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Quotes from the command line.
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Quotes from the command line.
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Contents of the QUOTES.DOC file

Joseph Lloyd

This archive should contain the following files:
Quotes.Exe - For Normal use
QuoteBBS.exe - For use by BBS's
Quotes.Lst - List of quotes
Quotes.Doc - This file

This is the file that contains all the quotes. The first line is a
number from 1 - 2,147,483,647. This number is the amount of quotes in the
file. Each line after that is part of the quote. Each quote starts with
the '~' character, and can be up to 10 lines long. If you add a quote
simply add the number, of quotes you just added, to th number at the

The program is fairly simple to understand and use, basically it will
generate a random quote from the list. If you wish to only have it give
you one quote, then just pass the paramater 'N' such as 'QUOTE N'.
Otherwise the program will ask you if you wish to continue after each quote

This program is made for those who wish to use the program on a BBS.
All you do here is pass it the COMM port such as 'QUOTEBBS 1'.

The program was compiled in Turbo Pascal 6.0, and was written by Joseph
Lloyd. If you wish to register your copy please send all donations to:

Joseph Lloyd
6636 Park Hall Dr.
Laurel, Md 20707

Registration is not required, but always accepted, with a donation of $5
or more you will recieve a full copy of the source code... If you would
like the source, please specify 5 1/4 of 3 1/2 inch disk size. Also if
you would like any special changes, such as as the max-quote-length, or
anything else, just let me know. I can also be reached on:

Earth Station BBS
300/1200/2400 N-8-1
24 Hours/7 Days
(301) 604-1589

Just leave a message to Joe Lloyd, and I'll get back to you as soon as
possible... Also please report any bugs that you find...

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