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;---------------SETLINE---routine begins--------------------------+
; page 145
; FUNCTION: draws a line from (x1,y1) to (x2,y2) in the spec-
; ified color. It uses BRESENHAM's algorithm.
; INPUT: Upon entry:
; x1 contains x-coordinate of starting point
; y1 contains y-coordinate of starting point
; x2 contains x-coordinate of end point
; y2 contains y-coordinate of end point
; color contains the color of the line
; OUTPUT: Just to the screen
; REGISTERS USED: No registers are modified
; SEGMENTS REFERENCED: Upon entry ES must point to video RAM at
; B8000h and DS must point to a data segment used by the point-
; plotting routine (see SETPT or XORPT above)
; SPECIAL NOTES: No bounds checking is performed. The user must make
; sure that the coordinates and the color are in their proper ranges.
; That is, x1 & x2 must be between 0 and 319; y1 & y2 must be between
; 0 and 199, and color must be between 0 and 3.
setline proc far
push bx ; save registers
push cx ;
push dx
push si
push di
push ax
; set up x and y updates
mov si,1 ;start with positive 1 for x update
mov di,1 ;start with positive 1 for y update
; find |y2-y1|
mov dx,y2 ;get y2
sub dx,y1 ;subtract y2
jge storey ;skip if y2-y1 is non-negative
neg di ;move in negative y direction
neg dx ;absolute value of y2-y1
mov deldy,di ;store y update for diagonal moves
; find |x1-x2|
mov cx,x2 ;get x2
sub cx,x1 ;subtract x2
jge storex ;skip if x2-x1 is non-negative
neg si ;move in negative x direction
neg cx ;absolute value of x2-x1
mov deldx,si ;store x update for diagonal moves
; sort |y2-y1| and |x2-x1|
cmp cx,dx ; compare dels with delp
jge setdiag ; skip if straight moves in y direction
mov si,0 ; if straight=vertical, kill & update
xchg cx,dx ; & exchange differences
jmp storedelsxy
mov di,0 ; if straight = horizontal, kill y update
; store dels, delp, delsx and delsy
mov dels,cx ; change in straight direction
mov delp,dx ; change in perpendicular to straight
mov delsx,si ; x update in straight direction
mov delsy,di ; y update in straight direction
; get initial values for x and y
mov si,x1 ; x coordinate
mov di,y1 ; y coordinate
; compute initial value and increments for error function
mov ax,delp
sal ax,1 ; 2 * delp
mov delse,ax ; change if straight move
sub ax,cx ; 2*delp - dels
mov bx,ax ; initial value
sub ax,cx ; 2*delp - 2*dels
mov delde,ax ; change if diagonal move
; adjust count
inc cx
; get the color
mov dx,color ; get the color
; main loop structure
call setpt ; plot the point
cmp bx,0 ; determine if straight or diagonal move
jge diagonal
; case for straight move
add si,delsx ; update x
add di,delsy ; update y
add bx,delse ; update error term
loop lineloop ; next point
jmp lineexit
; case for diagonal move
add si,deldx ; update x
add di,deldy ; update y
add bx,delde ; update error term
loop lineloop ; next point
pop ax ; restore registers
pop di
pop si
pop dx
pop cx
pop bx
ret ; return
setline endp
;---------------SETLINE---routine ends---------------------------+

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