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A map of all of the MicroMUSE Sections and Arcs. The MUSE Internet Game Guide.
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A map of all of the MicroMUSE Sections and Arcs. The MUSE Internet Game Guide.
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*** This info was provided by MicroMUSE and put together and captured by
*** Tony Konzal ([email protected]) ENJOY!
news New Users Guidelines
============================== Introduction ============================

This document contains a brief introduction to the MicroMuse environment.
A longer and more detailed description is available in MicroMuse's Charter.
The full charter is available by anonymous FTP to, in
the file /mud/tinymuse/charter. Extensive online help and news is available
on MicroMuse itself. Type 'help' and 'news' when you are connected to get
started with those tools.

Since the best way to learn about MicroMuse is to use it, we hope you will
connect soon and begin exploring. Before you do, however, take a few minutes
to read this document, which contains a discussion of what constitutes
appropriate and inappropriate uses of the Muse. We expect everyone who
connects to the Muse to be familiar with this document. By connecting, you
agree to abide by the guidelines it sets forth.

================================== MicroMuse ============================

MicroMUSE is chartered as an Educational MUSE, with preference toward
Educational, Scientific, and Cultural content. The Massachusetts Institute
of Technology (MIT) provides the computing resources for MicroMUSE with the
understanding that these resources are used in accordance with the
University's general policies and guidelines for propriety and relevance to
MIT's Educational Mission. Since MIT is funded in part by Federal taxes, we
have an obligation to ensure that those taxpayer dollars are not used to
support activities of a questionable or objectionable nature.

The purposes of MicroMUSE are manifold, as described in the charter. We strive
to provide an environment for educational exploration and construction of
simulated realities, present and futuristic; a recreational and congenial
environment for socializing and exchanging ideas; a visionary model of an
optimistic possibility for a future world inhabited by a productive community
of people and machines; and a place where people can work cooperatively on
new ideas in an atmosphere of trust and free communication.

======================== Administration of MicroMuse =====================

The Directors of MicroMuse are the volunteers who work behind the scenes to
ensure the smooth running of the MicroMuse environment. They are assisted
by a small group of Officials. All of the Administrators and Officials of
MicroMuse are ready to help you at any time with any questions or concerns
you may have. If the person you approach is not able to resolve your
question, you will be referred to someone else who can.

At the present time, the Directors of MicroMuse are Jin, Koosh, Moulton, Erk,
Ender, Michael, Priam_Agrivar, and Aslan. Questions of general policy are
decided on a consensus basis by the directors, and such questions should be
directed to them.

Guides are people who have been nominated by the directors to perform
public service work on the Muse. They are all available to help you any
time they are connected. The list of Guides changes from time to time,
but in general Guides (as well as Administrators) can help you with
questions about how to use the muse, what resources and activities are
currently available, and how to build your own areas. Guides and
Administrators are identified as such in the list you see when you type
'WHO' to see who is connected.

We also strongly encourage players to help each other. Feel free to ask
other players if they have time to help you. Most of our players learned
from others, and are happy to help you get started if they have extra time.

==================================== Rules ===============================

MicroMuse is a virtual community, and players are expected to conduct
themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Specific guidelines are
listed here, but the basic intent is that people will observe the general
norms of social interaction, which include respect for other people and
for their rooms and property.

1) In public areas of MicroMuse, players should conduct themselves as a
polite person would in real life. This applies in private areas of
MicroMuse as well unless you are given permission otherwise by the
owner of the private area you are in.

2) You are responsible for your character. That is why we are strict
in requesting registration. Guard your password well. We have seen
cases where friends or roommates use another person's character and
comport themselves irresponsibly. You are responsible for your
character no matter who controls it.

3) Abuse of other players will NOT be tolerated. In particular, respect
other player's requests for privacy. Continued pages or visits to a
player after that player has expressed their wish for privacy shall
be considered harassment.

4) Unwanted advances of hostile or forward nature are unacceptable. As in
real life, if you wish to form a new relationship you are expected to
begin first as friends. If you think someone might be interested in
developing a closer personal relationship, it is your responsibility
to make absolutely sure of this before saying or doing anything that
would be considered inappropriate in real life. Such inappropriate
behavior includes, but is not limited to, suggestive remarks; violation
of the other person's space; forward, intimate or suggestive conduct.

People on MicroMuse are of all ages and backgrounds. Some are young
children; some are in high school or college; some are older. Some are
married. Most are not here specifically to form intimate relationships,
and it is inappropriate to assume that someone is so interested unless
you have received clear indications of it. If you are unsure whether your
behavior is appropriate, STOP, and ASK. Many people are hesitant to say
'go away' in so many words because they do not wish to be rude. It is
your responsibility to make sure they are saying 'yes' before pursuing
a close personal relationship.

5) If you experience harassment in any form, you should speak privately
with a Director. All communications will be kept completely confidential
if you so wish. With your permission, the Director will discuss the
situation with the other person involved, and usually such situations can
be resolved quickly. In more serious cases, if you wish to press formal
charges, the Director you approach may ask your permission to discuss the
case confidentially with one or more of the other Directors, as well as
with the other person involved. Whatever the course you select, the
Director will work with you to ensure that the harassment stops.

6) In general, players may assume that they can wander freely into any area
that they can reach through unlocked exits. Players should not teleport
uninvited into other people's houses.

7) It is not appropriate to 'spoof', that is, to @emit an utterance when
there is a reasonable expectation that someone might think the utterance
was performed by somebody other than yourself, and with the intent to
confuse or deceive.

8) Objects created by a player for private use belong to that player. It
is not acceptable to move other people's property without permission.
The one exception to this rule is that objects left in a room you own
may be sent home if you do not want them.

Objects created as part of a public works project and linked to public
areas of the city are considered to have been donated to the city. Other
people working on the same or similar projects may add on to them or
edit them as the need arises. Once completed, public rooms or objects
may be @chowned to a non-playing character to ensure their permanent
incorporation into the city.

9) Keep track of the objects you create. Leaving personal objects in public
places or in other people's space without permission is considered
littering and should be avoided.

10) Unless you have been invited to remain in someone else's space, it is
considered polite to go 'home' before disconnecting. Also, players
should avoid disconnecting in public areas.

11) There is an online help page on the topic of Privacy that explains to
what extent your communications with other players on the Muse are kept
private. Rules and regulations aside, reading that help topic will give
you a better understanding of how 'safe' your privacy is. To read it,
type 'help privacy' while connected to the Muse.

================================ Conclusion =================================

We hope you will enjoy exploring and contributing to the ever-growing world
of MicroMuse. When you first connect, type 'help getting started' for a
brief list of helpful commands. Then, after you have started exploring,
read more of the online 'help' and 'news'. You may also ask other players
for help getting started, finding your way around, or doing some building.

See you online!

news Officials Guidelines
====================== Information for New Officials =====================

Congratulations on your new job!

This document contains a general introduction to the responsibilities of
being a MicroMuse Official. It includes a description of some of the powers
you may have been given in order to fulfill your responsibilities, and
contains guidelines on the appropriate and inappropriate use of these powers.

You have already spoken with other Officials or Administrators about the
specific role for which you have been nominated. If you have any questions
about them, you should of course feel free at any time to discuss them
again with your Department Head or with any Director. If, after you have
been invested as an Official, you find that other commitments do not leave
you enough time to discharge your responsibilities, please let us know and
we will understand. We can restore you to your status as Citizen and keep
you in mind for an Official job should your time free up again.

========================= General Responsibilities ========================

As an Official, you represent MicroMuse to the other players, many of whom
will view your behavior as a model for their own. You should, therefore,
be especially aware of the guidelines and expectations for the Muse, as
described in the introductory letter to all players and in the Charter.

Your name appears in the WHO list as an Official. This means that players
may contact you for help. If you are not available to help, please consider
setting yourself @hidden. Otherwise, you should be prepared to answer general
questions, and to refer players to the appropriate person for help you cannot
personally provide.

Officials should always be on channel _ocu. This channel is used for
communications to all officials. Players who are not officials may broadcast
to this channel but cannot listen to it.

All Public Relations officials are on channel _pr. This channel receives
messages each time a guest or new player connects, and additionally whenever
a player (generally a guest) uses a PR Intercom. Other officials are urged
to join this channel if they have the time to provide general PR help.

========================== Using Official Powers ===========================

The purpose of granting an Official the power to use 'official' commands is
to enable that person to perform his or her services to the players on the
Muse. If, after reading this section, you have any questions about the
appropriate or inappropriate use of the official commands, please ASK.

The '@announce' command is intended for use only when it is important
for everyone currently connected to hear your message. For general
'hello's and 'goodbye's and other queries, use '+com public' or another
appropriate '+com' channel.

Joining players:
Public Relations officials have the power to 'join' (or 'meet') other
players. Except when meeting new arrivals in the Main Transporter
Lobby, you should obtain permission from the person you are joining
before using that command.

Summoning players:
Most officials do not need the summon command. If for some reason you
need that command, you must be cautious when using it. It is a gross
breach of ethics and politeness to summon people without their consent
except in an emergency.

Examining objects:
Some officials have the power to examine registers on other people's
objects. It is expected that you will not examine objects unnecessarily.
Still more importantly, it is expected that you will keep confidential
anything you see regarding other people's things.

Changing objects:
A few officials engaged in building projects may have the power to chown
or modify other people's objects. If you have this power, it is vital
that you be extremely careful with it. Especially when referring to
objects by number, a small typo may inadvertently cause you to change or
destroy an object belonging to someone else. It goes without saying
that this is a serious error and one you must take great pains to avoid.
If despite all precautions, you find that you have changed or destroyed
something not yours, notify the owner or a director *immediately*.

Seeing hidden players:
Some officials can see everyone on the WHO list, including players who
are hidden. Avoid disturbing such players; presumably they have set
themselves hidden to avoid being paged. Under no circumstances should
you tell anyone else who the hidden players are.

Setting the Haven and Slave flags:
Some officials have the ability to set the haven and slave flags. The
reasons and procedures for doing so are described in the next section.
Setting these flags when the reasons in the next section do not apply
may constitute a serious abuse of power.

Once again, we would like to emphasize that the powers you may have are
given in order that you may properly fulfill your responsibilities, and
are granted only to the extent that you need them. We do not give out
powers as a reward or for any other reason. We do give out powers because
we trust that you will use them in a manner appropriate to the job for
which you have been nominated.

======= Helping players deal with runaway objects and other problems =======

1) Runaway objects:

At times, a player may approach you and explain that one of his or her
objects is causing trouble -- generally, that it is in an infinite loop.
You should find out the object number (using @find, if the player can
only give you the name) and set the object 'haven'. Then help the player
understand the problem with the object, if you can, or refer the player
to another official or administrator for help.

At other times, you may come across a runaway object on your own. If the
player who owns the object is connected, notify them of the problem before
setting the object 'haven'. If the player is not connected, and the
object is causing trouble, you should set it 'haven' and notify a director.

2) Harassment

At times, a player may approach you and explain that he or she is being
harassed by an object and/or another player, or that an object owned
by another player has caused trouble. In general, you should refer such
problems to a director if at all possible. If no director is available,
and the problem is immediate, you may take one of several actions depending
on the scenario:

a) If an object is causing trouble, verify that the object is indeed
the source of the complaint, and then set it 'haven', determine
who owns it, and notify a director as soon as possible.

b) If a player is harassing another, begin if possible by getting both
players together to discuss the matter. If you can verify that the
harassment is occurring, and the harassing player is uncooperative,
you may set the player 'slave' to stop the harassment, join the player
(since he or she will no longer be able to page you), tell the player
what is going on, inform them that they can communicate with you only
with the 'pose' command, and tell them what they need to do to remain
in good standing. If the player agrees, you may unset the 'slave' flag.
Any time -- and we expect these incidents to be extremely rare -- that
you set the slave flag on anyone for any reason, inform a director as
soon as possible thereafter and explain the circumstances and what, if
anything, was resolved.

If you find it necessary to deal with a complaint of harassment, be sure to
inform both parties that no formal action, beyond what you do in the immediate
term to help resolve the problem, will be taken until both have had ample
opportunity to explain the situation to the directors.

============================== Conclusion =================================

We hope that this guide to official powers and responsibilities has helped
to make clear your important role in the development and maintenance of
the Muse and in the guidance of its players. We are grateful for the time
and effort you put into making the Muse a better place for everyone.

We look forward to your continued presence on MicroMuse!

news Cyberion
Cyberion City II has been built, under the direction of Ender. The new
center of MicroMuse is a cylindrical structure 36 km in length and 15 km
in diameter. Residences and other buildings exist on the interior curved
surface of the city, which is spinning on its axis to simulate the
force of gravity, and is orbiting the Earth every 48 hours. A special weather
core will allow simulation of weather and direct transmission of light and
heat. Transportation is facilitated through a PeopleMover system of monorail
cars and slidewalks along a Main Transportation Spine (MTS).

Read CybCity.Txt (available by anonymous ftp from for
a general introduction to the city. For general information about the city,
and overview maps, type 'news ccii.1' through 'news ccii.4'. For maps
of individual sectors, type 'news map.0' through 'news map.11'.

news map.0
III. End-View Section Maps
[Note: these maps show spinward as a clockwise rotation. However,
the city administration decided to spin the city counterclockwise
when it first was constructed. Neither the maps nor the spin direction
can be easily changed.]

Section 0: Admin, Space Admin & Space Port -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Main Administration Complex
Arc 1: Space Administration .7 --- .1
Arc 2: Planet Metro [ 9 ]
Arc 3: ---
Arc 4:
Arc 5: # 8
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: Teleportation Center #
Str 8: Space Port (Hangars and Dock)
Str 9: Weather/Environ Control
.5 .3


news map.1
Section 1: University and Museum -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Cyberion City University
Arc 1: Administrative Offices .7 .1
Arc 2: Science Center
Arc 3: Curio Shop
Arc 4: Museum Complex
Arc 5: Air and Space Museum #
Arc 6: Library .6 ### .2
Arc 7: University Annex #

.5 .3

news map.2
Section 2: Information and Communications -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Cyberion Information Center
Arc 1: Communications Complex .7 .1
Arc 2:
Arc 3:
Arc 4:
Arc 5: #
Arc 6: Robot Housing .6 ### .2
Arc 7: Nexus #

.5 .3

news map.3
Section 3: Corporate Business -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Central Corporate Offices
Arc 1: 1st Galact.Bank, Stock Exch. 7 .1
Arc 2:
Arc 3:
Arc 4:
Arc 5: #
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: #

.5 .3

news map.4
Section 4: Retail Businesses -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Central Business Complex
Arc 1: Restaurants & Other Businesses .7 .1
Arc 2: Medical Center Complex
Arc 3:
Arc 4:
Arc 5: #
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: Malls and stores #

.5 .3

news map.5
Section 5: Entertainment, Parks & Recreation -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Disneyland
Arc 1: Parks .7 .1
Arc 2: Narnia
Arc 3: Space Place
Arc 4: Oz
Arc 5: #
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: MicroBoardwalk #

.5 .3

news map.6
Section 6: Permanent Residences -------> Spinward

Arc 0: Hotels and Lodging
Arc 1: Stardust Homes .7 .1
Arc 2: Asimov Residences
Arc 3: Bradbury Residences
Arc 4: Clarke Residences
Arc 5: LeGuin Residences #
Arc 6: Urban Parks & Recreation .6 ### .2
Arc 7: Cemetery #

.5 .3

news map.7
Section 7: Temporary Residences & Resorts -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Star's Hotel
Arc 1: Xanaquest Condos .7 .1
Arc 2: Celestial Condos
Arc 3: Lewis Carroll Residences
Arc 4: Ray Smullyan Residences
Arc 5: Martin Gardner Residences #
Arc 6: Doug Hofstadter Residences .6 ### .2
Arc 7: A.K. Dewndey Residences #

.5 .3

news map.8
Section 8: Wetlands, Prairie and Forest Preserve -------> Spinward
Arc 0:
Arc 1: .7 .1
Arc 2:
Arc 3:
Arc 4:
Arc 5: #
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: Desert #

.5 .3

news map.9
Section 9: Mountains and Sanitation Utilities -------> Spinward
Arc 0:
Arc 1: .7 .1
Arc 2:
Arc 3:
Arc 4:
Arc 5: #
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: #

.5 .3

news map.10
Section 10: Industrial Park and R&D -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Main Industrial Park
Arc 1: Research and Development .7 .1
Arc 2: Research and Development
Arc 3: Research and Development
Arc 4: Outdoor R&D
Arc 5: # 9
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: #
Str 9: Zero-Grav Labs

.5 .3

news map.11
Section 11: Power, Water Recycling, Observatory -------> Spinward
Arc 0: Power Utility
Arc 1: Water Recycling .7 .1
Arc 2:
Arc 3:
Arc 4:
Arc 5: # 9
Arc 6: .6 ### .2
Arc 7: Science Labs (special) #
Str 9: City Observatory (and Radio Telescope)

.5 .3



news ccii.1
Cyberion City II: Overview Maps [13 Jun 91]
I. Over-all Side View
This design is basically a very large cylinder (shown here in cross-
section divided into two parts):

1) Starboard Half of Cylinder:

Starboard Research Mountain Residential Residential
Section Section Section Flatland Section 2 Section 1
------- ============ ============================================|
|Water ||Research &||Mountains |Wetlands |Resident2 |Resident1|:
|Recycl.||Developmen||and other |and | | ||
|Observ.||Zero & Low||and | :
|-------||Gravity ||############################################|
|Sci Lab||Environ. ||environ. | Atmosphere (for atmospheric effe:
|-------||----------||parks and |---------------------------------|
|Power ||Industrial||treatment |Forest | | ||
|Distri.||Park ||facilities|Areas | | |:
------- ============ ============================================|
11 10 9 8 7 6

news ccii.2
Cyberion City II: Overview Maps [13 Jun 91]
I. Over-all Side View
This design is basically a very large cylinder (shown here in cross-
section divided into two parts):

2) Port Half of Cylinder:
Adminstration &
Entertain- Business Business Info & Space Admin. &
ment Section 2 Section 1 Communic. Univ. Space Port &
Weather Control
|=============================================== -------------
:|Business3|Business2|Business1|Inform. |Univer.|Admin Section|
||Entertain|Shopping |Corporat.|Communic|Campus |Space Admin |
: Atmospheric core (for weather effects... | Hangar|Main |
|#######################################|#######|-------|Port |
:.....and hang-gliding and motorized gliding) |Weather| |
||Theatres |Restaur. |Stock Ex.|Communic|Museums|Space Admin |
:|Other |Services |Banks,etc|Inform. |Researc|Admin Section|
|=============================================== -------------
5 4 3 2 1 0

I. A. Dimensions
Each Section is 3 km thick for a total Cyberion City II length of
36 km. Each Arc is approximately 6 km in length for a total
circumference of 48 km. The diameter of CC II is ~ 15 km.

news ccii.3
II. Views from the End

[Looking from Starboard to Port] [Looking from Port]
[This would be Section 11] [This would be Section 0]

----> Spinward Rotation <---- Spinward Rotation
.0 .0

.7 .1 .1 .7
Radio Telescope
x . . Array . .
Observatory x Space port
& Observation . .
.6 x . Bubble . x .2 .2 .6
. . . .
x x
.5 .3 .3 .5

.4 .4

Note: Sections are subdivided into 8 equal Arcs. Thus, locations
can be specified by a Section Number (0 to 11) and an Arc Number
(0 to 7). E.g. .

news ccii.4
There are maps of individual sections in 'news map.0' through 'news map.11'.
Maps of off-city areas are not currently available. Check the TransMat
station in Section 0, Arc 7 for a list of generally accessible cities and

news projects

(For a list of ongoing projects, see 'news ongoing projects')

Projects that need doing and contacts:
Cyberion City II Weather (Aslan)
Various earth projects (Falryx)
Neo-Tokyo (Ender)

If you can think of any other projects that need doing, please contact shkoo.

news ongoing projects

Projects which are in progress are:
o The ongoing construction of CC II -- Aslan and Ender
o The Building of Moscow -- Falryx
o Construction of a Weather system for CC-II -- Meteorologist
o The Building of a CC-II Yellowstone Park -- Calvin
o The Building of a Narnia Entertainment Attraction -- Aslan
o Construction of the TourCar system for CC II -- TourGuide
o Development of MicroMuse University and MMTV -- Kaneda
o Construction of the Solar System Wolf 359 -- L'pus
o Building of a Rainforest -- Erica
o Building of Neo-Tokyo -- Sloat, Colonel, and Tetsuo
o Creation of the Interzone -- Tymra
o Electronic News +newstaper -- Ender, Calliope and staff

If you are interested in starting a project contact your executive council.
news caspian
Caspian, the Maas-Neotek Robot, will now be online as much as possible.
The Robot will respond to speech, pages, and whispers, and will talk
over +com 'robot'. It will occasionally ignore sentences it does not
understand. You may ask it for directions from one room to another
('How do I get to Room2'), or about people, and other things as well.
Try it out! If there's something you'd like it to talk about that it
doesn't understand, send mail to Aslan.
news Building Advice
A common mistake made by many of our Builders is to envision projects on a
grander scale than their actual time-limitations and MUSE-coding expertise
permit. Often, such projects end up as mostly empty rooms and exits which
are seldom visited and which use up our valuable object-space.

I advise all Citizens to carefully consider their projects before beginning
to Build. Smaller, fully functional and richly desc'd exhibits are more
likely to be completed and can later be expanded if builder interest
doesn't wane.

As always, everyone is encouraged to recycle or update abandoned and
obsolete projects they own.
Ender, member of the Executive Council
news New Commands
Commands @addparent and @delparent have been instituted to replace @reparent.
Both @addparent and @delparent now require that the parent object be set
bearing (or that you control the parent object). See help on both.

Help is also available on all of the following recently-added commands:

Locks, @lock, @elock, @ulock, $ event, ! event.
@move, @omove, @amove, @oemit, if(), ifelse(), wcount().

You can now 'examine object/attr'. The following have also been
added: v(attribute), %/attribute/, %/thing/attribute/, all of which can
be used in programs to return values of attributes. The first two return
the value on the object calling the function; the last returns the value
on an arbitrary thing. Help for these is in 'v-function' and 'substitutions'.

Added @cpattr. This command is used to copy one attribute to another
The syntax is @cpattr =, This should help programmers.

New !help command. When used it should bring an Official to your personal
aid. Note however if there are no Officials logged on, aid may not come.

July 7-30-92

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