Alternate Operating Systems - Quarterdeck DesqView, CP/M, etc

AOS Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
22NCE132.ZIP48021Jul 17 1992Emulates the CP/M 2.2 operating system and permits most CP/M programs to run under DOS. Will make use of NEC V20 or V30 chip if present.
260TO261.ZIP131691Oct 20 1993Upgrade Desqview ver 2.60 to version 2.61 (see also the file
261TO262.ZIP96757Dec 1 1993Upgrade for DesqView 2.61 to 2.62.
700TO701.ZIP112582Jun 22 1993Runtime patch from Q'deck for QEMM 7.0.
701703.ZIP211449Nov 17 1993Latest QEMM updatee from V7.01 to V7.03. Now works with DOS 6.2 doublespace compatiable. Must have version 7.01, it will not work with 7.02.
701704.ZIP255694Oct 5 1994This is Quarterdeck's "last maintainence release" for QEMM386 V7.0x. This is a single step patch from QEMM 7.01---->7.04 and the executables are dated 04/94.
701TO702.ZIP181029Sep 30 1993Updates QEMM 7.01 to QEMM 7.02. You need QEMM 7.01 files dated 6/21/93 for this to work.
701TO704.ZIP256322Apr 15 1994Qemm upgrade from 701 to 704.
702703.ZIP133237Nov 17 1993Patch QEMM 7.02 to 7.03. Requires v. 7.02.
702FIX.ZIP1573Oct 6 1993Details about release 7.02 of QEMM.
702TO703.ZIP133237Nov 17 1993QEMM version upgrade from ver. 7.02 to 7.03.
703TO704.ZIP174897Apr 15 1994Upgrade QEMM 7.03 to 7.04.
7TO701.ZIP112582Jun 22 1993Patch QEMM 7.0 to 7.01.
ALARM.ZIP5847May 1 1987DESQview alarm clock.
APICSAMP.ZIP125341Jan 1 1989DESQview API C Examples from the DESQview BBS.
APPMNFNT.ZIP2434Nov 2 1992APPMNFNT.ZIP QuarterDeck Technical Note on 'How to change fonts in Application Manager'. DESQview Specific.
AT2IBM.ZIP17471Sep 16 1988AT2IBM.EXE - Convert an Atari ASCII (ATASCII) file to an IBM compatible text file.
BACKDRP2.ZIP5384Sep 28 1990Provides an informative, pleasant looking backdrop for DESQview, kind of like Window's wallpaper.
BNFP202A.ZIP337049Mar 21 1992Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 Disk 1 of 6.
BNFP202B.ZIP355892Mar 20 1992Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 File 2 of 6.
BNFP202C.ZIP360987Mar 19 1992Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 File 3 of 6.
BNFP202D.ZIP330625Mar 19 1992Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 File 4 of 6.
BNFP202E.ZIP167352Mar 19 1992Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 File 5 of 6.
BNFP202F.ZIP33437Jan 29 1992Back & Forth Professional version 2.02 File 6 of 6.
BUZY.ZIP1378Feb 27 1991Can be run in a DESQview window to show effects of changing foreground and background ticks.
CALCDV.ZIP28196Jan 28 1988Calculator for DesqView.
CAS.ZIP23416Sep 14 1988INTEL CAS standard information file...
CBZONBIN.ZIP108946Sep 17 1992Combat Zone Tank game for DESQview/X.
CHKDV102.ZIP6293Jan 20 1988Check to see if DESQview is active within your own programs. Includes ASM and C source code examples.
CNTDWN.ZIP2615May 7 1989CNTDWN is a DESQview-specific program that will simply count down the amount of time specified and then exit.
COLORTBL.ZIP5112Jan 30 1988Popup table for color attributes for DV.
COMAVAIL.ZIP11947Nov 15 1992Make sure ComPort is not used twice under Desqview.
COMM3N4.ZIP2467Mar 31 1989Allows the use of serial ports 3 and 4 under DesqView.
DBSTRPO2.ZIP11698May 30 2006Send EPSON printer control codes in DV.
DDFIX.ZIP5857Jun 1 1987Patches for DD, includes patch for DOS 3.3.
DDOSTIPS.ZIP16337Aug 12 1987A must have for anyone who uses Double Dos.
DDOS_AID.ZIP12391Dec 18 1985Utilities for use with Double Dos.
DESQ121.ZIP29859Oct 7 1989A command line utility for DESQview. Version 1.20 by Willian Allen.
DESQACCS.ZIP5302Feb 14 1992DesqView orientated Clock and Modem Monitor.
DESQTEST.ZIP2603Apr 22 1988Set errorlevel if DESQVIEW present.
DESQ_RB.ZIP1226Mar 19 1991Aids in rebooting applications under DesqView.
DGANSI.ZIP35318Mar 1 1992Ansi driver. Can be loaded before DESQview to supply ansi services to all DV windows via shared program. Supports 4DOS ver 4.0 KSTACK command i.e. does not have to be loaded. ULTRAVISION aware. Can be loaded and
DNANSI.ZIP2890Jun 15 1989Faster and smaller ANSI TSR for use with DESQview.
DNANSI2B.ZIP3374Sep 11 1989DESQview aware ANSI driver. Works very well.
DPC.ZIP12695Sep 30 1987Desqview Printer Control (DPC) provides a more convenient way to access the printer's functions from within DV.
DRHELP.ZIP52406Oct 29 1991Dr6Help V1.0. Nice online help for DR DOS V6.0.
DRTIPS.ZIP178237Jan 7 1993Tip sheets from Digital Research on DRDOS, DRMDOS, etc.
DSLIST1.ZIP3653Mar 18 1988Buerg's LIST in DV w/directory menu selection.
DSPACE11.ZIP9160Dec 14 1988Display Disk Space Stats on all drives, V1.1, DESQview Specific.
DUAL_MON.ZIP3872Jun 30 1991Setup for running Dual Monitor in DESQview.
DV-MEN.ZIP105759Apr 22 1989Nested Menu windows for DESQview! vers 1.1 from CI$.
DV-PIF.ZIP42781Jan 25 1989Miscellaneous DesqView setup .pif files.
DV-TEC.ZIP7434Jun 27 1988Tech Notes concerning DesqView.
DVANSI.ZIP2733Jan 7 1992Updated DVAnsi for DESQview. Ansi driver for individual windows.
DVAPMN12.ZIP104957May 27 1989An application menuing system for DesqView. Very good, many examples.
DVASCII.ZIP7105Jan 30 1988Display complete ASCII table as popup in DV.
DVASCII2.ZIP6439Oct 24 1987Another ASCII popup for DV.
DVASSORT.ZIP102574Mar 26 1988Assorted routines in C and Pascal to inteface with DesqView API.
DVATTR.ZIP3574Dec 26 1987Color attribute chart.
DVC18.ZIP58357Feb 17 1992DV Commander - a command line version of the {DESQ} key. Open/close windows, alter program options, etc. DesqView utility.
DVCAL.ZIP5118Nov 15 1987Popup 4-function calc for DV.
DVCLOCK2.ZIP2737Nov 1 1992DV-Clock is a time of day clock for DESQview.
DVCPY1.ZIP65283Apr 13 1992Copy files in DESQview without system slowdown.
DVCPY101.ZIP66842Apr 13 1992DesQview aware copy program that will copy while other tasks are going on.
DVCRON20.ZIP34195Jan 19 1992Unix like Cron utility for DV.
DVCTIMER.ZIP6008Mar 11 1990DESQview Connection Timer, monitor your communication connect time.
DVDEVL12.ZIP11486Jan 3 1993Ralf Brown's device driver loader for loading character based device drivers while in a DV window.
DVDUMP.ZIP6338Dec 9 1987RAM/ROM viewer for DV.
DVDVR.ZIP7824Dec 30 1987Bug fix for DesqView v 2.01.
DVEX0320.ZIP3509Mar 20 1989Start DESQview windowed task from a batch file and return an errorlevel.
DVFAQ3.ZIP22820Mar 30 1992Frequently asked questions concerning Desqview.
DVFMT.ZIP74461Mar 15 1991Format disks in DESQview without system slowdown.
DVFR12.ZIP33291Jan 20 1993Program to change the frame color in Desqview to any color.
DVGLUE17.ZIP134380Jan 3 1993Turbo 'C' interface and functions for DESQview API.
DVKPOL2.ZIP1654Jun 18 1988DesqView utility to reduce polling time, includes ASM source.
DVKPOLL.ZIP1088Aug 30 1989DesqView utility to reduce polling time.
DVLOAD.ZIP12058Apr 22 1988Load/run DV application prgms from DOS.
DVMACROS.ZIP5873Jan 11 1988Assembler macros for DesqView access.
DVMON13.ZIP9051Jun 20 1988DVMON is a simple CPU performance monitor for use with DESQview 2.01 and later. Includes full C source code.
DVPED10.ZIP88277Oct 19 1991DESQview PIF editor -- replacement for DV's Change a Program utility. Rev 1.0.
DVPIF.ZIP42781Jan 25 1989Various Desqview PIF files for many popular programs.
DVPIF10.ZIP14241Mar 31 1991Edit DESQview PIF file from outside of DESQview.
DVPSV11.ZIP13045Oct 23 1991A print spooler and printer control program that runs under DesqView.
DVQEXT.ZIP2947Jun 8 1988Extended memory driver update for DesqView.
DVREM17.ZIP6577Aug 22 1991Freeware program to run DeskView from a remote system.
DVSCODE.ZIP5602Nov 8 1987Display scancodes in DV.
DVSEARCH.ZIP29679Aug 19 1992DVSEARCH.ZIP Handy engine for rapidly locating info in text files. DESQview/X Specific Application. Directly from QuarterDeck BBS.
DVSI2_00.ZIP233039Feb 22 1992UNIX-like utilities for DesqView that monitor overall performance and gather individual "window" statistics over time.
DVSPRT1.ZIP4815Dec 13 1987Printer codes for EPSON MX in DV.
DVSRPT1.ZIP12461Oct 15 1990DV Scrip{t}! is a small system of DESQview scripts designed to simplify the use of DESQview's CONVSCR program and the unique requirements of producing script statements within a DOS text editor.
DVSWITCH.ZIP1427Mar 13 1989Interesting msg about DESQView switches!.
DVTIME.ZIP827Nov 23 1987Display time in the lower corner using DesqView.
DVTKIT11.ZIP433625Nov 18 1993DVToolKIT is a set of DESQview specific utilities which give command line access to many of the functions available thru the DESQview API.
DVTMAN13.ZIP35076Feb 14 1991DesqView Task Manager version 1.3. Excellent program.
DVTREE22.ZIP143251Apr 4 1991DesqView File Manager version 2.2. Excellent program.
DVTRUTL.ZPI8801Feb 10 1991Various utility files for DVTREE.ZIP.
DVTXDI.ZIP6488Feb 2 1991DV Tree External Device Interface (DVTXDI.COM) Version 1.
DVUTILS.ZIP20417Mar 2 1989Utility programs written for DesqView.
DVWIN3.ZIP9152Nov 18 1990Notes on using DESQview and Windows 3.0.
DVXACODE.ZIP27892Aug 19 1992DVXACODE.ZIP Database of area codes [US/Canada] and intl. access codes. DESQview/X Specific Application. Directly from QuarterDeck BBS.
DVXCLOCK.ZIP68884Sep 1 1992DV/X CLOCK - Updated version of the DV/X CLOCK. DESQview/X Specific Application (X Windows). Directly from the QuarterDeck BBS.
DVXP102.ZIP54204Sep 2 1992Desqview/X patch to DV.EXE dated 4/27/92 (v1.02) from Quarterdeck BBS.
DVX_XPM.ZIP66845Jun 18 1991DVX_XPM.ZIP Additional ICONs for DESQview/X Specific Application (X Windows). Directly from the QuarterDeck BBS.
DV_CLK.ZIP2105Jul 12 1990Show clock on Desqview frame.
EZCOLOR.ZIP2595Jan 10 1988Change screen colors in DesqView.
FFLIP213.ZIP67884Oct 1 1991Task switcher to switch between up to 10 programs V2.13.
FILES004.ZIP9402Mar 8 1991DESQview utility that displays open files. The display includes filename, size, date, handle, etc. It is really a nice little utility.
FUNC24.ZIP2579May 15 1991A new patch file from Quaterdeck, fix zero length memory bug in QEMM version 5.10, 5.11 and 5.12.
GEODEMO.ZIP631666Jan 24 1991Fantastic demo of GeoWorks Ensemble. Claimed to be a much better system than Windows 3.0.
GIVEBK31.ZIP5494Apr 26 1988Give back time when using DoubleDos or DesqView.
GOEMU387.ZIP42519Nov 11 1993Includes GO32.EXE and EMU387 that are required for the DV/X Applications XDU21DVX and XCHOMP.
GW_FORUM.ZIP6056Dec 5 1991America Online Geoworks forum dedicated to the upcoming SDK for Geos 2.0.
HEXDEHEX.ZIP72827Mar 16 1993VAX VMS utility, converts binary files into text (& vice versa).
HOOKINT.ZIP3989Dec 3 1992Technical bulletin re: Desqview and Intel modem problems.
IRQ2REV.ZIP5540Apr 15 1988Revectors Interrupt 2 to allow using DesqView with a network card.
LDFILTER.ZIP2167May 3 1987Patch program for DESQVIEW, fixes the DOS Exec command to stop crashes.
LIMITEM.ZIP2651May 17 1988Limit the amount of EMS a program can use under DesqView.
LOAD.ZIP11529Oct 16 1988This program will allow you to load DesqView programs that are specified in your Start Program Menu from the command line. Options include the ability to force the program to start in the background. C source included.
LOADHI.ZIP10596Aug 5 1992Fix for QEMM LOADHI.SYS program.
LOTUS3DV.ZIP3675Aug 28 1989Tech note from QuarterDeck on how to run 1-2-3 3.0 under DesqView.
MCA.ZIP24245Dec 15 1993Latest version of the MCA.ADL file for QEMM386.
MEMO.ZIP27794Oct 1 1991Sharp Wizard OZ8000 utility that creates a text file from the Wizard memo applcation.
MEMSTAT2.ZIP12232Aug 19 1992MEMSTAT2.ZIP Memory Status II v1.2 - Replacement for DV's Memory Status DESQview/X Specific Application. Directly from QuarterDeck BBS.
MFTFLOPP.ZIP1453Nov 19 1991Desqview Manifest 1.11 patch. Corrects error in reporting of certain floppy drive adapters.
MSDOS6.ZIP7340Mar 30 1993Quarterdeck's technical note on compatibility of DOS 6.0 with QEMM.
MULTIDOS.ZIP118042Dec 2 1991DOS Multitasking system that is shareware. Demo.
NEKOICON.ZIP2518Oct 24 1992NEKOICON - Several ICONs for XNEKO, DV/X's cat and mouse. DESQview/X Specific.
NEW_WAVE.ZIP1078435Feb 15 1991Demo copy of HP's New Wave for Windows. Does not require Windows to operate.
NO387.ZIP15386Sep 3 1992NO387 - Simulated 80387 Math Coprocessor. Part of the GNU C compiler. Needed/recommended for some of the DV/X applications. DESQview/X (X Windows). Directly from the QuarterDeck BBS.
NOFF.ZIP1974Aug 4 1989DOC and run version of NOFF.SHR for Desqview (used with WP, etc.).
NOVER.ZIP1304Dec 2 1988NOVER will cause DESQview to NOT support TopView functions. This is for programs that do not respond correctly to DesqView's TopView support.
ONLY1.ZIP1663Mar 5 1990Allows only one copy of any program to run in DESQview. Useful to prevent 2nd copy of COMM program which acceses same comm port from being started, or 2 copies of database program without file locking, etc.
OPT_PAT.ZIP2374Sep 9 1991Patch to Optimize 2 for squeeze Problem for QEMM.
PC-IPC.ZIP51452Nov 22 1989This set of programs provides the capability of Inter-Process Communication for applications running under DesqView. Full C source code.
PCC.ZIP737348Apr 18 1993PC-Choices 32-bit OO Operating System for 386/486. This is the Intel port, also many other ports. Created by a mid-west university. Executables.
PCCAPP.ZIP614185Apr 18 1993PC-Choices Application Maker. You will also need DJGPP GNU C/C++ compiler. create 32-bit true OO programs for a true OO OS.
PCCDOC.ZIP16129Apr 13 1993PC-Choices is a 32-bit, Object Oriented Operating System for 386/486's. It installs inside DOS and takes maybe 10 minutes from unzip to boot. Source is available. Documentation.
PCCMGR.ZIP971066Apr 18 1993PC-Choices MGR Windowing Environment. Supports 640x480 mode. Open multiple windows, muti-task.
PCCTHES.ZIP323132Apr 12 1993PC-Choices 32-bit OO Operating system for 386/486s. Graduate thesis paper in postscript (use GNU Ghostscript to view).
PCT7.ZIP3207Oct 2 1991Tech Note on using PCTools v.7 with Quarterdeck Products.
PIF220.ZIP2098Nov 15 1989Layout of the DESQview PIF files, version 2.20+.
POLYBOOT.ZIP29753Apr 4 1991Another multiple operating system boot manager.
PRCMDSQV.ZIP853Nov 11 1986Using ProComm in DesqView.
PROMPTW.ZIP1003Mar 29 1988Change DOS prompt to add open window identification.
PRTSCR.ZIP1084May 25 1990Desqview 2.26 patch for print screen problem.
QB45LOAD.ZIP3828Sep 1 1989Use this program to force QuickBASIC 4.0, 4.5 and BASCOM 6.0 programs to run in a DesqView small window and in background.
QDPM1101.ZIP72553Jan 4 1993Quarterdeck DPMI host program. Use with QEMM386 to use DOS programs in 386 and 486 protected mode.
QEMM601.ZIP1619Nov 18 1991QEMM386 update for Ver 6.01.
QEMM6TRB.ZIP6655Sep 15 1991Quarterdeck tech note #205, "Trouble shooting Stealth".
QEMM7.ZIP3182Jun 17 1993QEMM version 7 Upgrade info from BBS (ie a *.tec).
QEMMBBS.ZIP6829Feb 6 1991Three important patch files for owners of QEMM from the Quarterdeck BBS.
QEMMFIXS.ZIP16225Aug 8 1992Qemm memory manager latest fixs.
QEMMFLOW.ZIP14022Dec 16 1992FlowChart for diagnosing QEMM problems.
QEMMKWIK.ZIP837Feb 12 1991Patch fix that is supposed to fix a problem between PC-Kwik and QEMM. This is not from QuarterDeck, so use at your own risk.
QEMMPATS.ZIP6829Feb 6 1991Three patches for QEMM386.SYS.
QEMMPTCH.ZIP2510Feb 13 1991Patch for QEMM, version 5.00-5.12, to fix EMS problem.
QEMMTECH.ZIP24736Sep 18 1990Technical notes for Qemm 5.1 and Windows 3.0.
QMENU11.ZIP52182Nov 19 1990Front end menu for QEMM 386. Makes using QEMM easier.
QMTEK601.ZIP260365May 23 1991Quarterdeck White Papers. Quaterdeck tech notes as of March 1991. Need DesQview to use reader, but the notes can be browsed with any ASCII editor/viewer.
QOSSWIT3.ZIP9024May 28 1992Describes command line parameters for use with Quarterdeck Products.
QOSTNOTE.ZIP200553Jul 5 1990D/L'd from Quarterdeck BBS. Complete text of all Tech Bulletins (DV/QEMM/QRAM).
QPAT21.ZIP353689Dec 9 1994This file is re-named from QPAT2 because it has been extensively modified since the 11/94 update. This is the official (3rd) Patch for QEMM 7.5, and it performed and additional 45 patches on the 11/95 QPAT2 update of my 7.
QTEC9306.ZIP622994Jun 10 1993Quarterdeck technical bulletins.
QTEST.ZIP17896Aug 1 1990Will help determine if Quarterdeck's QRAM would be beneficial to your system.
QWAUG92.ZIP434837Jul 22 1992Quarterdeck White Papers as of Aug 92, includes reader.
QWHITE13.ZIP590950Jun 7 1993All of the tech notes on the QEMM BBS as of June 30, 1993, including all QEMM 7 technotes.
QWPDOS5.ZIP6268Jun 21 1991Quarterdeck white paper on DOS 5. Discusses relative capabilities of DOS 5 memory management vs QEMM, and describes installation procedure and potential conflicts with QEMM or DESQview.
SEQURE.ZIP34088Aug 19 1992SEQURE.ZIP Password protect the DV environment/screen saver/customize. DESQview/X Specific Application. Directly from QuarterDeck BBS.
SETBACK.ZIP27598Jan 30 1990DESQview, Set program that will optionally start new tasks in background mode, requires V 2.26+.
SPWN13.ZIP10522Jan 6 1990A spawn command for DesqView that is similiar to UNIX's.
STAC2.ZIP2492Dec 17 1991QUARTERDECK Tech notes on using QEMM with Stacker 2.0.
STACKER.ZIP1681Apr 29 1991Quarterdeck tech note on how to use Optimize with Stacker disk compression program.
TAME310.ZIP103773Oct 11 1993Suspend DesqView and other Multi-tasker's background program if just polling keyboard. Speeds up foreground process. Rev 3.1.
TELIXDV.ZIP1566Mar 1 1991Tips on running Telix from within Desqview 386.
TIMESH.ZIP62375Aug 19 1992TIMESH.ZIP Nifty program for creating customized timesheets. DESQview/X Specific Application. Directly from QuarterDeck BBS.
TIPS0191.ZIP31822Jan 31 1991Craig Stevenson's TIPS version of 1-91, mostly concerning QEMM and DESQview.
TSX411A.ZIP138313Nov 17 1993Shareware 32 bit multitasking operating system [1/4].
TSX411B.ZIP1114476Nov 12 1993Shareware 32 bit multitasking operating system [2/4].
TSX411C.ZIP1127233Nov 12 1993Shareware 32 bit multitasking operating system [3/4].
TSX411D.ZIP1064307Nov 12 1993Shareware 32 bit multitasking operating system [4/4].
UNMAP.ZIP2014Oct 10 1991Patch for QEMM 6.0x to prevent unmapping of memory when an EMS file handle is released.
UNPQEMM.ZIP1790Feb 23 1992Remove serial number registration screen from QEMM.
UTL1192.ZIP120534Jan 6 1993DRDOS Update for several functions. D/L from Novell BBS.
VMIX285.ZIP243543May 5 19938088/80286/80386 MultiTasking/MultiUser operating system. Version 2.85. Very interesting, worth playing around with.
VMIXUTL.ZIP91000Jun 20 1992VMiX v2.76 API source code/utilities. For use with the VMiX multitasking environment.
VMSZ0606.ZIP153625Jun 6 1991Zmodem drivers for VMS, licensed for free for use with Omen Tech software on the other end.
VMS_ACL.ZIP11702Feb 27 1991This file contains utilities that can help configuration management using DEC/VAX ACL entries to customize a users environment.
WINFLO.ZIP11715Nov 21 1991QEMM386/Desqview notice on Windows 3.0.
WINFLO1.ZIP12765May 14 1992Quarterdeck tech note #207, 13 May 92. Debugging flowchart for problems with QEMM and Windows. Covers Windows 3.0 and 3.1, QEMM through 6.0x.
WINPOS.ZIP18601Nov 21 1988DesqView utility that returns a windows location. Uses DesqView API.
WINX.ZIP77848Sep 11 1992Desqview/X patch to winx.exe that should correct some Windows 3.1 crashes. From Quarterdeck BBS.
WIZ_STAT.ZIP19658Sep 17 1991Utility for the Sharp Electronics OZ8000 Wizard, reports back to the user the amount of memory used and free.
WN31QEMM.ZIP22676May 8 1992ALL the Quarterdeck technical notes on Windows 3.0/3.1 through May 1992. Retrieved from Quarterdeck Support BBS.
WP50DV.ZIP3335Jul 30 1988Add F11 and F12 in wp under Desqview.
WTFOR058.ZIP22314Oct 28 1990Waitfor is a simple utility program for use with Desqview, mainly as a batch file utility. It allows the user to synchronize events in multiple windows by delaying the current process.
XCHOMP.ZIP111890Apr 30 1993XCHOMP -- DV/X X Windows inplementation of a PACMAN type game. Very well done. Includes Executable and C Source. Requires GO32.EXE DOS Extender. See GOEMU387.ZIP which includes the DOS Extender and the Math Coprocessor emu
XCURSR10.ZIP64429Sep 24 1992Change your cursor type under DesqView's X-Windows.
XDU21DVX.ZIP156072Jul 28 1993XCHOMP -- Version 2.1 -- DV/X X Windows inplementation of a Disk Utilization. Includes Executable and C Source. Requires GO32.EXE DOS Extender and a Math Coprocessor (or EMU387). See GOEMU387.ZIP which includes the DOS Ext
XLSFONTS.ZIP47245Apr 27 1992XLSFONTS.ZIP Gives a list of fonts w/DVX. For versions prior to 1.02.
XMS.ZIP6232Aug 18 1992XMS.ZIP Reporting utility for XMS memory. Directly from QuarterDeck BBS. DOS Utility similar to QuarterDeck's EMS Utility.
XNEKO.ZIP88701Oct 7 1992XNEKO - CAT follows your mouse cursor around the screen. GNU C source code Included. DESQview/X Specific Application (X Windows). Directly from the QuarterDeck BBS.
XROACH.ZIP80362Oct 6 1992XROACH - ROACHES run around your screen. GNU C source code Included. DESQview/X Specific Application (X Windows). Directly from the QuarterDeck BBS.
XV221BIN.ZIP540038Sep 25 1992XV221BIN.ZIP XV Version 2.21. Freeware DESQview/X Graphics Viewer (GIF, Bitmap and JEPG). XV is a DESQview/X Specific Application. Math Coprocessor or GNU's Math Coprocessor (EMU387) is required. Downloaded directly from Q
XV221DOC.ZIP17057Oct 23 1992XV221DOC.ZIP Documentation (README Type) File for the DESQview/X Graphics Viewer (GIF, Bitmap and JEPG), Version 2.21. XV is a DESQview/X Specific Application. Math Coprocessor or GNU's Math Coprocessor (EMU387) is require