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PowerChess 5.3. Excellent chess program that supports the full international chess rules. Runs great under DESQview.
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PowerChess 5.3. Excellent chess program that supports the full international chess rules. Runs great under DESQview.
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Contents of the CHESS.DOC file

* PowerChess (TM) V5.3 *

Distributed by New-Ware Shareware Products

See The File SHARE.DOC for Registration Information


(C) Copyright 1989 W. Wild, H. Heiss
All Rights Reserved



1) Installation

2) The first game ...

3) Windows

4) Commands

5) How to use the library of games


A) A brief description of the commands

B) Index of included games

C) License Agreement, Limited Warranty,
Update-Service and User Registration

- 2 -


PowerChess V5.3 !

In choosing this chess playing program you made the right
decision. It is your ideal (patient?!) trainingspartner and
will offer you a lot of entertaining hours.

The new version of PowerChess V5.3 is an easy to use chess
playing program with a wide range of possibilities. Because of
the clearly arranged screens and the complete implementation of
the international chess rules (eg. 50 move drawing rule),
PowerChess V5.3 can highly be recommended for chess classes and
leisure time.

Outstanding features of PowerChess V5.3 are:

- obeys the international chess rules eg.
en'passant, 50 move drawing rule, three
repetitions of a position
recognizes stalemate and technical draw
- shows a clearly arranged chessboard and a lot
of useful information on the screen
eg. playing time for Black and White
index of the last 21 moves
index of all possible moves concerning
the position on the board
announcement of a check mate in N moves
computer hints for the next move
main variation

- 3 -

- is especially easy to use
eg. the menue shows all the functions of
PowerChess V5.3, the pieces are moved
by a cursor, a second page shows additional
- can go back on a move any time
- provides a lot of standard-openings
- offers a"library" of games and interesting
positions which can easily be extended
- uses all possibilities of the color CGA/
EGA/VGA or Hercules graphics
- available in several languages (eg. German)

Attention! Hercules card users!
Please follow the instructions of the installation
exactly, otherwise the lay-out of the display will not
be correct.

- 4 -


Hardware requirements:

PowerChess V5.3 requires an IBM-PC/AT compatible computer and
MS-DOS version 3.0 or later. You will need one of the following
monitor/graphics adaptor combinations:

a) IBM-VGA-card or a 100% compatible
graphics card and a VGA-monitor
b) IBM-EGA-card (256 Kbyte) or a 100%
compatible graphics card and a EGA-monitor
c) IBM-CGA-card or a 100% compatible
grphics card and a CGA-monitor
d) Hercules-card or a 100% compatible graphics
card with a monochrome/graphics monitor

PowerChess V5.3 is loaded from a 360 kB floppy disk and
requires at least 512 kB of memory (RAM). You can hardcopy your
games using an optional printer.


We tried to make the installation of PowerChess V5.3 as easy as
possible. Please follow the instructions:


Please back up your PowerChess disk using MS-DOS (eg. diskcopy)
before you continue! Now just use your copy and lock the
original in a save place.
If you want to run PowerChess V5.3 from your floppy disk the
program is ready to be loaded.

To install PowerChess V5.3 on your hard disk just create a
sub-directory and copy all files from the floppy disk into it.

- 5 -


How to install PowerChess V5.3 on hard disk C:

1) Create a sub-directory using

2) Insert your floppy disk in drive A:

3) Copy all files to your hard disk

4) Select the corresponding drive and sub-
... and PowerChess V5.3 is ready to go!

Have fun!

Selection of the colors and the configuration for Hercules card

PowerChess V5.3 is pre-installed for EGA/VGA graphics cards. If
you want to select different colors or use a different graphic
card, please run the enclosed program "SETUP". It will give you
a short menu of supported configurations.

- 6 -

Examples of standard configurations enclosed:

To run SETUP just type


and you will see the following menu options :

1 ... HGC Hercules Graphic Adapter
2 ... CGA Color Graphics Adapter
3 ... EGA/VGA Standard Colors
4 ... EGA/VGA white/brown board
5 ... EGA/VGA white/gray board

C ... Create user defined screen configuration (colors)

... Abort configuration utility

Please, select your favourite configuration!
Note: To abort SETUP at this point just hit !
Attention! Users of Hercules graphics cards!
If you want to run PowerChess V5.3 on a Hercules graphics card
you have to call


and select option 1.

Please switch your Hercules card to FULL-modus (eg. by running
HGC FULL, which should be enclosed with your graphics card).

Example for Hercules users:

Call :

(... select option 1)

- 7 -

Attention! Users of CGA graphics cards!
If you want to run PowerChess V5.3 on a CGA graphics card you
have to call


and select option 2.

Example for CGA users:

Call :

(... select option 2)

Configurations for EGA/VGA :

a) to represent the chessboard in
BLUE - BROWN (standard representation) use


and select option 3.

b) to represent the chessboard in WHITE-GREY use


and select option 4.

c) to represent the chessboard in WHITE-BROWN use


and select option 5.

- 8 -

How to set up a new configuration of colors:
After calling


and selection of option C you may specify your favorite colors
and patterns. To make your decision easier you will be given a
display of all possible colors and patterns. Please enter your
color/pattern selections one by one. If you agree with the
shown default just press . After answering all the
questions concerning the configuration it will be saved in the
file POWER.CFG. From now on the new configuration is ready to



(... select option C)

configuration will then be saved automatically.>


- 9 -


To start the program please follow the instructions:

Example for hard disk users:

1) Select the drive/directory on which PowerChess V5.3 is


2) Start PowerChess V5.3


Example for floppy disk users:

1) Insert the disk in drive A:

CD \

2) Start PowerChess V5.3


... and your the screen looks like this:

On the right hand side you find 3 windows with the following
information (from top to bottom)

1. Window
player : WHITE
multimove : OUT

White to move. Multimove will be explained later because you
will not need it for your first game of chess.

- 10 -

2. Window
This window is (still) empty but later it will show
the analysis of the computer.
3. Window

Here you find a list of all function keys and their meaning.

The field at the bottom of the screen displays messages from
the system. It is called SYSTEM-WINDOW.

Along the White Rook on A1 you find the cursor represented by
two vertical bars. With the cursor control keys you can move
the cursor around the chessboard.

Try it!

Move the cursor to square E2 and press the enter key .
Now, this Pawn is chosen for the first move (the cursor bars
stay there). With a second cursor you determine the final
square of your move, eg. E4 and then you press again.
The computer makes your move and replies automatically. If you
make -by chance - an "illegal" move, your system-window will
tell. Try again to make a legal move.

Now you are ready to play your first game of chess! With
PowerChess V5.3 it's that easy!

To quit your game just press .

- 11 -


In the following chapter all windows are described in detail.

1) Chessboard-window

Here the position on the board is presented graphically. It is
also used for the manual choice of the next move. On the side
you find the usual marks (A-H,1-8).

2) Player-window

In this window you see who is next (WHITE/BLACK) and if
multimove is on or not (ON/OFF). Multimove means that the
computer does not make its move automatically after your move.
So it is possible for you to make decisions on your partner's
moves and to choose a special variation, eg. the Sicilian

3) Analyse-window

While the computer is "thinking" it displays the already
completed search-level (analyzed half-moves) and the current
best move with its score. Positive numbers show an advantage
for White, negative numbers for Black.

4) Help-window

Here you find a list of all valid function keys and a brief

- 12 -

5) System-window

This window provides you with information concerning the
position on the board, eg. check, check-mate, stalemate, ...
etc. It is also used for the dialogue with the library.

The following windows are on a second page which can be reached
with .

6) Game-window
Here you find the last moves (up to 21).

7) Time-window (clock)

The used time is shown in sequence: "time for White" - "time
for Black". This clock is switched after each move and
resembles a chess-clock.

8) Hint-window

After each of its moves the computer offers you a hint for your
next move. If this window is empty you can ask for one with
on the chess board page.

9) Check mate - window

As soon as PowerChess V5.3, while analyzing the position, finds
that only 1, 2, 3, ... moves are necessary for a check mate it
will tell you in this window.

- 13 -

10) Best-moves-window

After calculating the computer shows you the best variation of
moves in this window.

11) Possible-moves-window

All possible moves concerning the position on the board
are listed.

- 14 -


The following chapter describes all possible commands which can
be invoked using - .

1) Start of a new game

You can start a new game any time you press . The pieces
are set back to the start position.

2) Changeover (White <--> Black)

You can "change" the chessboard (even while playing), eg. you
started with White but you want to continue with Black.

3) Degree of difficulty (response time, max.
time per move in seconds)
After pressing the question concerning the maximum time
per move in seconds shows up in the system-window. Select any
time between 10 and 3600000 seconds (= 1000 hours !). If you
start a new game or enter an invalid number the default time is
20 seconds. Usually the computer will make its move during the
time given. (Most often between half time and the time given).
If you do not want to wait that long press + to
abort the search. The computer will make the current best out
of all analyzed moves. After entering the time it is possible
to choose between a direct mate problem and a usual game of
chess. If you go for the mate problem the computer will do a
special kind of positon analysis which is adopted just for
those problems.

- 15 -

4) Request a computer move

With you request a computer move. If you don't know how to
go on the computer will make a move for you! In connection with
and it is possible for you to play with BLACK, (press
then then ). If you press continuously
PowerChess V5.3 will play against itself!

5) Ask for a computer tip
If the hint-window is still empty you can ask for a hint with
. After calculating the tip the second page is shown. To
return to the chessboard press or .

6) Information, 2. page of the screen
Press to get useful information about the game
and the position on the board. Press either or
to return to the chessboard.
7) Go back on

The last move is taken back if you press . If you press
several times several moves can be taken back.

8) Multimove ON/OFF
If you want to make several moves in a row without
allowing PowerChess V5.3 to make its counter move you
switch ON "multimove" with . To turn it OFF press
again. Note: You can't use (request move)
while "multimove" is on.

- 16 -

9) Setting positions

With you can set up any position. After pressing
"Place WHITE KING" shows up in the system-window. With the
cursor keys and you can place the pieces on the
chessboard. The KING must always be placed. The chessmen are
placed in row: QUEEN, ROOK, BISHOP, KNIGHT, PAWN by pressing
. After that, you have to do the same for BLACK.

The next question in the system-window is "player is W=WHITE,
B=BLACK?". Choose with the W key or the B key which player is
to move. If castlings should be possible you will be asked
whether they are valid or not (a King or a Rook could have been
moved). Answer the question with Y=yes or N=no.

10) How to quit the program

To quit PowerChess V5.3 press .

11) How to preempt the "the computer's phase of

Press and at the same time and the computer is
forced to make its move immediately.

- 17 -


Here you find the commands to use the library of games.

+ means to press both keys at the same time

1) How to save a game of chess +
With this command you can save your interesting games
to a file on floppy or hard disk. The whole game
(position and all moves) is saved. The name of the
file may only be 8 characters long. PowerChess
automatically adds the extension .PCH. If you want to
overwrite an already existing file you have to confirm
the deletion of the former file. You may enter a brief
comment too (max. 40 characters) which is also written
to the file. PowerChess V5.3 comes with a lot of
interesting positions (see appendix B).

2) How to load a game +
After pressing + you will be asked for an existing
file name (in the system-window). Please enter the name you
want (8. characters max.). ".PCH" will be added automatically.
The game will be loaded and the brief comment will show up in
the system window. In the same way you can load the enclosed

3) How to print a game of chess +________
+ will print the list of moves from the
game-window to the attached printer.

- 18 -


Description of the function keys

The menue options shown can be selected by - and

... start of a new game

... changeover (White <--> Black)

... degree of difficulty (response

... how to request a computer move

... computer-hint

... information

... go back on a move

... multimove ON/OFF

... setting a position

... quit the program

+ ... save a game

+ ... load a game

+ ... print a game

- 19 -


List of the games of chess you are supplied with

In this chapter you get information about the positions and
games of chess you are supplied with. They are saved under
GAME1.PCH to GAME10.PCH. With + you can load these
games of chess (see chapter 5) and together with the computer
you can brood about your future moves or about a problem of
check mate.

GAME1 an Interpolis brain-teaser:
mate in 2

GAME2 game of an Interpolis-Tournament 88
problem: mate in 4
solution: 1) Bxg6+, KxB 2) Qd3+,
3) Qg3+, Kh6 4) Rh8++

GAME3 end of a game of the International
Contest Switzerland-Baden
WHITE moves Qh6,
Black to loose its Queen or to get check mate

1) Qh6, Ke8 2) QxR+, Qf8
3) Rg8, ... loss of Queen

1) Qh6, Rxh6 2) Rg8+, Ke7 3) Rg1g7++

GAME4 game out of a contest for young
people 88. Black gives up

- 20 -

GAME5 Richard Reti (1889-1929) against
Dr. Savielly Tartakower
Black wanted to trick his oponent by Kf6xe4
White mates in 3
1) Qd8+, KxQ 2) Bg5+, Ke8 3) Rd8++
Kc7 3) Bd8++
"Die Fehler sind da, sie brauchen nur
gemacht zu werden"

GAME6 out of an early Girls European
Black found a winning combination
with unavoidable mate.
1) -,Bxg3 2) fxB,Rxd4 3) exRd4,Qd2

GAME7 German "Herren-Einzelmeisterschaft"
in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 1987:
FM Brckner - IM Sehner, position
after the 29. move of White. Black
moved too greedy to Qxd4. White wins
29) - , Qxd4 30) RxRg6+,Kxg6
31) Rg3, gives up

GAME8 "Grand Masters" Tournament in Moskow
1987. Black moves Kf8, White check mates in 3.
1) Qxf7+ !!,RxQ 2) Ng6+,Kg8 3) Rh8++

GAME9 Kasparow - Karpow, 24th game in
Sevilla, Spain. Kasparow wins the champion-
ship again. The whole game is on your

GAME10 a position out of a game of the two chess
playing computers: Challenger X -
Almeria X

- 21 -

The saved position DIAG27.PCH to DIAG56.PCH are problems of Mr.
Carl Colditz by which the actual degree of difficulty (strength
of the players) can be tested. The test conditions were
especially adapted by Mr. Dirk Frickenschmidt ("Schach mit dem
Computer", Falkenverlag). With these positions it is possible
to evaluate the degree of difficuly (strength of the players)
in ELO-points. Additional information on these tests can be
found in the book mentioned or can be requested with your user
registration card. In the following you will find the main
moves to solve the problems.

DIAG27 1) ... Qh1+
( 2) Kxh1 Bf3 3) Kg1 Rd1 check mate )
DIAG28 1) ... Qxf2
( 2) Rxf2 Rb1+ 3) Rf1 Bd4+ 4) Re3 Bxe3+
5) Kh1 Rxf1 check mate )
DIAG29 1) ... Rd1+ ( 2) Kf2 Bxf3 )
DIAG30 1) ... Re1
( 2) Qg4 Qh1+ 3) Rxh1 Rxh1 check mate or
loss of mmeterial by 2) c4! )
DIAG31 1) ... Re1+
( 2) Rxe1 Qd4+ 3) Qxd4 dxe1 check mate)
DIAG32 1) Rg5
( Qxf6 2) Qd4 Rg6 3) Rxg6 )
DIAG33 1) Rf4 ( Qe7 2) Qd7 )
DIAG34 1) ... Qxh3
( 2) gxh3 Nf2+ 3) Kg1 Nxh3 check mate)
DIAG35 1) Rg1+ Kh6
2) Bf8+ Rxf8 3) Rd3 and mate at h3
DIAG36 1) ... Qg4
DIAG37 1) ... Qxf4
( 2) exf4 Rh5 and mate at h1 )
DIAG38 1) ... Rd1 ( 2) Kxd1 h2 )
DIAG39 1) ... Qf7 2) Re7! ...
DIAG40 1) Bxf7
( Kxf7 2) Rxc7+ Qxc7 3) Qh7+ Ke6 4) Qxc7 )
DIAG41 1) Qa3+ Qe7 2) Bc6 Qxa3
3) Rxe8 check mate

- 22 -

DIAG42 1) ... Qxd3 2) cxd3 Rb2,
and c2 beside Rb1)
DIAG43 1) ... Rbxc4 oder Qg5
DIAG44 1) Qg5 ( Rg8 2) Qxh6 gxh6 Rxg8 check mate )
DIAG45 1) ... Qf2+
( 2) Qxf2 Rh5 3) Bxh5 g5 check mate )
DIAG46 1) Nf6+ gxf6 ( 2) Qg4+ Kh8 3) Qh4 )
DIAG47 1) ... Nf3+
( 2) Rxf3 Bxd4 3) cxd4 Qxb5 )
DIAG48 1) ... Rh6
( 2) Kg1 Rh1+ 3) Kxh1 Qh3+ 4) Kg1 Qxg2 )
DIAG49 1) ... Rd8 ( 2) Qxf5 Rxd1 check mate )
DIAG50 1) ... Nxf4 2) Qxf7+ Kh8
3) Qg8+ Rxg8 4) Nf7 check mate
DIAG51 1) Bxd4 Bxd4 2) Kxd4 Qxd4
3) Qxd4 Ne2+ 4) Kf1 Nxd4
DIAG52 1) ... Qxd4 2) Bxd4 Nf3+ 3) Kf1 Bb5+
4) Qc4 Bxc4 check mate
DIAG53 1) e6 Rxg5
2) Rd8+ Kxd8 3) exf7 and pawn conversion
DIAG54 1) Rg2 ...
( 2) Qxh7 Kxh7 3) Rh3 check mate )
DIAG55 1) Nf5 exf5
2) Qh2+ Kg8 3) Qg3+ Kh8 4) Qg7 check mate
DIAG56 1) Qa8+ Kg7 2) Bxe5+ Qxe5
3) Qh8+ Kxh8 4) Nxf7+ and 5) Nxe5

- 23 -


License Agreement
Limited Warranty
User Registration

(C) Copyright 1989 W. Wild, H. Heiss
All Rights Reserved

1) License Agreement and Limited Warranty

The whole package of PowerChess V5.3 is protected by both
United States copyright law and international treaty
provisions. This is also valid for the representation on the
screen. This software may be freely moved from one computer
location to another, so long as there is no possibility of it
being used at one location or on one computer while it is being
used at another. You may copy this software onto a computer to
be used and you may make archival copies of the software for
the sole purpose of backing up our software and protecting your
investment from loss.

- 24 -

We warrant the physical diskette(s) and physical documentation
enclosed herein to be free of defects in materials or
workmanship for a period of sixty days from the purchase date.
If we receive notification within the warranty period of
defects in meterials or workmanship, and such notification is
determined by us to be correct, we will replace the defective
diskette(s) or
documentation. Do not return any product until you
have called our customer service departement and
obtained a return authorization_
The entire and exclusive liability and remedy for breach of
this Limited Warranty shall be limited to replacement of
defective diskette(s) or documentation and shall not include or
extend to any claim for or right to recover any other damages,
including but not limited to, loss of profit, data or use of
the software, or special, incidental or consequential damages
or similar claims, even if we have been specifically advised of
the possibility of such damages. In no event will our liability
for any damages to you or any other person ever exceed the
lower of suggested list price or actual price paid for the
license to use the software, regardless of any form of the

We specifically disclaim all other warranties, express or
implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Specifically, we make no representation or warranty that the
software is fit for any particular purpose and any implied
warranty of merchantability is limited to the sicty-day
duration of the Limited Warranty covering the physical
diskette(s) and physical documentation only (and not the
software) and is otherwise expressly and specifically

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may
have others which may vary from state to state. Some states do
not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages,
or the limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, so
some of the above may not apply to you.

- 25 -

If any provision is found void, invalid or unenforcable it will
not affect the validity of the balance of this License
Agreement and Limited Warranty which shall remain valid and
enforcable according to its terms. If any remedy hereunder is
determined to have failed of its essential purpose, all
limitations of liability and exclusion of damages set forth
herein shall remain in full force and effect. This License
Agreement and Limited Warranty may only be modified in writing
signed by you and a specifically authorized representative of

All rights not specifically granted in this statement are
reserved by us.


- 26 -

2) Update Service

Registered users can purchase an update of the latest version
of PowerChess at significant discounts. It is useful to send in
the registration card, because PowerChess is being continously
improved. Some planned extensions:

- mouse control
- implementation of new powerful algorithms
- versions for different computers
- extension of the library

and much more ...

IBM is a registered trademark of
International Business Machines Corp.

MS-DOS is a registered trademark of
Microsoft Inc.

Hercules is a registered trademark of

PowerChess is a trademark of W. Wild, H. Heiss.

Disclaimer :

Any use of trademarks in this document which have not been
specifically recognized above is purely unintentional.

- 27 -

- 28 -

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