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Drug abuse

Nearly all counties and cities within the U.S. have a Bureau of Substance Abuse,
a Bureau of Alchohol and/or Drug abuse, or a Department of Health that will
make referrals to local, direct-help out clinic and in-patient treatment
facilities for persons with drug abuse problems.

There are also numerous volunteer and social organizations such as the
Salvation Army, the American National Red Cross, the Young Men's Christian
Association,and the Young Women's Christian Association that have drug abuse
treatment programs at many of their local branches. Check with the nearest
affiliate to see if such free help is available. Local mental health clinics
and hospitals often have drug abuse programs.

Practically every state has a government agency for drug abuse. That agency
will make referrals to local treatment facilities. Many states, such as
Maryland, publish directories of local treatment facilities.

The following agencies and organizations can provide more information on
an educational level concerning drug abuse.

Addiction Research Foundation Hazelden Foundation
33 Russell Street Consultation & Education Services
Toronto 4 Ontario Box 176
Canada M5S 2S1 Center City, Minn 55012

National Clearinghouse for Drug Abuse PACT/NADAP(Business and Labor Joined
Information(NCDAI) Against Drug Abuse)
11400 Rockville Pike, Room 110 355 Lexington Avenue
Rockville, Md. 20852 New York, N.Y. 10017

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