Dec 272017
WinDOS is a graphical menu program for DOS.
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WinDOS is a graphical menu program for DOS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIGTEXT.FON 3465 858 deflated
BROWSE.COM 2432 1574 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 22 22 stored
MENUSWAP.BAT 157 87 deflated
NORMTEXT.FON 967 467 deflated
PROPTEXT.FON 3847 1225 deflated
README 393 261 deflated
README.BAT 17 17 stored
WDICONS.LST 15150 718 deflated
WDREAD.ME 35518 9329 deflated
WDSETUP.EXE 86758 50703 deflated
WINDOS.EXE 105314 63181 deflated
WINDOS.PRM 76 66 deflated

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Contents of the README.BAT file


Contents of the README file

browse wdread.meVersion 1.1 of WinDOS has several new featues that were not available with
the original version 1.0 program. An unfortunate consequence of these
improvements is that the old version 1.0 WDICONS.LST and WINDOS.PRM files
cannot be used. In other words you will have to set up your Icons again.

We apologize for any inconvience, but were sure you will find the new
features are worth it.

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