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Directory Tree with sizes including directory and subdirectory.
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Directory Tree with sizes including directory and subdirectory.
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Contents of the TREESZ01.DOC file

TreeSZ01 is a lovely utility that graphically displays the directory
structure and sizes of a drive or a path.

Usage: treesz01 [drive:][\path]
(No argument = Current directory)

TreeSZ01 shows beside the directories names 4 additional columns
of information :-
1st column - "Files" : shows the # of files in THIS (sub)directory.
2nd column - "Tot" : shows the combined # of bytes contained in
the directory & its subdirectories.
3rd column - "Dir-Only" : Lists the # of bytes contained only in the
current directory.
4th column - "Tot-Subs" : List the size in bytes of the subdirectories.
Naturally "Tot" = "Dir-Only" + "Tot-Subs".

(Important remark:-
Size = The occupied disk space, NOT the net size of the files )

After a long Search for a simple utility that can show the actual
size of directories, we finally gave up & decided to write this utility

The program was written in Turbo-C.
Free sources are available upon request.

Please send all your suggestions or requests to:-

We hope that you'll enjoy this utility as much as we do.

----Issi & Amit Pazgal ----

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