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Tetris clone from Kuwait.
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Tetris clone from Kuwait.
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Contents of the README file

K U W A I T R I S by Husain Al-Bustan
Or better known as TETRIS. Kuwaitris was created to resemble the original
arcade game 'TETRIS'. Each stage in the game was created exactly as it
appears on the actual arcade game. The colors have also been selected to
give a 3-dimensional look for the shapes (falling pieces).

IMPORTANT: Since this game was programmed to use many colors, the graphics
mode used in this program is MCGA (320 X 200 pixels with 256 Colors), which
means you need either an MCGA card, VGA card, or any card that has the
capabilities to display VGA or MCGA.

This is the first game I have ever made and I am working on another game
which I will release shortly called "KOUT" which is a very popular card game
in KUWAIT and happens to be a very interesting game to play.

Please send $19.00 (U.S.) to the address below if you plan to keep the game.
I would appreciate it if you can give me your reactions to this "KUWAITRIS"
game whether you like it or not, since it is my first game after all:

Address: Husain Al-Bustan P.O.Box 12101 71652 Shamiya, KUWAIT
E-Mail: [email protected]

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