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S3 Software's Sloppy Directory Replacement.
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S3 Software’s Sloppy Directory Replacement.
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Program: S3's Sloppy Directory Program (S.EXE)
Version: 1.1
Author: George Spafford
Date: 06/29/93
Copyright: George Spafford 1993 All Rights Reserved


To create a simple replacement for the DOS DIR command that sorts files
alphabetically, gets more than one line on the screen, and identifies


Place S.EXE in a directory that is in your PATH statement.


S.EXE's usage is simple: S.EXE spec

spec This is a file specification for S.EXE to list.
For example: S *.doc
S C:\DOS\*.*
S C:\

The program will list the matching files. To interrupt the listing, press
ESC to exit to DOS.


v1.10 06/29/93

I noticed an error when I filesize was exactly 1024^2, S v1.0
did not convert it to MB terms as it should have.

v1.00 06/22/93

Initial Release


The S directory program can be freely used and distributed for personal use.
The author retains all rights to the S.EXE program. The S program can not be
sold by itself or with another program without a prior arrangement with the
author. Shareware catalogs, CD-ROMs, etc can distribute the S package.

George Spafford
3003 Lakeshore Drive #216
Saint Joseph, MI 49085

Since this program is free for you to personally use, there are no warranties
or guarantees of any kind. In no event shall the author be liable for any form
of damages arising out of the use, or the inability to use, this program or its
associated documentation.

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