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QEMM386 update for Ver 6.01.
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QEMM386 update for Ver 6.01.
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Quarterdeck Office Systems
QEMM-386 Version 6.01 Information

QEMM-386 Version 6.01 is identical to Version 6.00 except that the following
relatively rare possible problems have been solved in Version 6.01.

1) XMS drivers loaded before QEMM 6.00 could cause a couple of potential
problems. The worst problem was if you loaded an EMB-using driver before
QEMM, the EMB-using driver would stop working (and possibly hang the system)
once QEMM loaded. The lesser problem related to the interaction between the
NOXMS parameter and the DUX parameter, so that if one was used but not the
other, there was the potential for unpredictable results.

2) QEMM 6.00's WINSTLTH.VXD driver, which is the driver responsible for
making Stealth compatible with Windows 3.0 in 386 Enhanced mode (W3/3 for
short), could cause an EMS-using driver or TSR loaded before W3/3 to fail.
Additionally, some EMS-using programs loaded inside of a W3/3 DOS Prompt
window might cause failures as well. Since W3/3 is known to have problems
working with EMS-using TSRs or drivers anyway, most people should not use
such programs whether they are using Stealth's ST:x parameter or not. Two
other things with WINSTLTH.VXD: a) Some disk caches are being modified to
make their advanced disk features work with Stealth. Those modifications
won't work with W3/3 in QEMM 6.00; b) If QEMM has VirtualHDIrq=y, then it
will continue to protect against ADF caches even if W3/3's VirtualHDIrq is
set to n.

3) Optimize with QEMM 6.00 had problems with indented CALL statements in batch
files and had problems if zero drivers/TSR's were loaded and/or zero High
RAM regions were set up.

4) The 4DOS.CMD file with QEMM 6.00 was missing ELSEIFF, ENDIFF, and ENDTEXT.

5) The INSTALL program with QEMM 6.00 didn't work with the /M switch. Also,
some PATH commands could be incorrectly parsed. Also, it inserted the QEMM
directory in all PATH statements, including PATH statements that used the
%PATH% variable. This caused the QEMM directory to be included multiple
times under such circumstances.

6) QEMM 6.00 shipped with MFT 1.10, which had some minor cosmetic glitches.
QEMM 6.01 ships with MFT 1.11, which corrects the above.

Copyright (C) 1991 by Quarterdeck Office Systems
* * * E N D O F F I L E * * *

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