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SHELL Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
0DEL.ZIP11268Aug 13 1989Utility that deletes files that are zero bytes in size. C source included.
0ZAP.ZIP5362Jul 10 19890ZAP is a program made to delete all files with a size of 0 bytes.
2LIST103.ZIP17063Mar 31 1990Side-by-side directory lister.
2SEEK.ZIP27040Jun 16 1993Yet another directory changer, with some real shorthand methods. Uses abbreviations set by the user.
3CT5.ZIP9499Apr 29 19913CT counts files and their sizes to show you how much space the files in each subdirectory are taking up.
41LOGON.ZIP1720Oct 28 1990Create opening screen for Direct Access (Menu system).
ACD233.ZIP53974Sep 25 1994Another change directory program. Better than NCD and LCD.
ACT204.ZIP160128Jan 3 1992ActaeOn is a Hard Disk Manager with a point and shoot interface to DOS.
AD02.ZIP7245May 19 1994Version 0.2 of Asphyxiated Directory, a mildly interesting dir replacement that shows file attributes in the listing, with optional color. New in version 0.2 is a -p switch to allow paging.
ADM207.ZIP86000Feb 27 1993ADMast Menu allows any computer user to create customized menus that can be a "Control Center" for running application programs and frequently used DOS routines.
ADMENU.ZIP10290May 20 1993ADMenu is a basic menuing system for both DOS and Novell environments.
AF125.ZIP55362Apr 5 1993Fast file finder from France.
AGED11.ZIP20984Mar 31 1988Checks and deletes AGED files for archiving, work great on NETWARE.
ALLBUT.ZIP14552Jun 30 1989Delete all files in a dir BUT those matching mask(s).
ALLBUT10.ZIP1746Jun 26 1993Delete files, allbut those you specify. Accepts wildcard characters.
ALLDRIVE.ZIP12206Nov 19 1988Execute any command on ALL drives specified.
ALT207_A.ZIP275881Sep 30 1990Combo program swapper/set of desktop accessories in one package. Task swaps easily, included editor, rolodex, calendar, DOS shell/file manager, etc. Can swap to EMS, uses about 53K RAM. Pretty nice. File 1 of 2.
ALT207_B.ZIP317126Oct 1 1990File 2 of ALT task swapper/desk accessory programs. Also provides program selection menus, cut & paste, and macro features. File 2 of 2.
ALTR255B.ZIP7679Mar 5 1990ALTER allows the user to change the date, time, and attributes of disk files using wildcards if needed.
AMAXX341.ZIP192918Nov 25 1990AUTOMAXX will manage your computer with a powerful DOS shell and a simple system of menus which you create yourself. AUTOMAXX is both an application manager and a full featured File Manager and DOS Shell.
AMENU310.ZIP16601Sep 4 1991A very simple menuing system that allows you to choose any executable program that is in a given directory to run.
ARCPY172.ZIP10947Feb 16 1993ARCOPY (ARchive COPY) is a small, fast disk file copy utility. Its features are geared toward the tasks of backing up files.
ATTRB16.ZIP21752Nov 11 1992ATTRB V1.6 - Easy-to-use, intuitive, full screen, WYSIWYG, file attribute changing utility to replaceos's ATTRIB. Changes attributes for a directoy, file or all files at once. Wildcard selction and directory changing
AUTOCHOP.ZIP17140Oct 8 1991AUTOCHOP allows very large files to be split across floppy disks and then later rejoined to re-create the original file.
AUTONAME.ZIP19601Jun 22 1990File naming utility which constructs a new name for the file based on file creation date.
AX1K.ZIP7032Feb 11 1989A safer way to delete files. Shows what you are about to delete.
BCE10.ZIP39827Oct 19 1992BCE v1.0, Directory program that shows only BAT, COM, and EXE files.
BCMOVE.ZIP17057Jun 14 1990A simple file mover that has some nice features.
BCOPY11.ZIP18489Jul 30 1989Copy files in the background.
BCSMNU20.ZIP191824Dec 1 1990Bristol Computing Professional Menu System. New Version 2.0. DOS menu system. Many nice features.
BDIR40.ZIP35281Jun 23 1990List the files inside a Backup diskette from release 3.3 of DOS.
BETTERCD.ZIP5510Aug 16 1991Another Change Directory substitute, with fuzzy searching.
BIGDIR.ZIP7763Nov 24 1987BIGDIR will display a full screen directory of the 'C' drive including the root directory and all subdirectories.
BIUV31.ZIP23766May 1 1990BACKITUP version 3.1. Simple but quick backup program.
BKPREVUE.ZIP13794Aug 28 1991Shows which files on drive need backup - via the archive bit directory entry.
BM.ZIP31518Aug 3 1986UNIX-type utility that will quickly search a file for a specified string. C source is included.
BMENU.ZIP10571Feb 4 1991Batch Menu version 2.0 with C source.
BO112.ZIP40821Oct 25 1989Deletes Backups by extension (BAK,BK!,etc) across disk to purge automatic backup files made by Word Processors and Editors. File extensions are stored in a text file so that you can add extensions.
BSTAT15.ZIP21251May 27 1994Provides statistics on how many files have been modified since last backup.
BU100.ZIP12595Dec 8 1989Intelligent backup for daily use. Copies files from HD to HD.
CA.ZIP10408Nov 19 1988File attribute changer w/ C source.
CA12.ZIP10625Feb 9 1989CA is used to change and examine file attributes. C source included.
CASP421.ZIP42017Feb 25 1994Sort And Pack Directories - sorts directories in any of three orders and writes out the sorted director Also, CSAP provides the optional ability to truncate directories, i.e., return disk space not used by a directory to
CDATE.ZIP13142Oct 10 1987Change a file's date and time.
CDATE14.ZIP8237Nov 21 1990Changes the time/date stamp of a file. Very handy utility.
CDD.ZIP5574Aug 26 1986Allows you to change both the drive and directory at the same time. C.
CDDPLUS.ZIP6067May 3 1987Change Drive and Directory with a Single Command.
CDIR10.ZIP15685Feb 15 1991CDIR -- A Cascading DIRectory for Networks and hard drives.
CDIR14.ZIP25109Aug 8 1990How DOS's DIR command should perform. Sorts by file name and displays date, time, size and file attributes. Paging thru the directory is also a big plus.
CDIR262.ZIP31169Jan 25 1990Latest version of a color directory program. Configurable.
CDP300.ZIP2696Nov 17 1991CD+ v3.00 - a small utility to change directories. This one uses fuzzy logic to guess which directory you want.
CDSKA800.ZIP453711Oct 20 1994Disk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.00 (1/3).
CDSKB800.ZIP134907Oct 20 1994Disk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.00 (2/3).
CDSKC800.ZIP376336Oct 20 1994Disk Catalog System/CATDISK V8.00 (3/3).
CDTO.ZIP1596Oct 7 1987Locate file & cd to dir/ W.Christensen.
CDU_V120.ZIP342692Jul 26 1992Catdisk Utilities 1.20 - add on utilities to make using Catdisk easier - for Catdisk 6.30 or above.
CERA.ZIP8607Nov 1 1988Destroy before delete file utility using Dept of Defense specifications.
CF10.ZIP8551Jan 30 1993CopyFile V1.00 - Buffered file copier with 0%-100% status bar.
CHASTITY.ZIP50731Aug 22 1992Menu system with security features.
CHG20.ZIP8208Nov 11 1990A Program to change file attributes, dates, and times.
CHKDIR.ZIP8477Jan 20 1989Checks size of a directory.
CHKNAM12.ZIP8319Jun 17 1992ChkNam v1.2 - a small, fast file locator. Works well even with very large partitions. Searches all partitions automatically.
CHOP31.ZIP27269Mar 9 1988CHOP breaks big text files into several smaller ones.
CHOPFILE.ZIP14864Jan 1 1994Chop big files into smaller ones.
CHUNT1.ZIP11659Oct 7 1988Different and versitile WHEREIS program.
CIR402.ZIP13135Jun 7 1990CIR is designed to work exactly like the DOS Dir command, except it uses color to help describe files.
CK_FILES.ZIP22078Sep 7 1989List files older or newer than a given number of days on entire/part of disk. Include full C source code.
CLNDSK.ZIP29518Aug 1 1990Clean disk program, deletes specified file(s), with wildcards, from all active disks.
CLNTMP.ZIP27911Jun 3 1988Unix util. for DOS, clean temp. dirs.
CLNUP100.ZIP46016Oct 13 1989Delete selected files from all sub-directories on drive(s). Uses wild cards andpoint and shoot to select files. Version 1.00.
CLNUP206.ZIP89202Dec 10 1992CleanUp v2.05 - Cleanup those unused and duplicate files by removing them.
CLP206.ZIP89202Dec 10 1992CleanUp 2.05 12/10/92 Cleanup provides a comprehens way of dealing with this problem by quickly isolating unused and duplicate files and removing them, freeing up valuable hard DISK space.
CLRV240.ZIP48895Jun 7 1994COLORVIEW v2.40: Neat little utility that will help you to organize your DIR listings in a color coded format. Display certain types of files with distictive colors in a DIR list.
CM113.ZIP80568Mar 3 1989CopyMaster ver 1.13 copy/back utility.
CMENU.ZIP63044Apr 1 1989A good menuing system with full C source.
CMFILE-S.ZIP179827Aug 15 1994CMFiler Ver 5.36s is a disk/file manager featuring side by side file listing or directory tree display, full suite of dir/file services, including tree "prune-and- graft"; built-in editor, print spooler, file finder, app l
CMOVE.ZIP7281May 25 1985File move utility.
CM_FILER.ZIP118395Mar 21 1992CM_FILER 5.23 : Powerful, compact file manager with side-by-side display of files or trees and full suite of services in either mode. Also: built-in line editor, app launcher, spooler & file finder.
COLD15.ZIP14899Nov 17 1987Directory listing with different colors for different extensions.
COLORD15.ZIP48976Feb 19 1993COLORDOS v1.50 - Generates a unique prompt drive letter color & a different text color for each drive in your system.
COMEBACK.ZIP208968Jan 6 1994COMEBACK v3.0 - The best undelete in the world. ComeBack will recover with 100% accuracy any of the last 1000 files you have deleted or even OVERWRITTEN.
COMMANDO.ZIP10930Nov 15 1988Small and user configurable command line editor.
COMPARE.ZIP2953Oct 20 1988Compares two file's date, time, size and data. Can specify hidden files.
CONCH.ZIP38338Jan 1 1980CONCH shell, an enhanced command-line processor.
COP10.ZIP18758Sep 14 1988Replacement for DOS COPY command.
COPYALL.ZIP28842Aug 27 1988Copies multiple files and directories.
COPYCON.ZIP15384Sep 17 1987Replaces DOS's COPY CON by offering copy-over protection and.
COPYDSK.ZIP19786Mar 12 1990Copies volume label, subdirectory structure and all files regardless of attribute type from one disk medium to another. Includes C source code.
COPYFILE.ZIP23780Jan 1 1980A file copy utility using DOS interrupts written in PowerBASIC. Will not overwrite and existing file. Source and exe included. EXE is compiled to run as a command line file copy utility.
COPYIT20.ZIP44476Feb 14 1989Intelligent copy optimizer w/ file split & many options!.
COPYTREE.ZIP26604Aug 29 1986File Manipulator..Alows moving, No commands, various wilds at once,+more.
COPYWA12.ZIP13020Aug 20 1990Copy files, yet will do so with the attribute preserved.
CP101.ZIP14977Aug 16 1991CHKPATH v1.01 path file conflict detector. Very useful utility.
CPT_V220.ZIP21527Mar 24 1987Copy dir & subdirs, keeps tree struct.
CSAP310.ZIP30913Jul 11 1990CSAP is a program to sort directories in any of three orders and to write out the sorted directory. Includes C source code.
CSE_HIDE.ZIP5732Nov 8 1988New Version - Un/Hides files, directories - CSE.
CTCM23.ZIP72491Dec 23 1990Compare BBS file lists to your CATDISK file log.
CTSHL114.ZIP45118Oct 19 1990CTSHELL is a directory manager and a program launcher.
CUDM373.ZIP306070Jan 23 1993Colorado Utilities Disk Manager v. 3.73 - Disk cataloguer and labeler.
CUDUP2.ZIP76281Feb 1 1990Colorado Utility's HD find/delete duplicate files utility.
CUT10A.ZIP22611Aug 17 1988Cut files into pieces and restore.
CWEEP.ZIP18800Apr 21 1987File/Directory Manager - Works with Netware.
D.ZIP18626Nov 30 1989Simple, yet effective, directory management program.
D36.ZIP18672Aug 27 1989Handy little file directory manager. Very small and fast.
D40.ZIP31120Oct 18 1988DIR Replacement for OS/2 or Dos 3.3+.
D45.ZIP21145Nov 14 1989D45 displays any DOS directory in a paged format sorted and displayed in ascending order by file name. Many other options.
DAAG32.ZIP210718Apr 10 1993Disk at a Glance. Scrollable directory tree that helps you quickly find the file you are looking for.
DAB140.ZIP21661Jan 2 1994DAB will delete everything in a directory EXCEPT specified files.
DANIX102.ZIP101618Oct 12 1990A collection of Unix like file utilities for DOS.
DBLDIR.ZIP14711Jul 15 1988Alphabetized directory list double wide with neat features.
DBLLST12.ZIP15180Jun 28 1988Compare files/split screen horizontal or vertical.
DC101.ZIP39885Nov 11 1992Disk Closet - store files on hard drives with Pkzip.
DC106F.ZIP12873Sep 2 1989Versatile DIR lister/ASCII filter, etc. Very handy file manager.
DC32.ZIP36093Nov 18 1990"DirColor" colorized Directory lister.
DCAT1.ZIP141684Dec 4 1987DCAT is a very simple and fast program to catalog your floppy disks into categories that you can reference back to very easily.
DCOM344.ZIP228161Jun 24 1990DCOM-Directory Commander. A shell packed with features. Editor, spooler, cache, command line editor, menuing, and its own batch macro language.
DCOPY21.ZIP44339Dec 15 1991Blue North's DCOPY V2.1 is a program for copying diskettes. It is a replacement for the DOS DISKCOPY command.
DD24.ZIP16860Apr 5 1990Double Directory - List two directories side by side on the screen.
DD303.ZIP20285Mar 31 1992DiskDelete will delete files with a given extension or up to four default extension from your fixed disk in the current directory, in the current directory and subdirectories or in all directories.
DDATE.ZIP8854Jun 6 1988Finds all files last changed between two dates.
DDEL124.ZIP11193Jul 15 1989Delete a directory even if it contains files or directories in it. Includes full JPI Modula II source code.
DDI20.ZIP41055Jan 25 1992Disk Drive File Investigator V2.0. Finds files by keyword.
DDIR5.ZIP7464Jul 28 1991DDir "DIR" command replacement, update of PCMAG's DDIR.COM.
DDIR95.ZIP54800Jan 1 1994Scrollable, double column directory display with sorting, counts and other statistics.
DE141.ZIP11998Feb 13 1991Directory Enhancer is a TSR that colorizes directory listings.
DELBAK23.ZIP11661Sep 2 1991DELBAK is a utility to search all subdirectories on the default disk and delete all *.BAK, *.TMP, and zero-byte files found.
DELBUT2.ZIP5075Jun 7 1988DELete all BUT one filespec, revised. Includes ASM source.
DELDIR.ZIP9609Apr 23 1986Delete directories and all files and directories within. Very powerful, use with caution.
DELDIR10.ZIP10661Aug 2 1990This will delete all files and subdirectories within the specified path. The initial directory specified in the command line path will also be removed as well.
DELDUP23.ZIP11932Mar 1 1989Utility to delete duplicate files.
DELETES.ZIP18082Nov 4 1992Yet another XDELete type pair of utilities. XDEL is an xcopy style DEL that will erase EVERYTHING in its path. Delspec is for those fainter of heart (or wiser) in that it respects existing file attibutes.
DELEX127.ZIP42339Sep 28 1993Delete all files except those matching pattern.
DELF11.ZIP30533Dec 5 1989Delete everything BUT. Utility to replace DOS's delete. For example DELF *.* BUT *.com.
DELTRE12.ZIP8241Mar 29 1992DELTREE allows the removal of an entire directory structure, including all nested subdirectories and files, in a single operation.
DELX.ZIP8661Jun 1 1988Delete all except - the way that people think!.
DF18.ZIP12295Jul 31 1991A "Stacker Aware" disk space reporter. Nice shows amounts of Total, used, available usable space on all drives for systems with the Stacker compression software and /or hardware loaded.
DF461.ZIP220216Jun 6 1993DF 4.61: Small, fast, configurable file manager with advanced user-defined functions and SmartViewers. New version is even more configurable and even faster.
DFL311A.ZIP165915Feb 13 1992Duplicate File Lister. This will list any duplicate files that you may have.
DFREE.ZIP7576May 4 1989Handy and pleasant looking utlity to measure space on HD, network aware.
DIFF25.ZIP25752May 5 1989Find DIFFerences between text and binary files including very BIG files. With full C source code.
DIR45D.ZIP142352Nov 9 1990Director is a very comprehensive file manager and menu system.
DIRCMP13.ZIP5501Oct 16 1992Small fast directory compare program by E. Meyer.
DIRCMP2.ZIP13905Nov 20 1985Compare DIR's for common/different files. Includes C source code.
DIRCNT.ZIP6765Dec 25 1993Little utility to count bytes used in each directory. Select drives, subdirectories, and/or filemask. Nothing fancy, but I find it useful for cleaning up my drives. Uploaded by author JSTUDT.
DIRDEL10.ZIP5407Jan 23 1992Simple utility to remove nested subdirectories with their contents.
DIRDIR.ZIP6903Sep 5 1990Lists subdirectories for any drive/directory, includes C source.
DIRED305.ZIP75533May 27 1990DOS directory editor - reorder files within a directory.
DIRF.ZIP7167Jul 12 1987Find filenames that contain a specified string, Turbo C source.
DIRHIDN.ZIP783Feb 4 1990Provides a listing of all hidden files on the current disk.
DIRM.ZIP4566Oct 31 1989PC Mag Dir compare program with several new features.
DIRMAG2.ZIP27772Sep 1 1988Directory Manager program for your HD.
DIRORD.ZIP19296May 30 1989Utility to re-order the files in an MS-DOS directory so that doing a "dir" will show the files in the order you want.
DIRS.ZIP10661Oct 18 1992Replaces dir command allows page-up page-down.
DIRSIZ.ZIP1849Dec 11 1986Lists directories and sizes.
DIRSORT2.ZIP3751Jul 16 1985DIRSORT alphabetizes the files on a MS-DOS disk. It then writes the directory back onto the disk in alphabetical order.
DIR_DO2.ZIP8756Jul 17 1989Execute a DOS command or run a program in any or all subdirectories.
DIS300.ZIP78998Feb 19 1989DOS shell type disk/file manager.
DISCSCAN.ZIP175117Apr 17 1989DISKSCAN v. 1.10 is a floppy disk catalogger that will automatically catalog all entries on a floppy, including sub-directories.
DISKBS14.ZIP148068Dec 13 1990DiskBASE v1.4 - Latest version of this personal software database. Now you can easily keep track of and print listings of all of the software in your collection. Breaks listings down by categories.
DISKLF25.ZIP37828Nov 24 1992Displays a report of space used and left on all disks.
DISKMGR.ZIP115107Feb 6 1994Best Floppy Disk Cataloguer. No size limit. Nifty reports. Query size. Search by extension, filename or disk number.
DISKSZ10.ZIP27602Oct 20 1992Summarizes hard disk size & space available (useful with multiple drives).
DISKVAC.ZIP40115Mar 22 1989Search for and delete old or unused files on HD. Includes full GW-BASIC source code.
DISKVR44.ZIP46161Feb 27 1987Nice Disk Cover Maker for 5 1/4" Diskettes - lots of info.
DISKVR46.ZIP50362Mar 16 1989Disckover v4.6 Creates disk inserts with filenames. Laserjet supported.
DISPLY15.ZIP7642May 30 1988Display menu from batch (w attrbuts).
DJCUTILS.ZIP17117Dec 9 1993Extended Directory Listing, directory delete utility, and a drive delete utility.
DJMS54.ZIP40699Dec 10 1989Morley's brief root directory and system file lister.
DJSM21.ZIP32418Nov 10 1987Display root dir in color --- NICE.
DKI190.ZIP60485Dec 5 1993The Best Disk Analyser : find the type, used/free/total space and many many more information on all your drives (IDE, SCSI, ESDI, CDROM, Networks, Compressed). Includes files/dirs finder and deleter.
DLF08.ZIP15916Dec 25 1992Dave's List Files, v0.8 beta. Displays a directory, grouped by extension and sorted by filename, w/several options for output format. Adds environment variable to allow user setting of defaults, and summary message of fi
DLOG.ZIP65264Jan 23 1993Utility which will allow user to create file/directory text descriptions. Will display up to 30 characters (but allows much more on entry). Other disk utility options are offered within the disk log utility.
DLOG303.ZIP64170Aug 1 1992Adds file descriptions to directory list.
DLPM.ZIP14854Aug 25 1989DL is a program that will recurse directories for files matching a pattern and display the size as well as total number of files that match the pattern and the total space taken up by those files.
DLT11.ZIP4753Jul 2 1990DLT is a command-line enhanced file deletion utility for DOS.
DLX.ZIP9979May 27 1991Fast and safe way to delete everything except. Great for archiving.
DM.ZIP75621Feb 19 1989Directory Master V2.2 - A powerful utility for files.
DM16.ZIP33830Jul 21 1992A very comprehsive DOS Manager and menu program.
DM252.ZIP74393Aug 26 1988Directory Manager Ver. 2.5.2.
DNAV13.ZIP57945Oct 13 1987Directory Navigator 1.3 - DOS Shell & File Mgr with features like XTREE.
DNOTE.ZIP8336Mar 27 1990DNOTE v2.13. Add a comments to the directory listing for each file.
DOLIST25.ZIP78555Aug 22 1988DoList is a combination of several DOS piping programs. DoList allows full command line editing, recall of your last 40 or so commands, and remembers the last 20 directories you were in.
DOLST312.ZIP88132Feb 5 1993DOS Shell that also allows you to execute commands on a list of files. A Computer Tyme Utility Version 3.11 (11-25-92).
DOR.ZIP42109Jun 21 1990An enhanced directory lister. Sorts, colorizes, etc.
DOSHELP.ZIP50172Oct 27 1987Another DOS Shell to make your life ez!!.
DOSVUE18.ZIP267280Jul 29 1993DOSVIEW - file management utility patterned after Norton Commander.
DOT2.ZIP94668Sep 9 1988Very capable and new file manager with lots of pluses.
DOWN2.ZIP11309Dec 4 1988A good replacement for dos 'CD' command.
DRAT.ZIP6159May 23 1994Directory utility designed to easily find hidden files.
DS420.ZIP188686Oct 18 1991Nat Martino's best yet Directory Scanner 4.2. Now has built in mouse control and setup. If you are a DOS power user, this program makes life a lot easier without all the complicated interactions that other similar progra
DSIZE10.ZIP37205Oct 20 1992Summarizes directory sizes.
DSK11.ZIP60694Oct 26 1992Disk Cataloging program. Allows 350 titles per page. Prints 3 1/2 disk labels, and will store 10,000 files with comments. Shareware.
DSPACE2.ZIP9457May 5 1987Graphic display of space taken by subdirs.
DSTUFF50.ZIP132564Jun 3 1990The DStuff package contains 4 programs to show you the most needed information about DOS directories, dBase files, ARC files, ZIP files, and LHARC files.
DTA12.ZIP6766Oct 16 1988Directory with tree & attributes (many options).
DTEAM102.ZIP96590Aug 19 1988Desk Team - Sidekick work-a-like.
DTREE.ZIP9457Sep 19 1990A quick and dirty directory tree utility. Will list all subdirs with total amount of disk space used in each. (with source).
DUT.ZIP24788Dec 3 1992Disk usage tree utility. Useful for cleaning up a hard drive. The program displays a directory tree with sizes next to each entry. Entire trees can then be deleted.
DUTILS.ZIP54258Nov 26 1989The programs in DUtil will allow you to control your EGA/VGA screen blanking, move through your directories, see differences in files, and sort your disk directories.
DX-261.ZIP73069Nov 1 1990Replaces DIR command(s). Displays useful info such as total disk space used/left/wasted, plus many other features.
E10.ZIP19143Feb 1 1990E is a directory viewing utility. It is very fast and differentiates between file attributes using color. Addictive. The switches toggle the mode.
EASY.ZIP132454Jan 1 1988Easy Menu 2.0 versatile menuing system.
EASY50B.ZIP66083Oct 16 1988Very good menu system w/user levels, calendar and logging. Try it.
EASYMENU.ZIP52879Jul 12 1993Good menu program that doesn't resort to batch files.
EDDY7C.ZIP203256Mar 6 1993EDDY. File and Directory Editor.
EDIR.ZIP63319Jul 1 1987EDIR is a full screen directory editor.
ELFTREES.ZIP210304Apr 8 1994Elftree Version 3.13S file manager. Shareware. Very good CD-ROM and Bernoulli support.
ELIM21.ZIP8259Mar 21 1991Delete files DOS can not. For example, blanks and graphic characters inserted in the filename, etc.
ENTERE.ZIP322883Jul 8 1998Entere 1.0: The DOS Substitute is a DOS shell and program manager. Entere makes computing both simpler and more productive. Shareware ($49/$79) from Kayl Software.
ENTER_E.ZIP351048Oct 3 1994ENTER-EASE 1.1 : FILE MANAGER UTILIZING NUMERIC KEYPAD-- Enter-Ease utilizes the keypad so commands can be initiated quicker than with the function keys or mouse.
EP12.ZIP101077Dec 13 1987Easy Planner, an excellent project management system.
EPFF20.ZIP13144Feb 9 1993EPLUS File Finder ver 2.0. Quickly searches for files.
EXCEL.ZIP9341Aug 27 1989Allows viewing EXCEL files with Magellen file manager.
EXECMENU.ZIP12634Apr 9 1991Hard disk menu, low memory overhead with mouse interface.
EZ61G.ZIP75865Jan 6 1991Easy Access Menu System v6.0b. Includes menus with user logons, usage log, calendar, etc.
EZMENU37.ZIP247150Oct 16 1993A rather sophisticated MENUING system along the lines of AUTOMENU.
EZPICN20.ZIP152747Oct 30 1988Very good Menu System similar to Direct Acccess. Allows for multiple menus, plus many other useful features.
FAGE.ZIP28206Mar 5 1991List all files on drive created since given date. Shows FILE AGE in days, option to LIST all files either BEFORE or AFTER the date a supplied number of days ago. Includes C source code.
FASMEN41.ZIP73773Aug 5 1987Fast menu system for Hardisk.
FASTDOS.ZIP24015Apr 22 1989Point and shoot file manager -- very capable and fast.
FB-302.ZIP197567Mar 25 1993FileBUDDY v3.02 - A unique file viewer that allows you to view and manipulate ASCII, dBASE, ARC, ARJ, LZH, PAK, ZIP, BIF, GIF, PCX, TARGA, and TIF files.
FBE11.ZIP31151Sep 6 1990List files by extension, OS/2 and DOS, with C source, Version 1.1.
FCII-200.ZIP292364Dec 12 1989File Commando II is a versatile file management tool. It contains many features that allow you to manipulate your files and directories.
FCMP114.ZIP12408Jan 23 1991QCMP compares two files, or two groups of files. It is not designed to isolate file differences, but simply to tell you whether or not files are identical.
FCRC10A.ZIP44133Jun 27 1990A handy utility for finding duplicate files by CRC rather than name. Very useful for Sysops.
FD510.ZIP78252Sep 19 1991Find Duplicates V5.10 - Finds duplicate filenames across hard disk directories. On screen menu allows tagging and deleting duplicate entries within program.
FDA.ZIP3643Feb 5 1986File search utility.
FDS13.ZIP9822Mar 3 1994Search across your disk for files matching any spec, then delete them en masse if desired. Visual Basic freeware -- requires a copy of VBRUN300.DLL.
FDUP.ZIP25651Nov 30 1989Find Duplicates will search a specified drive and locate all duplicate files.
FE302.ZIP20168Jan 7 1994FastErase version 3.02, a fast and flexible Erasing utility. this all new version includes: Erase up to sixteen file specs in one command, erase entire directory structures, destroy files, select files on date and time, et
FF.ZIP23456Jul 14 1987Find file in any directory (select by date, attr, size) - MSC source, to.
FF210.ZIP12306Jul 8 1989Keith Graham's File Finder v2.1.
FFF361.ZIP56952Sep 1 1991Fast File Find (v3.61) will not only search different drives but will also look inside files compressed with most popular compression schemes. Includes full C source code.
FFF48.ZIP186312Oct 4 1994FileFinder v4.8 - Finds Files and directories on normal and networked drives. New directory find program, search and sort times decreased by 20%. Search for duplicate files including inside compressed files.
FFM404.ZIP32473Feb 25 1989PC Filer file manager. List 2 dir side by side.
FFXV21.ZIP16834Jan 27 1992File Finder eXpander v2.1. Like Norton's FF but can also search by keyword. Just enter FFX and find any file with that word in its name.
FGREP180.ZIP26353Dec 3 1993C. Dunford's FGREP--new version adds subdirectory recursion, i386 optimization, more enhancements to the classic file searcher.
FHID22.ZIP6700Jul 14 1988Hidden file finder. Scans entire disk and gives a list. C source code.
FID.ZIP12855Jan 27 1988FID matches the files in your current directory (or optionally, any directory you specify) with the descriptions found in a typical BBS file list.
FILE100.ZIP28123Feb 22 1994Shows the file-type for a variety of formats.
[email protected]63751Apr 30 1993FILE-MAN v4.25 r04/30/93 Micrometric : Menu driven disk file manager.
FILEC105.ZIP13804Aug 24 1989Provide partial filename and or directory name completion. Handy utility, and now works with DOS 4.0 & CED.
FILER21.ZIP19603Nov 18 1985Two window directory utility. Makes copying from one directory to another very easy. Includes a text file viewer.
FILIR11.ZIP27100Nov 16 1988FILIR v1.1 sysop utility reconcile file lists w/QuickC src.
FILL20.ZIP30613Jan 4 1988Fill diskettes when copying.
FILL310.ZIP105401Oct 20 1993Program designed to fill up floppy disks with the maximum number of files that can be fit onto them. Prompts when next disk is required.
FIND21.ZIP14904Aug 13 1988Excellent file finder, fastest & most versatile.
FIND217B.ZIP27737Jan 24 1991FIND is an ultra high speed file finding program. It searches the disk drive(s) for the specified files using the standard DOS drive, filename and wildcard structure.
FINDDUP.ZIP73054Sep 19 1991Find and remove duplicate files on all drives.
FINDER.ZIP21233Jan 9 1988Disk search utility which finds a file in any directory. Very Fast.
FINDHID.ZIP8900Nov 9 1990Display all hidden directories.
FINDIT.ZIP13181Apr 22 1986Finds lost files.
FINDPAT.ZIP7798Oct 23 1989This program will locate all files that contain a specified string anywhere within its filename.
FINDUP39.ZIP26116Jan 8 1990Find duplicate files across multiple drives, make file listings in several forms.
FL.ZIP7225Oct 30 1990Filelist lists all the files on a drive in delimited ASCII format so you can manage your files with any database or spreadsheet package. A Paradox Script is included.
FLC2DE.ZIP35755Jan 24 1991Directory list program with source code.
FLDDIR3.ZIP33707Mar 30 1992Upgrade of DDIR shows lists of file in different sized columns.
FLIST.ZIP60958Jun 1 1989Comprehensive shell For DOS, provides the "Look and Feel" of UNIX/XENIX.
FLOPCAT3.ZIP161188Nov 28 1988Floppy disk catologer and label printer (5.25 and 3.5 inch). Searches using wildcards and supports data file compession to use less space.
FM11.ZIP20114Jan 24 1990Update to Flex-menu - an easy to use HD menu system - cursor selection or character and with a new antimated logo.
FMAV21.ZIP47598Apr 17 1993FILE MAVEN v2.1 - DOS File Manager with high speed PC-to-PC file transfers. Modern user interface has pull-down menus, mouse support and hot keys. Null modem cable required for 115200 baud file transfers.
FMDU12.ZIP57822Feb 24 1994File Manager extension adds disk analysis by file types. For Windows.
FMGLD61C.ZIP799530Apr 10 1993Fast Menu Gold v6.1c - sophisticated menuing system for DOS.
FMLCD.ZIP19809Jan 24 1990A HD menu selection for the LCD laptop computer. Has a reverse video display.
FMSIFT20.ZIP44580Aug 26 1988Convert FMSback to regular sorted dirs.
FN32-3.ZIP427026Feb 12 1993Version 1.32 of the 32 character filename kit for DOS/Unix/Macintosh hackers. Inclues a TSR, library and a set of the GNU file utilities which are FN32 aware. Finally, no more name mangling to fit into the 8.3 world.
FNDUP40A.ZIP36900Jul 11 1988This is a program to list out all of the files on a disk sorted in file order. It will also tell you of any duplicate files within different directories. TP 4.0+ source included.
FONTCOMP.ZIP35154Sep 13 1991An EGA/VGA font file compiler for Star Menu(tm) version 2.01 Uploaded by Author.
FREE183.ZIP52547Feb 3 1990Free disk space V1.83 by H. Kapustein. Network compatible, DESQview friendly, search multiple drivest, identify drive type, supports large partitions (>32MB), much more, with full Turbo C source code.
FREEPAK.ZIP185757Aug 8 1989Seven utilities from Stillwell Software - includes menu maker.
FREESPAC.ZIP8486Nov 30 1989Shows free disk space, DOS memory, and EMS memory.
FSCAN21.ZIP98791Nov 14 1989A clone of Norton's FF (file search) utility with many additions including support of LHARC and PKZIP.
FSD112VB.ZIP235212Feb 25 1994File search and delete across drives for WINDOWS. VBRUN300.DLL included in this one.
FULL_D.ZIP62983Dec 31 1992An accurate and colorful directory lister with many options. A replacement for the dos DIR command.
FV352.ZIP18654Sep 13 1988Nice "file viewer" program.
FVIEW03.ZIP24290Mar 3 1989Search for text in ARC/SEA/PAK/ZIP/ZOO files.
GALLERY.ZIP59664Oct 17 1988A simple icon menu system in text mode. Worth looking at/may be useful.
GDELPM.ZIP16034Aug 25 1989GDEL is a program that will allow you to globally search and delete files in your subdirectories.
GEN10.ZIP44763Jul 7 1991Generations v1.0 multiple file backup system.
GENRAT.ZIP11749Jul 25 1987Make menus for use with mouse.
GFD.ZIP15631Sep 4 1990Delete files matching a filespec across ALL logical drives, C-Z. Will ask for verification before delete if desired. Syntax: GFD *.BAK .
GFF.ZIP14161Aug 31 1990Find files across all logical drives (C-Z).
GLOBAL.ZIP9460Aug 22 1987Lets you apply DOS commands to all files in all directories, even across a network.
GNUDOS.ZIP339160Oct 2 1992The GNU file utilities for DOS, FN32 aware, i.e. they will handle 32 character filenames under DOS if the TSR fn32.exe is running. upl/modifier source available.
GO1_4.ZIP13271Oct 9 1990New and latest version (1.4) of a ShareWare GO DOS DIR utility. Offers such options as on screen windowing, display of search progress, automatic wildcard search, search for next directory, and scans multiple drives.
GO22.ZIP4830Jul 1 1989GO to any subdirectory basename (replaces DOS's CD command).
GO2IT.ZIP12390Sep 11 1988Replacement for DOS CD command.
GO3.ZIP7364Jul 27 1991GO utility v3.0 fast switch to directory and drive.
GO54.ZIP47151Nov 6 1990Handy DOS utility that will change attributes, search for files, etc.
GOLD70B.ZIP724800Feb 9 1995Fastmenu GOLD v7.0b Desktop/File Manager/Menu.
GOREG1_4.ZIP15986Mar 11 1991GOREG v1.4 is the registration program for GO.COM v1.4. It allows you to set switches as defaults into the actual COM file.
GOTOV23.ZIP1723Dec 27 1994Simple program to navigate DOS directories.
GOVER220.ZIP38379Mar 17 1992Expanded CD command, helps move about directories.
GO_2.ZIP2709Aug 14 1987Replace DOS's chdir command, adds features.
GRLIST2.ZIP34278Nov 18 1991GRList 2.0: Graphical file browser with mouse support.
HDACCESS.ZIP79336Feb 20 1987The best menu program. Easy to create. Responds with one keystroke.
HDLU51.ZIP31356Jun 1 1990Hard Disk List Utility - ver. 5.1 Print all filenames alphabetically by directory (listing includes Size, Date, Time and Attributes as well). Does a single directory or the entire disk.
HDM463.ZIP391916Dec 12 1993Hard Disk Menu IV V4.63. Excellent menu system that is not resident, has mouse support, logging, and security. Fully configurable and is 4DOS, DRDOS, & EzDOS compatible. Now has "free" mouse cursor.
HDO22.ZIP115916Nov 7 1989Hard Disk Organizer -- Organizes programs into a menu system -- advantage is that it allows a large number of menu levels.
HELP!401.ZIP91744Aug 5 1988Nice DOS shell version 4.01.
HIDE.ZIP1416Feb 8 1987Find and Un-hide files.
HIDEDIR.ZIP2526Mar 12 1985This package allows you to create, remove, and move around in hidden directories.
HIDESHOW.ZIP15718Jan 20 1988A set of programs that will hide DOS directories. They simply change the attributes to hiden, however this will fool most people.
HMBSE.ZIP212392Mar 3 19891 of 2 of a very good & complete desktop mngt prgm. better than sidekick.
HMBSE2.ZIP192932Mar 3 19892nd of disks very good desktop managment program.
HOG_1.ZIP47511Mar 8 1989Display dsk/dir use in pie-chart. Uses VGA,EGA,CGA, and Mono. Excellent.
HOTDIR73.ZIP74131Jun 8 1993Colorized dir program. Version 7.3.
HOW-BIG2.ZIP19391May 24 1987This program will display the amount of disk space that is taken up by each sub-directory under the current directory.
HUNTATTR.ZIP3668Jan 14 1987Searches for any file, allows serach on attribute.
IAMS28.ZIP162013Aug 5 1990The Instant Access Menu System (IAMS) is a program that allows you to organize your software in a centralized fashion. Easy to use, and contains many nice features.
ICNDOS.ZIP300066Apr 3 1994IconDOS v2.0 - Graphical icon-based desktop for DOS.
ICOPY.ZIP43420Sep 5 1989Copy files maximizing storage capability of recieving disk.
ICOPY121.ZIP14634Jun 19 1991An alternative to the DOS XCOPY command, usable with any version of DOS.
IDC40A.ZIP135419Jul 9 1990Extensive file manager that includes an archive shell.
IDCKILL.ZIP4211Feb 6 1988Global delete with command line options.
IFF14.ZIP5929Jan 5 1991Interactive File Finder (v1.4) with multiple drive options.
INCX110D.ZIP212284Feb 8 1993InContext (TM) Work Environment Manager, v1.10, Part 1 of 2 . Complete work environment manager for expert PC users. Designed by PhD ergonomist. DOS shell and much more.
INCX110P.ZIP271521Feb 8 1993InContext DOS environment manager and word organizer. File 2 of 2, containing the program files.
ISC.ZIP94756Mar 11 1988Great Icon Driven Menuing System. Configurable.
JACKET.ZIP17504Dec 8 1989Print 5 1/4 floppy sleeve cut-out with dir listings on them.
JADU10.ZIP71494May 9 1988Great file mgr/dos shell with links to ARC, LIST, Editors, etc. Try it.
JANITOR.ZIP6068Jan 27 1988Erases all *.bak files from disk, a must for WS users.
JAWS100.ZIP37823Oct 21 1988File/Disk Manager from Sharc Author.
JCD154.ZIP32682Jan 24 1990Change Directory a simpler way -- latest version of this one.
JCOPY.ZIP8859Apr 25 1993Copy one or more files to another directory.
JDIR11.ZIP8014Jan 16 1990An enhanced directory listing, display all files reagradless of attribute.
JDPLUS17.ZIP8708Mar 4 1991A Utility that allows users to move among subdirectories based on a filename specification, a subdirectory specification without specifying parent directories and without the use of the backslash character.
JMENU.ZIP7343Jan 25 1990Simple batch file menu system that uses 0 bytes memory.
JMPDIR10.ZIP5285Mar 28 1989Jump-to-Directory v1.0, change Dir's & Drives easily, forget \'s.
JS_REC50.ZIP29747Mar 11 1994Analyze a file and determine which software was used.
JUDY.ZIP53468Apr 12 1985File mgr program.
KAT3DIR.ZIP19920Jul 17 1991Kat's Triple Directory displays three different directories side-by-side in separately scrollable windows.
KATE130.ZIP261788Oct 6 1993KATE is a multi-purpose PC Organiser and Desktop Manager with a load of powerful features in a single integrated package.
KBV200.ZIP35346Jul 10 1988Cmnd line driven sidekick clone, calc uses 8087, reg for tsr ver.
KDIR14.ZIP9345Oct 17 1990Kdir will let you delete an entire directory and all its subdirectories with one simple command.
KILBAK5.ZIP16801Jan 27 1993KillBak V5.0 Search and destroy every .BAK file on your hard drive or give an optional name to hunt down. Extreamly fast, reports of disked saved. NOW with a drive OMIT option, to avoid the pesky CDROMs and slow network dr
KILL120.ZIP10246Dec 24 1990Remove Directory and all subdirectories in one command.
KILLDIR.ZIP4539May 15 1986KILLDIR will remove a directory, even if it still contains files.
KILLDIR2.ZIP18440Jun 4 1988Delete directory & included files/subdirs.
KILLPATH.ZIP12839May 18 1990Handy utility that will delete a complete directory tree.
KILLZERO.ZIP6458Aug 30 1987Finds/kills 0-length files /TP source.
KOPY12.ZIP16096Oct 12 1987Copy/Find/Del files across subdirs 1.2 w/TC.
KOPY18.ZIP10550Jun 22 1991Kopy 1.8 (KOPY-CV) compares files in two disks/directories and copies any file with a later date over the other one.
KTREE.ZIP18876Jan 1 1989HD utility; sorted reports & subdir command execution; Novell compat.
L.ZIP6391Aug 20 1988Directory lister & file locator.
LABLEGEN.ZIP54840May 15 1989Prints simple disk labels, includes TP 5.0 source code.
LACCES10.ZIP36480Sep 7 1993Display what program accessed this file last.
LC178.ZIP134842Jan 21 1991LOGICAT version 1.78. Diskette catalogger. Supports boolean searches, multiple catalogs, zip files, auto naming, etc.
LCD64.ZIP41449Dec 9 1990Change Directory enhancer. Works with DOS and OS/2.
LCD_40B.ZIP33587Aug 25 1991Led's Change Directory - new release. More flexible errorlevels for including in batch files. This is a superb replacement for CD/NCD.
LDIR44.ZIP16329Mar 25 1991LDIR v4.4 directory lister from Vern Buerg.
LED30S.ZIP15345Dec 17 1991Delete all "BUT" stated on command line.
LF.ZIP8397Oct 14 1985Directory lister.
LF31.ZIP20491Aug 16 1990Locate File version 3.1. Find files on multiple HDs or network. Can execute commands on found files. Fully user configurable.
LIFT2.ZIP6903Aug 5 1992Lift2, a DIR utility that lists the last 20 files on your hard disk which were recently accessed.
LIST.ZIP17651May 16 1989Improved ÿ multi-purpose list/locate utility with extended wild cards.
LISTER.ZIP100796Feb 19 1989Text/File lister written in Turbo Prolog.
LM161.ZIP303582Jan 3 1992Logik Menu. Menu System, Mouse, 43/50 lines, Events, Log.
LOOK4.ZIP2971Jun 21 1991Look4 is a file search utility that will search through all specified drives in all directories and ZIP, LZH, and ARC files.
LOOKFR50.ZIP16966Oct 3 1990LOOKFOR rapidly searches text files for the occurrences of words and phrases and then displays those occurrences in a reasonably formatted full-screen context. Supports Boolean searches.
LS.ZIP31870Aug 19 1989A DIR replacement that is similiar to Unix's LS command. Complete C source is included.
LSD17.ZIP19121Apr 4 1990LSD is a directory listing program, like DIR but with more features.
LUKFOR10.ZIP5381Mar 13 1991Very simple program that searches for a specified string in all files.
MADSZ.ZIP12218Jun 4 1988A DOS utility for showing how much space selected files in a directory/sub- directory occupies. Complete Turbo C source included.
MAG2.ZIP41786Feb 5 1993MGSVGA2 allows Magellan 2.0 to operate in extended text modes like 132x25, 132x43 or 132x50 on Super VGA cards.
MAGED.ZIP10095Feb 5 1993Lotus Magellan files; viewer to edit ascii files with control characters, and how to run zipped files as executables.
MAGICDIR.ZIP4616Apr 24 1987Latest hidden directory routines.
MAGIK160.ZIP66658Jul 12 1990Magik Menu version 1.60 - An excellent menuing program with a superb user-interface. Very nice looking, too.
MAINMENU.ZIP18387Jan 1 1980Simple Menuing System for your hard disk. Turbo Pascal source included.
MAX-MENU.ZIP319241Apr 6 1989DOS Menu System (VG).
MAXFND23.ZIP22529Apr 26 1990Text search. Including fuzzy search, and/or. Latest version.
MC100H_B.ZIP221423Apr 12 1993MegaCat - menu driven disk cataloger.
MCP10.ZIP22384May 18 1991MCP version 1.0 is a directory orientated copy program.
MCP100.ZIP21929Sep 5 1992Master Copy 1.00. Like XCOPY but includes the ability to move files and directories etc.
MDELEY.ZIP31198Jul 30 1992Medley. Jim Button's very small, easy to use and free DOS menu program. Screen blanking, tiny (6K, perfect for laptops), user defined hot keys, includes menu designer utility program and Users' Manual.
MDESK301.ZIP175542Jun 14 1993Magic Desk v3.01 - a Windows-style graphical menu for DOS. Uses standard Windows icons to represent your programs.
MEGCPY10.ZIP17289Oct 17 1993MEGA-COPY v1.0. Graphical replacement for DOS' copy command. Accepts the @ directive; thus may be used as an "external batch protocol" on local nodes of BBS systems. Progress status bars, multi-disk copies, et
MEMTOOL3.ZIP142957Aug 19 1991Desktop Accessories that include calendar, appointments, telephone directory, editor, etc. Occupies only 5k, swaps to EMS or Disk. TSR.
MENU11.ZIP30685May 30 1993Menu11 - A nice little menu - has password protection and keeps track of logins - very nice for multi user computers.
MENU25.ZIP18761Jan 15 1989Simple, easy to use hard drive menu program.
MENU320.ZIP51286Feb 13 1988Batch menu system.
MENU33.ZIP33195Sep 11 1987Simple Menu System that is easy to use, and has many nice features.
MENUGEN.ZIP3245Nov 26 1985Design and create your own dos menus. Very simple, but works well.
MENUMATC.ZIP180273Sep 12 1988Comprehensive HD menu program.
MENUMGR.ZIP66633Mar 13 1989Menu program using batch files, written in TP5 (see MMGRSRC.ZIP for sour.
MENUTIME.ZIP35229Jun 1 1988Good menu syst with timed program executions.
MENU_ESC.ZIP52963May 5 1991Excellent Programmable Menu System - Ver. 3.1.
MF.ZIP17333Feb 9 1989Moves files between disks or directores. Just like copy, but moves.
MFD10.ZIP57150May 17 1991MFD and SFD version 1.0 help to find duplicate files.
MFM11A.ZIP128311Jul 15 1988The Menu From Mars! A nifty Menu Program that works.
MIMENU.ZIP83821Jul 2 1992Great little menuing program -- MyMenu.
MIN103.ZIP156726Jan 21 1988MindReader word processor/database/phone book/etc good.
MINY40.ZIP137863Feb 4 1991Menu and Screen Saver/One Dozen Dos Utilities.
MM117.ZIP43501Aug 15 1991MENU MAKER - is a program that enables anyone to create beautiful pop down shadow box window menus.
MMASTER.ZIP73827Jan 8 1990Menu Master menuing system. Simple, but has many nice features.
MMENU13B.ZIP45701Jul 5 1989Simple HD Menuing program. Version 1.3.
MMENU602.ZIP157244Jul 29 1993DOS menuing program, "MicroMenu", from MicroLink.
MMS20.ZIP132816Sep 12 1992Micheal's menu system. Incredibily easy to use. Sets up and configures a menu for you hard drive.
MMSTR2.ZIP31489Oct 17 1986Menu Master - Menu Generator.
MMT12.ZIP5946Oct 4 1994Simple graphical menu program for DOS applications.
MMV.ZIP47691Apr 14 1990MMV moves (or copies, appends, or links, as specified) each source file matching a from pattern to the target name specified by the to pattern.
MNUMTC45.ZIP186831May 28 1990Menu-Matic version 4.5 Menuing system. Many features, including: easy set-up, macro keys, password protection, unlimited menu options, timed execution of options, user-defined colors, etc.
MOHERE.ZIP22738Jul 19 1991Move It Over Here! Version 1.2 - utility that will find a file and then move it to your current directory.
MOVDIR.ZIP16033Aug 19 1993Movdir moves directories, their contents and subdirectories quick.
MOVDOS12.ZIP20481Nov 11 1993MOVE command for DOS - works ACROSS DRIVES.
MOVE.ZIP16488Jan 20 1986UNIX-like utility for moving files.
MOVE15X.ZIP19408Nov 18 1991Simple, and fast file move utility.
MOVE21.ZIP11361Feb 6 1990THE FILE MOVER is a fast, simple utility to transfer files between directories and disks. It moves files between directories without copying and deleting, so it even works even on disks with little or no free space.
MOVE210.ZIP6023Sep 17 1988Good, Fast Way to move files between sub-directories.
MOVE262.ZIP13737Feb 5 1993Moves files to other names, subdirectories or drives. Uses wildcards.
MOVEFILE.ZIP5225Feb 23 1987Moves the file directory and not really the file. Tricky!.
MOV_PLUS.ZIP7389Oct 19 1988Unix like move utility.
MS-35.ZIP43422Jan 7 1990Simple, but useful, menu program for hard drive users.
MS_SH164.ZIP109004Nov 6 1990This is an implementation of the Unix Shell for MSDOS.
MTM25.ZIP102446Aug 10 1991MY-T-MENU version 2.5 hard disk menu system.
MVLS.ZIP5460May 2 1990Excellent file mover (better than REDirect) & sorted directory lister.
MY-D118.ZIP5256Oct 31 1991DIR Command replacement - displays DIR in different format.
MYCD.ZIP7242Mar 22 1989Excellent alternative to the CD command. Based on UNIX's change directory utility, this program has many powerful features.
NAMEV32A.ZIP5904Jun 16 1993Rename Directories/Sub-Directories From Dos Command. Minor Bug Fix Plus Added Utility to Display Information About Your Computer.
NARC40.ZIP134149Apr 27 1990Narc is a file manager shell that handles ZIP and ARC files. Includes the IDC shell as well.
NDEL2.ZIP16711Jul 17 1991Delete all files except thoses specified in command line. Complete TC source code is included.
NDIR177.ZIP57315Feb 26 1992NDIR.EXE, the most powerful dir lister around. Select different colors for each file extention, full control of sorting and display options, show multiple filespecs in one display, etc.
NDS110.ZIP49814Jun 3 1992Network Directory Sort - works on Network drives as well as DOS drives. (mouse support).
ND_105.ZIP15792Apr 5 1993New Directory - a change directory program that helps to shorten DOS command line entries.
NEW-MOVE.ZIP2332Sep 22 1986Move files.
NEW27.ZIP63930Jun 9 1990NEW v 2.7 is a utility that locates new files, files created or modified as of a specified number of days ago.
NEWXDIR.ZIP12103Apr 7 1987PC Magazine's XDIR TSR Directory program w/bug fixes and asm code.
NFD107.ZIP11323Sep 18 1990Change date and time stamp on files. Similiar to TOUCH. ASM source.
NFILER.ZIP19440Sep 16 1985Excellent file manager - 2 directories/disks/etc together on-screen.
NICKL-20.ZIP54991Mar 3 1989Nickl V2.0 Menu including other utilities.
NJTIDY30.ZIP11308Feb 20 1989Deletes *.BAK, 0k files, or others as selected, across subdirectories. Includes full C source code.
NO-NO.ZIP1617Apr 14 1987Allows exclusions for other commands (ex. no *.exe del *.*).
NUKE111.ZIP11304Mar 9 1989Completely deletes file(s) from disk, cannot be unerased after the fact.
NUSTUF11.ZIP46541Apr 25 1990Excellent file finder that lets you ask for files last modified or created since X number of days ago.
OMENU11.ZIP66620Sep 24 1990This menu program is designed for those who need a small quick menu system for running various programs under a DOS environment.
OMENU452.ZIP88977Feb 9 1994OMENU - complete DISK MENU system. Provdes fast and easy access to your DOS programs. Displays a simple list of your applications and allows you to select one using the arrow keys or a mouse. No knowledge of DOS require
PADIT10.ZIP8866Nov 18 1990Modify light bar on Automenu so that all are same length as longest entry, rather than varying by length of menu item. Looks good, and works great.
PALERT24.ZIP30384Oct 22 1991PALERT is a utility program to help you avoid unexpectedly running out of disk space and/or memory. By Norm Patriquin. Version 2.4.
PARTNER.ZIP26871Oct 6 1985Just a simple directory maintaince program that you can pop-up at any time to delete/copy/rename, etc. Quick and easy.
PAS12.ZIP118050Mar 30 1988Point & Shoot V1.2 - Hard Disk file and program management utility.
PASMENU.ZIP75126Aug 30 1989Multiple user custom menu system. Provides for individual passwords, program authorization for users, usage tracking, message center, etc.
PATHSCAN.ZIP9795Jan 17 1993This utility will search your PATH for a particular filename. The PATH is displayed on the screen and is searched in order.
PATTR15.ZIP24149Nov 6 1990PATTR sets DOS attributes for the files or filename wildcards you specify. Use it to set or reset archive status on files or to protect/unprotect files with the readonly attribute. By Norm Patriquin. Version 1.5.
PBMV2B.ZIP60265May 15 1993Public Broadcasting Menu - requires little to no memory when program is launched, for NetWare, supports Novell's menu scripting.
PC-IRIS.ZIP102271Aug 11 1989IRIS is to be used by users with a need to store or exchange sensitive information in a secure manner. Fully secures any file.
PCAFSORT.ZIP35670Mar 25 1993Does offline sort of ALLFILES.LST into indiviudal sub-category files, according to file area code number. Won't break speed records - but doesn't tie up lines or modems either.
PCAT3B.ZIP143447Jan 2 1991PC-Catalog disk/file cataloging system. It reads all types of disks and will read file names and descriptions from inside ARC, ZIP, LZH, LBR, PAK, ZOO, and self extracting files.
PCD10A.ZIP112658Apr 5 1992Pulse Change Directory helps you quickly and easily change between directories on your hard drive, like NCD or LCD.
PCD2.ZIP13221Mar 30 1986Change directories via menu selection.
PCOPY93C.ZIP124292Mar 31 1994PCOPY version 9.3C -- An outstanding file copying utility, what the DOS COPY command ought to be, but isn't. Now has menu-driven interface in addition to command line interface.
PCSS100.ZIP77623Feb 24 1990P.C. System Sorcerer, V1.00. System utilities program.
PCWAND15.ZIP72660Nov 5 1990PCWand is a that can be used for file and directory management, such as copying/deleting files, creating/deleting directories, and getting drive system information.
PCWIZ300.ZIP165408Jul 13 1991PC-Wizard V3.0 is a DOS Shell which facilitates program initiations.
PD11.ZIP13190May 20 1989Push/pop current dir & CD enhancer.
PD331.ZIP42742Feb 5 1993This program allows you to change directories as quickly as possible.
PDD.ZIP10221Feb 18 1989Printed Disk Directory, update of COVER.
PDEL44.ZIP65061May 1 1992PDELETE 4.4 -- A complete utility to intelligently delete files from your system. Processes one or all dirs. Scans dirs, select by Size, Date, Attribute, Name, and more.
PDIR.ZIP6189Mar 28 1990PUSHDIR and POPDIR for MS-DOS 4.01, with ASM source code. PUSHDIR allows you to save the current directory, move to a different one, and the POPDIR will return you to that origina.
PFM230.ZIP55144Jun 23 1988Personal file management system v2.30.
PIK110.ZIP36634Sep 17 1990PIK is a front-end program for any program or command on your PC that requires a filename on the command line.
PINKY.ZIP28517Dec 13 1988Keep track of your messages using those Pink forms.
PJMENU.ZIP51787Mar 13 1989Prgmable Shell/Menu w:operators,passwords,small mem. model.
PKFIND11.ZIP8567May 16 1987Finds files anywhere, even in arc'ed files....very good.
PLABEL.ZIP12033Jan 13 1986Disk labeling program...Puts DIR on Label.
PLANIT.ZIP14528Oct 5 1986Excellent appointment scheduler for tomorrow - or NEXT YEAR!.
PMCPL574.ZIP183667May 2 1992PM-Cat Plus version 5.7.4 (5/2/92) disk cataloging program has many features not found on other catalogers. Fixes a bug in duplicate file find function.
PMS15D.ZIP101427Oct 28 1993DOS Shell, with editor, user menus, and complete ASM source.
PNEWS92.ZIP5715Jan 29 1993Patri-Soft Newsletter 1992.
POCK31.ZIP156579Oct 15 1993DOS Army Knife utility program. Excellent color directory list, file COPY and immensely powerful file manager.
POPSCL3.ZIP41222Oct 19 1985File utility.
POWER414.ZIP190967Jun 8 1989PowerMenu is a full-featured menuing system. Many powerful features, including a built-in file manager.
PRNTRE30.ZIP25035Feb 24 1993Print Tree (Windows) v3.0. Print your Directory Tree.
PRUNE.ZIP8759Aug 4 1992Small utility to prune entire sub-directories. Non-graphical. C source code included.
PRUNE1-1.ZIP4821Jan 4 1988Prune sub-dir's and all files!.
PRUNE10.ZIP9339Nov 10 1988Directory Pruning Utility will delete and remove a directory structure and all directories and file contained within.
PRUNE16.ZIP6391Aug 14 1989Latest version of the utility that "prunes" a directory and all files and directories under it.
PRUNE23.ZIP9850Mar 4 1993Prune will clear out unallocated bytes at the end of a file.
PS431.ZIP208497Sep 3 1989ParaSort is a high-performance utility that can SORT/MERGE and COPY your files while performing complex record selections and modifications. DOS & OS/2 versions.
PS52B.ZIP104111Jul 1 1992Patriquin's SEARCH utility lets you easily locate lost or forgotten files via text strings on hard disks or diskettes. Now includes scroll back and forward through search results.
PSMENU12.ZIP107433Jan 14 1992Graphical, mouse drive DOS menuing system. Uses mouse. Support Adlib and Soundblaster cards.
PSSLBL20.ZIP71539Aug 23 1990PSS-Label is a menu driven diskette label printing utility.
PS_V48.ZIP191390Jan 1 1995Power Scanner V4.8 - Directory/File Mgr. User can add, delete, link & rename dirs. User can delete, edit, dump & chg atributes of files. Mouse support, phone book, over 50 total options.
PTOUCH2.ZIP14498May 4 1988Patriquin's change date of file.
PUB1.ZIP9963Jun 8 1985PC-WINDOWS, See time, set alarm, set timer anywhere in PROG.
PUFF.ZIP37297Jun 16 1988TSR List,Dir, Free-space,Cut&Paste - Editing Help.
PULL301.ZIP342333Apr 10 1991Pull Down version 3.01 An upgrade to SAA compliant menuing system. Includes many features such as easily customizable batch like script language. The script language has several useful extensions to generate file or par
PURCHORD.ZIP74009Sep 12 1987A good program to create and track purchase orders.
PWMENU.ZIP4139Jun 21 1993A small and sloppy assembly language menu systen.
QC084.ZIP31476Jul 25 1989QuickCopy-copy program-can copy 1.2 & 1.44M diskettes in one pass. Fast.
QCMP.ZIP12408Jan 23 1991Version 1.14 - utility that compares two files or groups of files and tells whether or not they are identical. Useful to verify file-by-file backup operations, for smart batch files, etc.
QCOPY2B.ZIP28025Jul 5 1992QuickCopy v2.00B -- Great file handler and ZIP manager.
QCOPY340.ZIP93467Jan 15 1994Quick file and diskette copier for DOS. Copy or move any files and/or directories in batches (including system or hidden).
QDIR132.ZIP131814Nov 13 1993QuickDir V1.32: Fast & Easy Archive File/Dir Manager with Super Utilities: Finds Dups, Temp, and Archive files, etc.
QDISK335.ZIP21244Jan 21 1989TSR Hard Disk/File Management prgm.
QDSIZER.ZIP9966Oct 10 1992Directory size and percent listing. Finds the big space users.
QDUPS.ZIP31271May 25 1989Find and Delete duplicate files on hard disk. Byte compare of files.
QFIL32B.ZIP132966Feb 1 1993Ken Flee's QFiler V3.2B HD file manager with Zip and Mouse support.
QFLIST11.ZIP33723Sep 5 1989For use with Qfiler or by itself, it allows you to list text files.
QFUTIL20.ZIP11421May 13 1989Q-Filer Utility programs that will enhance the use of the Q-Filer directory

ick command.

QKMN107C.ZIP317047Apr 1 1992QUICK MENU V1.05. Graphical based menu system. Nice features, such as, Logging password protection, network compatible, built-in file viewer/finder. Will work without a mouse. Delay screens are present.
QMENU216.ZIP18798Mar 12 1988Quick Hard Disk Menu System, Uploaded by Author.
QMOVE.ZIP27789Jan 31 1989QMOVE is a Quick File Move utility. Includes full TP5.0+ source code.
QR.ZIP5311Nov 18 1991QWIKRASE is a program designed to quickly erase and reinitialize diskettes for operations requiring blank diskettes.
QS20.ZIP14521Jan 1 1980Quick Scan file DOC viewer. Simple ASCII file lister.
QSFILE.ZIP26818Nov 24 1987Quick scan all files for char. string.
QUIK107D.ZIP279972Apr 22 1993QUIKMENU (release 1.07d). Excellent graphical menuing shell program. Log usage, point and shoot program execution, plus more. Recommended.
QUIKMENU.ZIP16264Jul 10 1988Menu maker.
QUKMN107.ZIP281057Oct 22 1991QuikMenu is a graphical menu system. Very nice.
RCD22.ZIP31958Apr 27 1994Change disk/directory: "do what I mean" You can specify all or part of the name of the directory you want to go to, and RCD will do it's best to figure out which directory you mean, and on which disk.
RDIR144.ZIP72703Nov 18 1993RDIR v1.44 - Graphic representation of subdirectory size in PIE and BAR Charts. Pinpoints where disk space is being used. CGA,EGA,VGA. Navigate around your disk by selecting & examining directories from the list on the gra
READ112G.ZIP62325Jun 8 1993READ - File Viewer and Directory Manager.
RECALL25.ZIP71565Apr 10 1991RECALL v2.5 - RECALL displays all filenames in date order and allows the user to invoke their favorite application on the file. Includes WordPerfect viewer, text search and file find. A Patriquin utility from his BBS.
REDATE.ZIP3565Jan 1 2001Redates files.
REDATE14.ZIP5664Jan 6 1989Updates a files DATE to the current date. By W. Parke.
REGEXG11.ZIP14605Mar 29 1991Regular expression glob for DOS. Based upon glob for UNIX. Now you can use regular expressions to locate files (i.e. *75.txt, prog[0-5]?, etc.) Much more powerful than DOS's. C source code included.
REND.ZIP4655Jul 15 1989Rename, Move, or Combine SubDirectories or files contained in them.
RENDIR.ZIP5493Mar 22 1986Rename directories.
REP120.ZIP473630Jan 23 1995Replicator v1.20 - The Disk Database! Replicator is a disk image utility designed to create images of diskettes and catalog them in a database.
RH-MAN.ZIP67027Oct 9 1986Interesting shell program.
RMC.ZIP18057Oct 2 1992High security file remover for DOS. Writes multiple passes of random bits to all allocated blocks. The intent is to eliminate residual fields on the media.
RN-DR25.ZIP30148Jul 11 1988An update of PC Mags great DR program. LOTS offeatures.
RNDC.ZIP14830Aug 2 1988Super directory control- with source code...
RO4.ZIP21634Feb 10 1992Readonly file manager, version 1.4. Easily make files read only.
ROCK1OF2.ZIP230250Jul 20 1991Rock Utilities v1.15 with shell program (part 1 of 2 files).
ROCK2OF2.ZIP390014Jul 19 1991Rock Utilities v1.15 with shell program (part 2 of 2 files).
RUMMGE21.ZIP144715May 9 1993Very nice program to find and delete duplicate files on from your hard drive. Windows 3.1.
RUN-BTNS.ZIP123990Aug 22 1992Pick a button, run a program. It's that simple. 2 versions included. A real time saver written in C++. Nice graphics CGA, EGA VGA; mouse or no mouse.
RUN098.ZIP25417Oct 27 1989Run provides a pop-up directory user interface for programs that require (or can use) a filename as a command line parameter. The file is selected from a point and shoot menu.
RUN31.ZIP28926Nov 21 1991Point and shoot execution of any program or batch file on path. Establish different RUN paths for each directory, specify path to use from database, or use DOS path. Not a TSR - doesn't use up RAM.
RUTILS30.ZIP326622Aug 4 1992A great set of UNIX utilities for DOS. From the GNU project.
RVT.ZIP33701Jul 2 1991Rock Visual Tree - provides a graphical display of the directory structure of a disk, including the number and total size of files in each directory.
RX.ZIP32015Mar 4 1988A simple but nice file manager/viewer. Note the ASM source - teaches a lot about how to handle files in DOS for us neophytes.
S11.ZIP29994Jun 29 1993S3 Software's Sloppy Directory Replacement.
S14.ZIP14472Jan 5 1992S.COM -- a small, fast MS-DOS shell, version 1.3.
SAP300.ZIP22394Apr 30 1986Sort & Pack directories for DOS.
SAS24.ZIP123857Jul 7 1990Swiss Army Shell is designed to make management of hard disks easy. It displays an organized view of the directory structure on a hard disk, and can manage up to 20 logical drives.
SBREAK31.ZIP34450Apr 11 1989SuperBreaker v3.1B split files to small files by size, by matching string, or by line count.
SCAN.ZIP9020Oct 27 1986Scan COM & EXE files for text.
SCAN21.ZIP13950Jul 5 1988Search files for strings & send to file.
SCOPY.ZIP2905Aug 23 1986Selective copy utility.
SCOUT50.ZIP139470Nov 5 1990SCOUT is a memory resident disk/directory/file manager and DOS shell that may be invoked from the DOS level or from within an active applications program.
SCRUB-11.ZIP12115Sep 10 1989Finds/deletes standalone files which are also ARC/PAK/LZH/ZIP'ed.
SCT-EM45.ZIP142127Oct 3 1990EMS version of Scout memory resident file manager v4.5.
SD-400.ZIP158540Mar 30 1993StupenDos Version 4.00. DOS Shell with support for PKZIP, PKUNZIP, mouse, and EGA/VGA graphic's cards.
SD62.ZIP85780Jun 19 19896/89 Ver. Stetson's Sorted Directory Utility, does arc's,zips, globals-G.
SDA13.ZIP19165Jun 17 1990(S)orted (D)ir with (A)ttributes in colors. Scrollable using keypad. Microsoft C source code is included.
SDIR26.ZIP3177Jan 25 1986Recent edition of directory classic. Many options.
SDIR32.ZIP36529Jul 17 1991SmartDIR is an advanced DIR command that adds several features to DIR.
SDL.ZIP3161Jul 2 1985A nice dir replacement.
SDR14.ZIP13588Jan 20 1988Displays sorted dirs. faster than 1.0.
SEARCH22.ZIP20674Dec 17 1990Searches files for text. Includes ASM source code.
SEEJUNK.ZIP9512Jul 30 1990SeeJunk allows you to look at unallocated bytes at the end of a file.
SELDIR.ZIP4984Apr 25 1988Change directory using keyword instead of full path.
SETATTR.ZIP16663Feb 1 1988Set file time,date & attributes.
SETMENU.ZIP22602Feb 17 1990A completely configurable menu system allowing up to 10 items (Goto DOS and ParkHeads are Defaults) and 2 lines for a header.
SF310.ZIP69590Dec 27 1988File "finder" / dir alternate, interesting options!.
SFIND.ZIP4742Jan 28 1987Great file finder, checks ARC'ed files also !!!.
SH21.ZIP12179Jul 9 1989A simple DOS menu program.
SHELL25.ZIP46568Mar 24 1986Very good UNIX shell with lots of built in commands.
SHO.ZIP7333Apr 21 1986An extension of DOS's DIR command.
SHOFL105.ZIP19595Feb 21 1989Allows you to search your files with enhanced wildcard support. You can now do a *find.* to find all files with the word find in it.
SHORTCUT.ZIP55889Jan 20 1986A 1 DIR look alike DOS Shell program. It is very nicely done.
SIDECLOK.ZIP4579Aug 23 1985Alarm utility foe Sidekick.
SIN25E.ZIP33215Aug 17 1988Search In files for text.
SINCE.ZIP7949Aug 18 1987A program to list files on a disk that were modified on or after a specified date. Includes full C source code.
SINCE126.ZIP29432Mar 18 1993SINCE v1.26 - provides a printable list of all files modified SINCE the date [and optional time] you enter on the command line.
SINCE2.ZIP9548Oct 22 1987Display all files with a date newer than that specified.
SIZE060.ZIP10690Feb 23 1988Displays total length of a specified group of files.
SIZEOF.ZIP4108Jul 24 1989This utility shows the number of files, and the amount of space they take up, and also the amount of space remaining on the disk.
SK-TIP.ZIP1341Oct 12 1985Help for annoying sk problems.
SLICE.ZIP10714Apr 26 1989Break a large program file into smaller pieces.
SLIST20.ZIP10967Oct 27 1990Search List is a small utility which searches a specified set of files for a specified string, and outputs a list of matching files to a specified file.
SM100.ZIP9253Dec 23 1991Space Map - tree display of bytes used and allocated in directories.
SM20A.ZIP124899Nov 30 1993Smart Menu 2.0A. Small, Easy to use menu program. This one is loaded with features. Designed for simplicity and the novice computer user.
SMENU201.ZIP359291Sep 8 1991Star Menu version 2.01, minor bug fixes for 2.00.
SNAPMENU.ZIP42210Jun 18 1988Good menu program with editor.
SND131.ZIP17429Nov 13 1989Search and Destroy, very good little program for removing files from your hard disk. Will sweep an entire directory.
SORTALL3.ZIP5420Aug 5 1987Sort Directory Permanently.
SORTDESC.ZIP154140May 18 1993SORTDESC V1.0 Find file descriptions from either FILE_ID.DIZ or captured file listing(s) & move file to a different directory based on key words in that description.
SORTS15.ZIP8144Jan 13 1987Easily sort files greater then 64k.
SPACEH.ZIP742652Sep 22 1994Space Hound 1.57 Windows based Disk Utilities Search for duplicate files, "sniff out" wasted space and forgotton files.
SPLIT100.ZIP28680Feb 1 1995SPLIT & JOIN V1.00 - SPLIT will allow you to make one big file into many smaller files of specified sizes. JOIN will allow you to create one file from many smaller files. Can be used together or seperate.
SPLIT20.ZIP16946Apr 16 1991Utility that will split large ZIP, LZH or any other large files into smaller files. Includes the Pascal source.
SPLTAPND.ZIP41357Feb 14 1991Program to split/append large files for transfer to other computers. Includes other features.
SRS258.ZIP87144Jan 14 1989Still River DOS Shell, very popular.
SSCAN30.ZIP14788Feb 19 1989Fast find of ASCII text in any file.
SSEARCH4.ZIP57753Dec 16 1990Searches selected drives for specified files. Allows very flexible use of wildcards. Can also search for files for specified time periods. Nice program.
SSORT.ZIP15905Jan 23 1987Dr. Debugs Super Sort - Fast file sorter.
SST_53A.ZIP52347Jul 2 1991SST: the Supersonic Search Tool. The cutting-edge in file-finder programs. Supports all major archive formats, greps, size ranges, date ranges, verified deletion, duplicate searching, 4DOS descriptions, etc.
STORM31C.ZIP27476Jun 18 1987File management utility.
STREE30.ZIP40373Jul 27 1993Directory tree utility- shows lots of info, can delete complex dirs, etc.
STS_410.ZIP108103Jun 24 1993Stereo Shell dual directory shell utility. Version 4.1.
SUBDR211.ZIP7878Jun 9 1991A great replacement for CD\. Move around directories quickly.
SUMDOS2.ZIP67526Aug 18 1987PD Sidekick work-alike w/DOS shell/comm v2.
SUPDATE2.ZIP15386Mar 30 1994Revised version of directory update program, now allows source directory as well as destination directory to be specified. c source included.
SUPERCPY.ZIP6442Nov 30 1989Splits copys between diskettes.
SUPERDOS.ZIP25252Aug 14 1986Visual file manager/simple but useful 2.0 4/8.
SUPEREN.ZIP2085Jun 10 1985Rename volumes, directories, and files.
SUPRCOPY.ZIP6454Nov 30 1989Replacement for DOS's XCOPY with enhancements.
SUPRDIR.ZIP12603Dec 20 1988Super Directory 2.2 - Nice file directory program, numerous display opti.
SWAPNAME.ZIP3879Feb 20 1986Buerg's util swaps names of 2 files.
SWEEP164.ZIP14393Apr 25 1991Enhanced SWEEP command - execute commands on all subdirectories.
TARGET15.ZIP73993Jul 21 1992Target v1.5 - File locator/manipulator. Scan, rename, copy, delete, etc., files. Lots of options for file searches.
TAXI.ZIP100977Aug 25 1990Taxi is a DOS shell/file manager that has 40 character file descriptions (4DOS format), 20 user-defined keys, mouse support, unloads to 10k for running large programs, point and shoot based on the extension and much more.
TBOX121.ZIP272816Sep 25 1992The unique ToolBOX shell provides a simple yet powerful interface to all your DOS needs. Its point-and-shoot capabilities are easily configured for file management, text/graphics viewing, file (de)compressions, and so on.
TCFM.ZIP35551Dec 2 1987File manager written in Turbo C with full source code. By Jim Derr.
TCMENA01.ZIP2508Aug 30 1989A generalized, universal mouse menu for use in most applications.
TCPY202.ZIP50012Oct 15 1993Turbo Copy Version 2.02, everything you wish DOS XCOPY could be. Maximum files per disk, fast, split large files across disks and more.
TD.ZIP32663Jul 29 1985Lists directory in tree format.
TD10.ZIP28134Dec 17 1989TRANSDIR allows you to look at and work with two directories/filespecs at the same time while allowing you to copy, move, delete, view and print files in either directory. Mouse supported.
TDP-MENU.ZIP38760Oct 23 1988Menu systems uses no ram Limited entries 8.
TESTDIR7.ZIP12826Dec 24 1985Compare ASCII directory listing with files online (Sysop-type utility).
TF77.ZIP13355Feb 18 1989Excellent file finder. Very fast.
THEMENU.ZIP57428Apr 5 1990Simple, yet very useful menu system. Makes accessing programs easy.
TLCMENU.ZIP156385Mar 4 1991Excellent, easy to use menu and shell program.
TM122.ZIP92309May 20 1990TreeMaster is a powerful, full-featured hard disk directory manager.
TM18A.ZIP104172Jan 21 1990Turbo Menu ver 1.8 - Excellent HD menu system. does not stay in memory during execution of menu selection. Easy to configure/modify and use. Has mouse support.
TMENU203.ZIP107448Sep 6 1989A new hard disk menu maker with many nice features.
TO41B.ZIP34267Nov 5 1990Similiar to popular GO program. Makes moving through directories easy.
TONTO.ZIP24383Feb 7 1988TSR clck/cal/dir/prntr setup/asc/scan/etc 1.0.
TOOLS.ZIP174499Feb 1 1991A collection of various file utilities. By Rick Owen.
TOTRE.ZIP21716May 9 1993Two programs: a directory changer and a directory tree lister. Both a little different than most.
TOYBOX20.ZIP141492Jun 13 1992ToyBox II is a beautiful EGA/VGA graphical program manager designed for users of all ages. It has the powerful features found in menu programs designed for adults, yet it can be safely and easily used by very young childr
TO_QUICK.ZIP30182Jul 27 1989Allows you to quickly change subdirectories without CD\'s.
TPMNUS16.ZIP65371Mar 22 1990MENU shell that works with networks, allows 640k free, mouse support, and TP 5.5+ source code is provided.
TRASH.ZIP27828Nov 3 1990Directory/File deletion utility TRASHes all files and subdirectories under a named directory. Shows status on screen, can be stopped at any time and warns if you are about to TRASH your root directory.
TREEDIR3.ZIP8046Oct 27 1986A directory tree utility.
TREEDUP.ZIP14507Dec 21 1986Duplicate eliminator - tree type.
TREESZ01.ZIP11062May 16 1992Directory Tree with sizes including directory and subdirectory.
TREETOP.ZIP85439Nov 7 1989TreeTop the hard disk file and directory manager.
TREEVU11.ZIP122190May 31 1989Treeview V1.1, includes mouse support. Very good disk/file manager.
TRSURG11.ZIP14299May 10 1987Tree Surgion 1.1 - find/compare/del duplicate files - Faster than 1.0.
TRSZ.ZIP26043Mar 17 1993An utility that reports a directory's size including all files and sub-directories under it. A tree structure is presented/print option.
TRUENAME.ZIP4602Sep 25 1990Enumerates a files true name, similar to the undocumented DOS 4.0 truename command. Includes complete C source.
TRUNK120.ZIP11414May 4 1988Display sub-directories in a tree structure. Includes C source.
TS101.ZIP54902Aug 22 1988Tree Surgeon will move files and sub-directories around your file system.
TTFIND31.ZIP29257May 21 1989Trisoft file finder version 3.1. Searches multiple drives fast!.
TURBO55.ZIP315019Apr 7 1993Excellent Menuing system with many features and easy to use.
TVERS152.ZIP35802Jan 9 1990Treeverse will enable you to browse through the directories on a disk and see a list of the files each directory holds. In addition it offers you the ability to display, delete, rename or unzip files.
UCD.ZIP2865Dec 7 1989"Smart" change directory command. Only requires partial name. ASM source is included.
UD175_N.ZIP14127Mar 25 1988Utility to display various directory options.
UDEL.ZIP12100Jun 16 1990UDEL.COM - A Cascading Universal File Deletion Utility.
UFIND402.ZIP66967Jun 17 1991Port of Unix FIND to MS DOS. MS/Turbo/MIX supported, full C source code is included.
ULTRA.ZIP118982Oct 27 1986More file utilities.
UNERA12.ZIP5932Jan 18 1987Unerase files - even on large hard disks. Take that, Peter Norton!.
UNIXFIND.ZIP34347Feb 3 1988The FIND utility is used to search, possibly traversing any subdirectories and match your specified files. C source included.
USEMGR10.ZIP314067Apr 2 1993Keep track of the number of times each file on your hard disk is used. Select/print files to be backed up, deleted or archived based on this information. View, Edit, Copy, Move, ZIP, etc from user modifiable menu.
VALET.ZIP39438Jun 23 1989A DOS utility to tag, move, delete, and view files.
VDEL.ZIP1105Jul 1 1986Delete with verify.
VDL.ZIP1646Oct 6 1984Adds verification to DOS's Delete command.
VFILER.ZIP10913Apr 20 1985VF150 is a screen-oriented file manipulation utility. Simple, but can be very useful.
VIEW212.ZIP32133Jun 18 1989View two text files on the same screen at the same time.
VLF320.ZIP42049Feb 18 1989Fantastic file search program with many options!.
VMENU2.ZIP141445May 20 1990Versa-Menu is a very nice menu utility. Easily create new menus.
VOLUMES.ZIP2332Aug 7 1991Displays all on-line hard drives, optionally with their capacity.
VORCOMP.ZIP30193Feb 1 1991VorComp will compare directories, groups of files, and individual files. Many options are available to control the type of comparisons performed, the display, and the generated ErrorLevel.
WAITER21.ZIP83935Sep 26 1988Very good menu utility.
WCD.ZIP1716Oct 24 1990A small utility that assists in changing directories. With ASM source.
WDIR.ZIP17007Sep 13 1986Exploding Window Displays Directory.
WFU01.ZIP53150Apr 8 1986Wagner File Util. Move/copy files on a HD.
WHAT.ZIP13097May 24 1986Allows you to access a list of files and what they are.
WHAT2.ZIP32306Mar 29 1987Labels subdirectories and files so you can identify them later.
WHAT214.ZIP35654Jul 20 1988Directory documenter/file finder.
WHENIS.ZIP15729Jul 10 1989Fast file finder that finds files by file date and time.
WHERE.ZIP10998Sep 8 1989Search current drive for files or directories.
WHERE44B.ZIP46218Jan 4 1991WhereIs - version 4.4b of Keith Ledbetter's file-finder.
WHEREII.ZIP6849Nov 29 1984Find files on your disk.
WHEREIS3.ZIP7685Jun 7 1989Where is file program - Checks all hard drives.
WHERIS.ZIP8659Jul 1 1988A WHERE utility that searches .ARCs.
WHICH10.ZIP3358Jul 5 1992WHICH takes a list of names and looks for the files which would be executed had these names been given as commands.
WHIZ.ZIP16761Jan 25 1989The latest version of Whiz file finder.
WIDEMENU.ZIP82047Oct 17 1994WIDEMENU is an easy to use mouse supported menu. Shareware.
WILD.ZIP4203Jul 25 1989TSR that enables UNIX-style filename wildcards. Doesn't work with all commands (particularly internal commands).
WINCAT.ZIP388084Mar 1 1994WinCat/PRO v3.4 - windows program to catalog disks.
WINDIR12.ZIP57362Oct 18 1989WINDIR is an interactive directory utility. View any archive, and list the contents of any file (including files within an archive).
WINDOS.ZIP142121Jul 9 1990WinDOS is a graphical menu program for DOS.
WIZ31.ZIP73214Nov 15 1994A fast file finding utility. Searches any and all disks and dir's plus will search archived files (ARC, ZIP, etc) for any file.
WIZCD.ZIP12919May 31 1991Wizzard directory changer -- allows alias directory names.
WM100.ZIP100389Apr 7 1989Window Menu is a sophisticated menuing system for DOS that utilizes state-of-the-art screen windowing to organize your computer system.
WORST.ZIP12177Jul 29 1992Disk search utility -- locates oldest, newest, largest, smallest files -- good if you are trying to clean up your disk.
WR110.ZIP8086Nov 22 1990WhatRuns! version 1.10 - Lists executable files in directory.
WRISIT32.ZIP24273Jan 18 1994Where Is It? v3.2 file finder utility.
WSHELL22.ZIP154020Jul 1 1991WyndShell v2.2 menu system and DOS shell.
WSSI513A.ZIP149609Jun 8 1991WSSI version 5.13. An excellent floppy/hard disk catalogger. File 1 of 2.
WSSI513B.ZIP119776Jun 8 1991WSSI version 5.13. An excellent floppy/hard disk catalogger. File 2 of 2.
WT101.ZIP8558Mar 12 1987Update to WalkTree (sweep-type utility.
WYNDDOS.ZIP90693Nov 1 1989WYND-DOS is a program which allows will perform functions such as formatting disks, copying and deleting files, and creating subdirectories.
XDIR305.ZIP57056Mar 9 1991XDDIR is a replacement for the DOS commands DIR and COPY. It allows you to add your own comments to be displayed along with the normal DOS directory.
XEQ115.ZIP8633Jun 19 1987XEQ Combine small .COM files into 1 to save space due to cluster size.
XLIST264.ZIP96870Aug 31 1991XLIST v2.64 Hard disk file manager and DOS shell. OS/2 version included.
XPIP601.ZIP88675Dec 13 1987File manager & custom menu system v6.01.
XRAT.ZIP51043Oct 6 1989RAT is a powerful context sensitive mouse menu driver which enables the user to take full advantage of any Microsoft-compatible mouse.
YDIR.ZIP11703Jul 20 1988Cute but noisy directory lister.
ZAPDIR.ZIP2754Jan 1 1980ZAPDIR will Kill a directory and all of its sub-directories including the files contained within them. Powerful.
ZCOPY.ZIP27804May 16 1988No copy empty file over full one!.
ZCPY25.ZIP33217May 30 1994ZCOPY V2.5 - XCOPY replacement, copies whole directories and/or files, can skip same files, copies attributes/date and time, copies read/only, hidden and system files, FAST (about 300% faster then XCOPY).
ZCPY31.ZIP44338Sep 23 1994XCOPY replacement, copies whole directories and/or files, can skip some files.
ZD.ZIP20579Mar 1 1987Directory lister using colors for file type, Flashy !!.
ZDEL.ZIP7778Dec 1 1989Versatile file delete utility with many handy features.
ZDEL10.ZIP18806Dec 8 1990File and Subdirectory deletion program. Easy and fast.
ZDIR21.ZIP53647Oct 24 1994ZDIR version 2.1, like dir command but more options and colors.
ZIP20.ZIP148133Mar 22 1988ZIP directory navigator v.90T20A.
ZIP_VWR.ZIP10966Jun 1 1989Beta ZIP viewer for Lotus's new Magallen program.
ZM.ZIP81878May 17 1993Zmenu is a menuing system with popups written in FORCE an xbase dialect. Excellent, resembles WP Library menu.
ZMOVE04.ZIP14124Oct 4 1988Z File Mover. Pop up window to handle duplicates.
ZSDPC.ZIP5491Mar 15 1986Sorted Dir, shows ARC & LBR directories.
ZTERMV38.ZIP48313Dec 30 1990The ZIP Terminator, a shell for ZIP functions with mouse support. Makes archiving much easier.
~DEL2.ZIP7850Aug 5 1992This utility is useful in clean out directories where the user wants to retain only certain classes of files. C source code included.