Í!÷0tº}´ Í!‹ç ´ Í!ºÜ´ Í!÷0tºó´ Í!‹ç ´ Í!ºÜ´ Í!÷0tºŸ´ Í!‹ç ´ Í!ºÜ´ Í!÷0tºÏ´ Í!‹ç ´ Í!ºÛ´ Í!ºÜ´ Í!÷0tº«´ Í!‹ç ´ Í!º·´ Í!ºÜ´ Í!÷2tº‡´ Í!÷0tº–´ Í!÷0tº±´ Í!÷2€tºÃ´ Í!÷2@tºr´ Í!÷2 tº.´ Í!÷2tºQ´ Í!÷4t&ºH´ Í!º´ Í!º ´ Í!ºè´ Í!÷4@u 뺴 Í!ºU´ Í!´ °Í!ZXÃSQW¸$è
‹Âº÷ñ’0ˆNƒúuî_ZYX¿Kb¹° ª¬ª&þJb<
ÃQVWü2íãó¤_^YÃQVWü2í€ùãó¦_^YÃPSQVWü2íã‹ß‹þ´¬<vŠÄתâõ_^Y[XÃPQWü‹þ2íã ° ò®ãó®ãO‹÷_YXÃPQWü3ÀŠÅð‹þ2íã° ó®ã€}ÿ=u
ó®ã‹÷Nøëù_YXÃPSRVü3ۊÙ3É3Ҁ< t!‹Á÷ã‹È Òu¬,0< v,:Ãs˜Èsß3Éùëø^Z[XÃÅ6Åtüèÿ3ɊJbƒù~w€ÁˆJb¾Kb‹ÆÁ£Ìb¿Êaè-ÿŠJbèGÿ»ÎbŠJbè=ÿ;6Ìbr鯋?ŠOèúþt鎋þ‹ çÿ.ÿ¥°q¾qÇqÌqéqîq
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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