Dec 292017
Update REGISTERED version of PKzip 2.04C to 2.04E patches.
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Update REGISTERED version of PKzip 2.04C to 2.04E patches.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDENDUM.DOC 18782 6159 deflated
APPNOTE.TXT 37084 10988 deflated
AUTHVERI.FRM 2330 927 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 3707 1478 deflated
OMBUDSMN.ASP 591 353 deflated
ORDER.DOC 3304 1483 deflated
PKCFG.PAT 20020 17862 deflated
PKPATCH.EXE 8621 8372 deflated
PKZIPFIX.PAT 7713 7401 deflated
PUTAV.PAT 14255 13984 deflated
README.1ST 1016 527 deflated
UPDATE.BAT 1616 519 deflated
V204E.NEW 8837 3427 deflated
WHATSNEW.204 2430 1118 deflated
ZIP2EXE.PAT 26879 26329 deflated

Download File UP204E.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file


This disk contains update patches for the REGISTERED versions of
PKZIP/PKUNZIP etc. version 2.04c to 2.04e.

The files on this disk are:

readme.1stThis file

update.batBatch file for updating PKZIP etc.
Make sure that the files from this release
and the .EXE files from version 2.04c are
in the current directory and then type UPDATE

whatsnew.204Highlights of new features in version 2.04c
v204e.newUpdates/changes in 2.04e from 2.04c

pkpatch.exePKPATCH program

pkzip.patPatch files for this update

addendum.docUpdate information not in the PKZIP manual.
license.docInformation on Site and Distribution licenses
order.docOrder form for PKZIP
appnote.txtApplication notes for the .ZIP file format
ombudsmn.aspAssociation of Shareware Professionals Ombudsman
information file.
authveri.frmAuthenticity Verification application form

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