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Arcade game - shoot gophers when they pop up.
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Arcade game – shoot gophers when they pop up.
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A contribution to those dimwits, like myself, who never know when to
turn off the damn computer.

This excercise in PDS (Microsoft Professional Development System, or
souped up BASIC) requires a mouse and a VGA. The object of the game
is to shoot the gophers when they pop out of the ground -- before they
go back down.

There are several levels, all automatic.

Scoring is based on the number of gophers you smash divided by the
time it took you to smash them. Just erase the Gopher.dat file if you want
to start with your own new scores.

Untested on AT's and 16-bit cards (I got all that stuff at work, but I just
play around with this stuff at home).

Feedback, lemme know on Exec-PC in Milwaukee.

--Jeff Parnau, PO Box 244, New Berlin, WI 53151

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