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MindReader word processor/database/phone book/etc good.
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MindReader word processor/database/phone book/etc good.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARC.EXE 32051 16442 deflated
LETTER.DOC 1280 665 deflated
MAINBASE.BSE 5376 864 deflated
MANUAL.MR 35608 11429 deflated
MR.ECT 15419 9819 deflated
MR.EXE 17920 12119 deflated
MR1.EXE 75264 45265 deflated
MR1DIR.DIR 128 42 deflated
MR2.EXE 46592 26319 deflated
MRCLNDR.CFG 18423 157 deflated
MRCONFIG.CFG 512 228 deflated
MRDIC.DIC 30080 11036 deflated
MRDIR.DIR 128 55 deflated
MRGLSRY.DOC 3072 1161 deflated
MRH0 341 187 deflated
MRH1 1836 716 deflated
MRH2 1636 629 deflated
MRH3 1033 395 deflated
MRH4 574 270 deflated
MRH5 1263 540 deflated
MRH6 968 460 deflated
MRH7 1092 429 deflated
MRH8 983 444 deflated
MRH9 4048 1255 deflated
READ.ME 1979 895 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

MindReader Version 1.03, December 15th 1987.
Copyright (C) Telemarketing Resources DBA Brown Bag Software 1987.

Please feel free to distribute COMPLETE, UNMODIFIED copies of this entire
archive to your friends, associates and to other Bulletin Boards.

files in this archive:

MR EXEMindReader excutable program
MR1 EXEOverlay file used by MR.EXE
MR2 EXEOverlay file used by MR1.EXE
MR ECT ShareWare screen file.

MANUAL MR MindReader documentation

MRCLNDR CFGCalendar configuration file.
MRCONFIG CFG MindReader configuration file.

MAINBASE BSEMain Address list file.
MRDIC DICMain word directory (10.000 words)

MR1DIR DIRAddress list DIR file.
MRDIR DIRMindReader DIR file.

MRGLSRY DOCSample memo.
LETTER DOCSample letter.

READ ME This file

MRH? Help files

to install MindReader on your HardDisk, just copy all the files in this
archive into a subdirectory on your disk and start MindReader with the command:


added in version 1.01

1) Contextual help

2) Minor bug fixes.

Added in version 1.02

1) A new ShareWare screen file now comes up when MR.EXE is executed,
Its called MR.ECT a should be present in the current directory.

The shareware screen is now several screens, and now contains
a menu, this menu will let you register your copy in all the
possible countries that Brown Bag Software has offices, also
you can see the different prices. I will also print out a
registration form. And it will let you print out the documentation.

2) MREXEC.EXE has been renamed to MR1.EXE.
MR1.EXE has been renamed to MR2.EXE.

Added in version 1.03

1) Revise old document now works, plus other minor bug fixes.

have fun!

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