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Excellent file finder that lets you ask for files last modified or created since X number of days ago.
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Excellent file finder that lets you ask for files last modified or created since X number of days ago.
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Contents of the NUSTUFF.DOC file

Version 1.1
APRIL 1990

- Description -

NUSTUFF was written to help you identify (and display) files
and programs that were recently created.

It will display a scrolling window of files that were created
ON a user specified date, or SINCE that date.

If you know you created something last week, but haven't the
slightest idea of what you named it, or in which directory
you put it, then this program can help.

- How to Fire it up -

Simply typing "NUSTUFF" at the DOS prompt will cause the program
to display a scrolling window of all files and programs created
on the current date, within the current directory.

Type "NUSTUFF 3" to list all files and programs created within the
last 3 days; or more generically, "NUSTUFF n" will list all files
created within the last n days.

Type "NUSTUFF -3" to list all files and programs created EXACTLY
3 days ago; or more generically, "NUSTUFF -n" will select all files
created on the date n days ago.

The maximum acceptable value for n is 9999 (that's over 27 years!).

- To search ALL directories -

You may also type the letter "A" (for All) as a second command line
parameter to have NUSTUFF search ALL directories. This is useful
when you know you created something recently, but can't remember
what you called it, and in what directory you saved it.

Note that if you type "NUSTUFF 9999 A" you will get most likely
ALL files on your hard disk!

Once active, the list of files and programs can be sorted by
path and file name (F3), or by date and time (F4).

Hitting F1 gives minimal on-line help.

- To Print (or Save) the list -

Hitting F2 will cause the current list to be written to an ASCII
text file, named "NUSTUFF.DAT", in the current directory.
You can then print this file, using the DOS print command.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOTE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
If a file by that name already exists, it will be
overwritten without warning!

- To BROWSE a file -

Hitting enter will let you BROWSE the highlighted entry, provided
that you have a program called "SHOW.COM" located either in the
current directory, or any directory in your search PATH.

Nustuff will attempt to execture a COM file by the name of SHOW,
passing it the highlighted filename as a command line parameter.
I did not write my own BROWSE function simply because there are
already several excellent browse programs out there,and there
is no sense reinventing the wheel.

Just make a copy of your favorite browse program
and save it as "SHOW.COM" (in a directory that is within your PATH).

I highly recommend LIST.COM, by

Vern Buerg
129 White Oak Circle
Petaluma, CA 94952.

This is a shareware program that is top-notch in quality. It is
probably available on whatever BBS you received this program from.

However, any BROWSE program that is a COM file, and that accepts the
filename to browse as a command line parameter should work.

- To change Screen Colors -

Included with this release of NuStuff is a program called
"NUCOLOR.EXE". Use it to customize (some of) the colors in
NUSTUFF. (unless, of course you are using a monochrome monitor,
in which case you can ignore this.)

Before starting, make sure that NUCOLOR is in the same directory
as NUSTUFF. Type "NUCOLOR", and you will get a screen showing all
the possible color combinations. This screen is present 5 times:

- 1st, to choose the MAIN foreground and background colors.

- 2nd, to choose the Help screen foreground and background colors.

- 3rd, to choose the background color for the Help lines
(F3=Sort by..., etc). The foreground color will always be
the same as the main screen background color, selected above.

- 4th, to choose the color for the "User Supported..." message
on the opening screen. Make it the same as the background to
effectively get rid of it. The bakground color will be the
same as the main screen background color.

- 5th, to choose a color for the annoying " any amount"
message, or to get rid of it. As with (4), the background
color has already been determined and cannot be changed.

- Changing your mind -

You can immediately exit out of NUCOLOR, without changing
NUSTUFF, by hitting the ESC key.

F1 gives minimal on-line help.

F2 gives you a full demo screen to see what the current color
selection will look like.

NUCOLOR will not work with an older version of NUSTUFF.
(No harm if you try - it will just tell you so).

Please be aware that NUCOLOR writes directly to the NUSTUFF.EXE
file. This will change the date/time stamp, and the checksum
value of NUSTUFF.EXE.

- To Donate or not to Donate -

If you don't like this program, or rarely use it, then obviously
there's no need to make any donation. But if you do use it
regularly, then I request that you send me a contribution.

How much? Let your conscience be your guide.

So far, I have received two $10 and one $20 contributions
for version 1.0. (And one guy offered to send me $10 if I
would agree to STOP writing any more programs! - Only kidding).

If you are an individual, then any contribution
would be greatly appreciated.

On the other hand, if you are a business using this program
on several machines, or loaded, (or bombed!) then
a higher amount is certainly justified.

I'll even gladly accept used hardware - I need at 30 or 40
meg hard drive.

All funds recieved will be reinvested in new hardware.

Steve Leonard
260 Dunbar Rd.
Hilton, NY 14468

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