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Phrase Watcher finds all sentences in a document containing bad or wordy phrases.
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Phrase Watcher finds all sentences in a document containing bad or wordy phrases.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Phrase Watcher finds all sentences in a document containing bad
or wordy phrases. When you use too many words, you tire your
reader and make it more difficult for him to understand the
important words. Worse yet, some phrases are just plain wrong
and will leave the reader with a bad impression of you.

You can use Phrase Watcher along with a spelling checker to help
you produce better documents. The spelling checker will catch
the misspellings. Phrase Watcher will catch the sloppy phrases.
Use it for letters, proposals, reports, and documents where a
favorable impression is important.


Phrase Watcher accepts a text file as input and produces a file
of sentences with the questionable phrases. Each phrase is
bracketed with the characters *[ ]*. Under each sentence will
be suggestions for possible improvements. Phrase Watcher
accepts ASCII text files as well as WordStar document files.
Many other popular word processors can produce files compatible
with Phrase Watcher. Not all phrases found by this tool will be
bad in all situations, but Phrase Watcher will help with finding
those that are bad.

To run Phrase Watcher, issue the following MS-DOS command:

PHRASE inputfile outputfile

With version 2.4 of Phrase Watcher, the files PHRASE.DAT and
EXPLAIN.DAT must be located in a certain disk directory. Run
the program PHRINST to change the disk directory for these two


To run the installation program, make sure the file PHRASE.EXE
is in the current directory or floppy drive. The disk drive
must not be write-protected since the file PHRASE.EXE is
modified. Issue the following MS-DOS command:


When prompted, type in the name of the directory where the files
PHRASE.DAT and EXPLAIN.DAT can be found. The directory entry
should include the backlash as the last character. Enter the
empty string to use the default directory. Here are some

\ root directory
..\ parent directory
B:\ root directory of drive b:
modem\ directory named MODEM


The shareware version of Phrase Watcher is distributed on
electronic bulletin boards and by computer clubs. You may use
the software and make multiple backup copies. Versions of
Phrase Watcher designated as "shareware" may be given to friends
and uploaded to electronic bulletin boards provided no changes
have been made to the distribution package. Do not distribute
copies of the program which do not have the initial screen
explaining the shareware concept.

If you find this program useful, please feel free to give
consideration for my time and effort in developing this tool.
Please send $8 to the address below and ask for Phrase Watcher
registration. The file ORDER.ME contains a registration form
that can be printed on your printer if you wish. In return,
you will receive a floppy disk with the latest version of
Phrase Watcher. The introductory screen along with its keyboard
entry will NOT appear in the copy of the program you will
receive upon registration.

Please upload the shareware version of this program onto as many
local bulletin boards as possible. You will be helping me make
this tool available to many more people giving me incentive to
make further improvements to the program.

Send contributions to: George Yee
1847 N. Frances Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85712

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