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Cessna 172D Shyhawk, cerca 1963, for Flight Simulator 4.0 - Nice!.
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Cessna 172D Shyhawk, cerca 1963, for Flight Simulator 4.0 – Nice!.
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Contents of the C-172.TXT file


Cessna 172D Skyhawk (1963 Model)

The following files are included:

CESS-172 The AAF picture file
CESS-172.SIM The SIM file
CESS-172.AFX The packed export file
REF-C172.SIM The REF file used to create the SIM file
C-172.TXT This file

This is my attempt to re-create a Cessna 172D Skyhawk (1963 Model)
using Mallard's Aircraft & Adventure Factory. As I work more and more
with this program, it does get easier. but it can sure eat up a lot of time

The design was based on information contained in the Owner's Manual.

Some Comments:

In working up the reference SIM file some liberties needed to be taken
with the parameters. For example to get the craft to perform as I wanted,
I needed to use 400 h.p. power rather than the 145 h.p. that the real aircraft
has. The dry weight is set for 2300 which is really the gross weight of this
aircraft. The center of gravity was moved forward to 70 so I could get the
nose at the right position at cruise and the cruising speed at 130 kts @ 2100

To get the aircraft to cruise at 130 kts at 2100 r.p.m. you'll need to set nose
down trim using 12 strokes of the #7 key. Better still, if you've got Charles
Gulick's new T&AMOD.ADV you can set the trim to -3072.

I would have liked to have had the radio antenna appear in black. I couldn't
seem to be able to use the insignia setting and therefore made it a part of
the high wing/canopy color scheme.

I originally had some trouble with the side stripe bleeding through on both
sides and at the front. The first problem was solved by copying the fuselage
side template as a solid part and inserting it as a part of the main body.
This seems to have kept the stripe from bleeding through to the opposite sides.
At the front, I inserted a solid part in the shape of a bulkhead at the
position of the foremost nose structure bulkhead. This helped, but didn't
entirely solve the problem.

I added lines to show the outline of the ailerons, flaps, landing light,
cowl cover, and the lines between the horizontal stabilizer/elevators
and vertical stabilizer/rudder. These were made as insignia and colored
light gray so as not to be too obtrusive. The same treatment was used for
the doors and the baggage compartment.

There is still a minor problem trying to get the windshield and the rear window
to sit right at the bottom edge when viewed from 45 degree angles, any help
in solving this problem would be welcome.

I would have liked to have added more striping and steps on the main wheel
struts but would have exceeded the maximum of 182 parts allowed by the

Feel free to use the enclosed AFX file to change or improve anything.
I hope you enjoy this model and would appreciate any comments you might

Tom Carnegie
CIS: 70267,2126

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