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Tips for playing X-wing by Lucas Arts.
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Tips for playing X-wing by Lucas Arts.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Survival Pack
compiled by Hoang Pham & Jim Kerr

The following files are included in this archive:

GENERAL.TXT General tips on playing X-Wing.

MISSION.TXT Mission-specific tips for X-Wing. These only cover the more
difficult missions.

LUKE.PLT A pilot file with all the missions finished. You can use it
to play any mission (go into historical missions) and view
all cut scenes in X-Wing. You can also use it to clone Top
Ace wingmen for your use.

README.1ST This file you're reading.

This archive and all files in it are hereby released into the public
domain, for the enjoyment of all X-Wing players. Feel free to distribute
or use them in any manner you see fit. The only thing that we ask for our
efforts is that we, Hoang Pham and Jim Kerr, be given proper credit for any
use of the enclosed material. Have fun, and check six.

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