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"The Victorian." A scenic, challenging golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition (JNSE) by Mark Willett.
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“The Victorian.” A scenic, challenging golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition (JNSE) by Mark Willett.
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Contents of the THEVIC.TXT file

An Original Design for JNSE
by Mark Alan Willett

(c) Mark Alan Willett 1992

Please note that the original design elements contained herein are
copyrighted material. The course is intended to be made available free-of-
charge to registered owners of the Jack Nicklaus Golf and Course Signature
Edition software. The course may be distributed freely without alteration.
This text file is considered to be an integral part of the package and must
be included in any freeware distribution. The course may not be used as
part of any commercial venture without the express written permission of the
designer. All other rights are reserved. The designer has no affiliation
with Sculptured Software or Accolade, the JNSE software developer and
distributor, respectively, and is not responsible for any damages that might
arise from the use of that software product.

Billionaire Aaron Bensten has come back home to the mainland United States,
and he has come back home in style. Joining in partnership with Mountain
Associates, Ltd. and Woodlands Development Incorporated, Bensten brings his
bagful of steel and world-trade bucks to the mountains of Colorado.

This month marks the opening of The Victorian - an exclusive housing
development guaranteed to appeal to the "glitterati" and ringing a
centerpiece 18-hole resort-style golf course. Housing at the development
has been limited to less than 150 units virtually assuring that land values
will skyrocket in an "only-the-rich-need-apply" environment.

The limited housing is certainly by design since Bensten purchased almost
1,000 acres of totally undeveloped land from the federal government not quite
two years ago. That purchase has caused many complaints from
environmentalists and is still under investigation by Congress.

Housing, which runs alongside the heavily wooded course, is based on American
Victorian cottage home design of the late 1800's. Considering that the
homes are likely to be used only as summer retreats, they are spacious,
elegant, and quite unlike the typical condominium/townhome developments that
have become hallmarks of recent American golf courses.

Bensten, himself, has left his South Seas island retreat, "The Isles," to
take up residence at the Victorian's 17th hole. Rumor has it that he intends
to take Christmas at the course surrounded by its snowy hills.
The large evergreen tree object was produced originally by Lee Ritze for his
wonderful JNSE version of Merion. The large pine was produced by Paul Conrad
for his Oak Creek course. My thanks to both gentlemen.

An additional word of gratitude are also extended to Lee and to Tony Woodward
for reviewing my work on the course roughly halfway through the project.

The course is dedicated to Dave Salamon, who shares patience of pantheonic
proportions along with Ted Maiden.

Mark Alan Willett
Denver, Colorado
December 1992

"Aaron Bensten" is a fictional character, and resemblance to any person,
living or dead, would not only be accidental but quite grotesque.

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