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WIN Four Seasons solitaire card game.

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New solitaire for Windows, feature-packed,
addictive, and fun! Shareware by Randy Rasa.
Requires VBRUN200.DLL

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WIN Four Seasons solitaire card game.
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Contents of the FS.TXT file

* *
* Four Seasons 1.01 *
* *

Copyright 1993 by Randy Rasa
18215 Troost
Olathe, KS 66062-9208

This file provides a quick introduction to Four Seasons,a wee bit of
legal mumbo-jumbo, and installation instructions. It is not intended
to be an exhaustive reference to the game. For instructions on how to
play the game, refer to the help file (FS.HLP).

This game is my first foray into Windows programming, and there's but
one way to describe it: feature-rich! All the conveniences you've come
to expect (statistics, undo, auto moves, move alert), plus a few new
ones (practice games, traditional and challenge scoring, top ten
scorekeeping) help to make this game a winner. The game itself is a
challenge and a half, and will keep you coming back for more.

Four Seasons requires Windows 3.x and VBRUN200.DLL.

How To Install Four Seasons
There are no special or complicated procedures for installing the game.
The program files can be located in any convenient sub-directory on your
hard disk. The VBX and DLL files may be moved to your Windows SYSTEM
directory if you wish, though it is not required.

To run the program, simply install it into the Program Manager (I'm not
going to explain how to do that here ... it's well-documented in the
Windows manuals and online help). Alternately, the program my be run
from the File Manager by double-clicking on the FS.EXE file.

Four Seasons is shareware. As such, you can play it, copy it, and
give it away as you wish. In fact, you are encouraged to distribute
the program to friends, family, and strangers alike. This includes
distribution via electronic bulletin board systems (BBS), user's
groups, and disk-distribution services. All that I ask is that the
package remains unaltered and complete, consisting of the following

FS.EXE ........... Four Seasons executable
FS.HLP ........... Four Seasons help file
FS.FRM ........... Four Seasons registration form
FS.TXT ........... this file
FS_CARDS.PIC ..... card graphics
THREED.VBX ....... support library
PICCLIP.VBX ...... support library
BBS.LST .......... List of Support BBS's
VENDOR.TXT ....... Shareware Distribution Information
FILE_ID.DIZ ...... BBS description file

The following file is required for operation of this program, but
may not be included with the other files in order to keep down the
size of the distribution archive. If it is not included, you can
get it from the same place you obtained this program, or from your
local BBS or disk distributor.

VBRUN200.DLL ..... Visual Basic support library

Refer to the VENDOR.TXT file for more distribution information.

Standard Limited Warranty: This software is sold "as is", without any
warranty as to performance or any other warranties whether expressed
or implied. Because of the vast number of possible hardware and
software environments in which this software may be used, no warranty
of fitness for a particular purpose is offered. The user assumes the
entire risk of using this program. Any liability of the author will
be limited to product replacement or the refund of the registration

Four Seasons is shareware. You may freely evaluate it for a reasonable
period (30 days). If you continue to use it beyond the evaluation
period, you need to register it.

Registration is only $10 and gets you the following benefits:

1. The latest version of Four Seasons on the diskette of your
choice (5.25" or 3.50").

2. A registration code good for all future updates of Four Seasons.
This code will allow you to convert current and future shareware
versions to registered versions, getting rid of the opening
"reminder" screen in the process.

3. Bonus programs on the remainder of the disk. These include other
shareware offerings by Randy Rasa.

Let me re-emphasize that the registration code is good for all future
updates of this program. Unlike some commercial apps, you are not
stuck in an endless cycle of expensive upgrades. With Four Seasons,
you register once, and that's it. What this essentially means is:
Free Updates!

There are three ways to print a registration form:

1. Select the "Print Registration Form" button from the registration
reminder screen.

2. Open the FS.FRM file (included with this program) with Window's
Notepad, and print it from there.

3. From the DOS command line type "COPY FS.FRM PRN".

Once the registration form is printed, simply fill it out (be sure to
select a disk size!) and send it to the address listed on the form,
along with a check, money order, or cash. Expect your disk in about
two weeks. I ship out all orders within one week week of receipt of

How To Contact The Author
I can be reached on a number of electronic bulletin boards (refer to the
BBS.LST file for details) or by mail at the address at the top of this
document. I'll be happy to assist you in any way that I can, and I am
always open to your comments and suggestions.

Un-Installing Four Seasons
If (heaven forbid!) you decide not to keep Four Seasons, you can
un-install it by simply removing the program's files from your disk
and removing the Four Seasons icon from Program Manager. The program
creates a file called FS.INI in your Windows dircetory, and this may
be deleted as well.

Have fun, and best of luck. I look forward to hearing from you!

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