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Nifty James' Famous EMS RAM Tester

Version 1.00 of 21 October 1987

This program is designed to test the EMS or EEMS memory upon
the startup of your computer system. The program is styled
as a device driver, so that it can get at the EMS memory
before any other device drivers (such as NJRAMD).

The program is installed by inserting the line


*immediately* after the CONFIG command that installs the EMS

This program *must* execute before any other EMS programs, as
it requires access to *all* of the EMS memory. It takes no
DOS memory, or EMS memory, after it has run, however.

The program works by filling each EMS page with four
different patterns. The program checks to see if each of the
patterns are stored correctly.

A progress display is maintained on the screen while the
program is running. It shows

Page 1 tested

for each page tested. If the program encounters an error
during testing, the program will display

Error on page 1!

to indicate that an error occurred.

The EMM memory manager program tests the memory to a very
limited extent. NJRAMT is designed for people who would like
the piece of mind that an additional, more extensive test,

The program tests the memory rather quickly. However, if you
find that you're impatient, and would like to abort the test,
simply strike any key. The program will abort, and "fall
through" to the next command in your CONFIG.SYS file.

This is a work of shareware. RESELLING THIS PROGRAM WITHOUT

I'd like to receive a registration of $5. However, if you
find the program of more or less value, please feel free to
send more or less of a registration fee.

The file NJRAMTXP.SYS is a special version of the program for
users with V-20, V-30, 80286 or 80386 CPUs in their
computers. This version works *slightly* faster.

If you have any questions about the program, or would just
like to talk, please feel free to send me a letter. I love
to hear from anyone.

Mike Blaszczak
112 Verlinden Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146-2041

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Archive   : EMMTEST.ZIP
Filename : NJRAMT.DOC

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