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Source and EXE files from Dr Dobbs Journal - 04/94 part 2.
File DDJ9404B.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Source and EXE files from Dr Dobbs Journal – 04/94 part 2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXE 0 0 stored
INSTWALK.EXE 11488 6599 deflated
LISTDVCB.386 9425 827 deflated
LISTINST.386 9411 2135 deflated
VMCBSPY.EXE 10672 6243 deflated
VXDLOAD.EXE 3712 919 deflated
VXDQUERY.386 22200 6219 deflated
INCLUDE 0 0 stored
LISTDVCB.H 887 325 deflated
LISTDVCB.INC 605 307 deflated
LISTINST.H 1356 416 deflated
LISTINST.INC 1966 695 deflated
VXDQUERY.H 941 361 deflated
VXDQUERY.INC 1373 553 deflated
WIN386.INC 6182 1531 deflated
LISTDVCB 0 0 stored
LISTDVCB.386 9425 827 deflated
LISTDVCB.ASM 6447 1806 deflated
LISTDVCB.DEF 349 208 deflated
LISTDVCB.LNK 95 66 deflated
MLIST.BAT 145 97 deflated
VMCBSPY.C 2212 893 deflated
VMCBSPY.EXE 10672 6243 deflated
LISTINST 0 0 stored
INSTWALK.C 3880 1276 deflated
INSTWALK.EXE 11488 6599 deflated
LISTINST.386 9411 2135 deflated
LISTINST.ASM 26112 5987 deflated
LISTINST.DEF 345 205 deflated
LISTINST.LNK 95 66 deflated
MINST.BAT 145 95 deflated
README 1438 746 deflated
VXDQUERY 0 0 stored
VXDLOAD.ASM 13315 3309 deflated
VXDLOAD.EXE 3712 919 deflated
VXDQUERY.386 22200 6150 deflated

Download File DDJ9404B.ZIP Here

Contents of the README file

Copy the directory \instance\exe to your harddisk.

To use the VxD's, simply start vxdload.exe. The TSR directs Windows to load
all three VxD's:
- vxdquery.386
- listinst.386
- listdvcb.386 (only under Chicago)

Important: You must start vxdload from the directory which contains the VxD's.

Use instwalk.exe to dump the data structures of the instance data manager.
Use vmcbspy.exe to dump a list of the privat VxD data in the Virtual Machine
Control Block.

Note: vxdquery is provided as a special version for the instance data manager
article in Dr. Dobbs Journal.

The professional version of vxdquery knows all published VxD services by name,
provides a complete map of all VxD objects and knows all control procedures
(Sys_Critical_Init etc) by name. Vxdquery works with all versions of MS-DOS
based Windows greater version 3.1.
Under development is a service of vxdquery that allows the user to type in so
called "dot-commands" in a DOS-Box. These commands are normally typed at a
kerneldebugger prompt.The dot-commands are part of the debugging version
of win386 (dos386) .EXE file. With dot-commands a developer can call any
available VxD (VMM) debugging services from a DOS-BOX, but without the need
to start a kerneldebugger.

To order the professional version of vxdquery, email to

CIS 100117,2526 (Klaus Mueller)

Have a happy rainy day with the VxD's!

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