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Good PD arcade game requires mouse and ega/vga.
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Good PD arcade game requires mouse and ega/vga.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CENTER1.DAT 11236 1590 deflated
EXPL1.IMG 20 17 deflated
EXPL2.IMG 42 38 deflated
EXPL3.IMG 80 71 deflated
EXPL4.IMG 134 114 deflated
EXPL5.IMG 134 104 deflated
EXPL6.IMG 80 60 deflated
EXPL7.IMG 42 31 deflated
FSB1.IMG 112 109 deflated
FSB2.IMG 112 108 deflated
FSB3.IMG 112 101 deflated
LASTFSB.IMG 98 53 deflated
MISSLE1.IMG 20 17 deflated
SHIPL.IMG 112 97 deflated
SHIPLM.IMG 112 91 deflated
SHIPM.IMG 112 94 deflated
SHIPR.IMG 112 97 deflated
SHIPRM.IMG 112 89 deflated
SINE128.DAT 2504 815 deflated
SPACEST.IMG 134 70 deflated
SSPIRALS.COM 51865 27940 deflated
SSPIRALS.DOC 6188 1650 deflated
SSSCORES.DAT 420 173 deflated
VAC.IMG 20 14 deflated
ZAPH1.GRF 16301 2077 deflated
ZAPH2.GRF 16301 830 deflated
ZAPH3.GRF 16301 2138 deflated
ZAPH4.GRF 16301 2751 deflated
ZAPH5.GRF 16301 1862 deflated

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Contents of the SSPIRALS.DOC file


| |
| |
| |
| Shareware Version 1.64 |
| |
| by |
| Alan Anderson |
| (c) 1977, 1988, 1989 All rights reserved |
| |
| |

Space Spirals is a unique "arcade" style game for IBM
PC/XT/AT microcomputers. It can also be used as fun mouse
coordination training tool.

To play Space Spirals you must have an IBM PC compatible
microcomputer with the MS-DOS operating system, a CGA
compatible graphics card, and a Microsoft compatible mouse.

To start Space Spirals:

(1) Make certain your computer has a properly installed
Microsoft compatible mouse.

(2) Set the current drive and directory to the directory
that contains the program and data files.

(3) Type "SSPIRALS" (do not type the quotes) and press the
'enter' key.

(4) Wait for the program to start and select the desired
choice from the menus.

The first time the program is run it will ask you about the
type of computer system that you have. Press the key
corresponding to the system whose performance most closely
matches that of your computer.

To receive instructions about how to play the game, press
the 'H' key when you see the main menu.

A few pointers: There are many subtle patterns, strategies,
and nuances to the game. Don't just blast, OBSERVE and
think. Each type of attacker has its own personality.
There are also global patterns of timing and attack. To
build up your shields conserve your energy, don't just fire
away like a madperson. Enjoy!

To abort the game in progress press the 'Q' key during a
round. This quit option does NOT function between rounds,
it only works while you are being attacked!

Space Spirals is distributed as shareware. If you use the
game please send a $5 registration fee to the author at
the following address: Alan Anderson, P.O. Box 40, North
Bonneville, WA 98639. Send $10 to recieve a Space Spirals
on a diskette.

Feel free to copy it and distribute it to worthy friends and
bulletin boards. The game and its constituent files can
only be copied and distributed in their original unaltered
form, ALL 29 of the files must be distributed together. The
following is a list of the files that are part of the Space
Spirals program:

Spaces Spirals requires 29 files to run properly:

SSPIRALS.COM is the executable program file.
*.DAT files contain required startup data.
*.IMG files contain required image data.
*.GRF files contain required graphic help screens.
SSPIRALS.DOC is this information file.
SSPIRALS.ARC is a PK-Ware archive of the following 29 files:

SSPIRALS COM 51865 4-14-89 1:06a
EXPL1 IMG 20 4-14-89 1:06a
EXPL2 IMG 42 4-14-89 1:06a
EXPL3 IMG 80 4-14-89 1:06a
EXPL4 IMG 134 4-14-89 1:06a
EXPL5 IMG 134 4-14-89 1:06a
EXPL6 IMG 80 4-14-89 1:06a
EXPL7 IMG 42 4-14-89 1:06a
FSB1 IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
FSB2 IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
FSB3 IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
LASTFSB IMG 98 4-14-89 1:06a
MISSLE1 IMG 20 4-14-89 1:06a
SHIPL IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
SHIPLM IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
SHIPM IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
SHIPR IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
SHIPRM IMG 112 4-14-89 1:06a
SPACEST IMG 134 4-14-89 1:06a
VAC IMG 20 4-14-89 1:06a
CENTER1 DAT 11236 4-14-89 1:06a
SINE128 DAT 2504 4-14-89 1:06a
SSSCORES DAT 420 4-14-89 1:06a
ZAPH1 GRF 16301 4-14-89 1:06a
ZAPH2 GRF 16301 4-14-89 1:06a
ZAPH3 GRF 16301 4-14-89 1:06a
ZAPH4 GRF 16301 4-14-89 1:06a
ZAPH5 GRF 16301 4-14-89 1:06a

A file named SSCONFIG.DAT is created the first time the
program is run, this should not be distributed.

Space Spirals is written in Turbo Pascal, version 3.

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