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C source code from C Gazette V5N2.
File CGAZV5N2.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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C source code from C Gazette V5N2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BARCODE.C 4263 1539 deflated
CLR16.PCX 31834 4260 deflated
DEMO.C 14034 3202 deflated
DEMO.DEF 297 191 deflated
DEMO.H 414 187 deflated
DEMO.M 327 173 deflated
DEMO.RC 739 303 deflated
DEMODLG.DLG 2071 512 deflated
DEMODLG.H 541 221 deflated
EMS.C 7073 1837 deflated
EMS.H 623 322 deflated
EMSEXEC.C 8255 2792 deflated
EMSEXEC.MAK 304 186 deflated
FF.C 26768 6998 deflated
FF.DEF 444 238 deflated
FF.EXE 17920 7006 deflated
FF.ICO 1846 194 deflated
FF.MAK 399 205 deflated
FF.RC 246 123 deflated
FFDLG.DLG 3714 1061 deflated
FFDLG.H 398 182 deflated
MONO.PCX 6699 1782 deflated
PCX.H 1676 542 deflated
PRTPCX.C 17508 3998 deflated
README.1ST 2388 1184 deflated
SAMPLEF.TIF 44153 34904 deflated
SCHEDULE.C 8360 2361 deflated
TIFF.H 6658 2026 deflated
TIFFLOAD.C 17378 3715 deflated
TIFFLOOK.C 11177 2959 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Source Code Files to C Gazette Vol. 5, No. 2

The following files are copyrighted by The C Gazette.
Unless otherwise specified, these files can be used in
any legal manner provided:
1) The C Gazette affiliation and copyright
are retained in the code;
2) They are not sold or distributed for any
fee whatsoever (including shipping, disk
duplication, fee-charging BBS's, etc.) except
as part of a larger application.

It is our hope that users who feel that a code-intensive
C and C++ magazine which makes its code available freely on
BBS's and inexpensively on disks is worth supporting by
respecting the copyright provisions.

Otherwise, enjoy thoroughly.

For further information about the C Gazette, write:

C Gazette
1341 Ocean Avenue #257
Santa Monica CA 90401

(213) 473-7414

========================== FILE INDEX =========================

FF*.* | John Rex's file finder for Windows. For readers
| without the Windows SDK or needing instant gra-
| tification, the compiled version is also inclu-
| ded as FF.EXE

PRTPCX.C | Marv Luse's program on printing PCX files on the
PCX.H | HP LaserJet. For demonstartion purposes, two sam-
CLR16.PCX | ple PCX files are included: CLR16.PCX which dis-
MONO.PCX | plays in 16 colors, and MONO.PCX which displays
| in B&W.

EMSEXEC.C | Andrew Binstock's code for executing code in
EMS.C | expanded memory. The main program, EMSEXEC.C, must
EMS.H | be linked with EMS.C. To this end, EMSEXEC.MAK,
EMSEXEC.MAK | is provided. It uses NMAKE (from Microsoft) and
| Turbo C and contains some file paths which may
| need to be changed to fit your system.

BARCODE.C | Printing postal barcodes on the LaserJet. Printer-
| specific routines are isolated and fully commented
| to ease porting to other printers.

SCHEDULE.C | Allen Holub's example of backtracking code.

DEMO*.* | Michael Young's article on dialog box design for
| Windows. Requires the Microsoft SDK.

TIFF.H | James Murray's code to dump and analyze TIFF
TIFFOAD.C | files. SAMPLE.TIF is a sample TIFF file for
TIFFLOOK.C | demo use.

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