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Disk Closet - store files on hard drives with Pkzip.

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DC- The Disk Closet V1.01
Provides a unique method for storing
files ON your hard drive in regular
ZIP files.Easy to use interface.
Perfect for keeping directories
uncluttered, without actually deleting
or putting files on floppies.

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Disk Closet – store files on hard drives with Pkzip.
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isk loset

Donald M. Langhorne
South 5241 Columbia Ave.
Hamburg, NY 14075

Registration only $15



Why use Disk Closet--------------- 1
Installation---------------------- 1
Special Features------------------ 1
Usage----------------------------- 2
Options--------------------------- 3
History of Revisions-------------- 4
Disclaimer------------------------ 4
Registration---------------------- 4
Credits--------------------------- 4


Why use Disk Closet:

DC is a was created because of the need to store seldom used files
while keeping them easily and quickly accessible. While DC is not
a disk compression utility, and will not provide as much savings as
such a program would, it does have it's advantages.

DC is an ordinary executable. It is NOT a TSR and therefore
does not take up any memory.
DC does not require any setup program to prepare your Hard Drive
it is ready to be used immediately.
DC uses PKZIP to store files, so in case of problems, files can
be manually retrieved from storage.
Unlike most disk compression programs that store every file in one
large archive file, DC creates a unique ZIP file for each directory
that files are stored in. This can be very helpful if the ZIP files
should become irreversibly damaged, since you would only lose at most
the files in 1 location.

PKZIP, ZIP, and PKUNZIP are registered trademarks of PKWare Inc.


The following instructions should be enough to get started using DC.
For additional information, please refer to either the Help screen
in DC or the rest of this document.

1) When you receive DC it should be in a compressed archive file.
After de-compressing the archive, I assume you will decompress
it to a temporary location(directory), Make sure both DC.EXE and
DC.DAT are included.

2) Copy the files DC.EXE and DC.DAT to a directory that is in your
path, preferably in the same location as other often used programs.

3) Be sure that the files PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE are on your system,
and also in a directory that is in your path.

4) simply type DC to get started from any drive and/or directory.

5) Refer to the help screens for information on using DC or refer to
the rest of this document.

DC uses two main windows for operation and popup menus for additional
The colors that DC uses are completely customizable
Uses only 150k of RAM itself, plus ~100K for PKZIP for a total of
~250K memory needed to run DC.
When a file(s) are stored, DC creates two files $$STR$$.$$$ is the
ZIP file, and $$STR$$.DAT which is a data file. Both files are
hidden files.
Files can be stored, and retrieved as often as desired
A maximum of 1024 files will be displayed for each window.


DC has been designed to be as simply and easy to use as possible.
The two main tasks that DC performs are storing files and retrieving
files. The following steps explain how to perform both tasks.

Storing Files:

To store a single file, simply highlight it and press .
**Note: Pressing enter when a sub-directory is highlighted **
** will not store any files, but will change directories **

To store multiple files, tag the files to store, then press
F2(Function 2 Key) and select either single, all, tagged, or untagged
Selecting 'Single' will store only the highlighted file
Selecting 'All' will store all files in the current directory
Selecting 'Tagged' will store all files tagged(checked)
Selecting 'Untagged' will store all files that are not tagged

After the files have been stored, they will move from the left
window to the right window. These files will no longer be seen
or available, until they are retrieved from storage.

Retrieving Files:

To retrieve a single file, change to the right window with
and highlight the file you wish to retrieve. Press

To retrieve multiple files, the process is nearly identical to
storing files, except you would tag files in the right window,
then press F2. See Storing Files for more information.

After the files have been retrieved they will move from the right
window to the left window, and will now be available.

The options for DC are available by pressing F3 during program execution.
Future releases will most likely add to these options.

It is possible to change all the colors on the screen when DC is running.
It should be noted though that some windows/text share the same colors.
When the colors you want to change are selected, a window will appear
that will display all the possible color pairs and their associated color
values. To the right a small input window will display the current value
and allow you to enter a new number, or simply press to leave the
value unchanged.
HINT: If you would like to have borderless windows, select a color pair
where both the foreground and background colors are the same. The number
will not be displayed, but will be one greater than the previous value.

Background Character:
The background character can be changed to any possible character
that the IBM supports. When you select this option, a small window
will appear in the middle of the screen. To change the character,
simply use the left and right arrow keys, then press enter to make
your selection.

All changes you make to colors will be cancelled unless you select
from the options(F3) menu

Register DC:
When you send in the registration form, you will receive a registration
number. Upon receipt of this number, you would enter the number by
selecting Options(F3) and then . After entering the number,
be sure to select to make the registration permanent.

{See HISTORY.TXT for complete history of revisions made to DC}


I assume no liability or responsibility for any damages that may occur
from the use or misuse of this program. A user operates this program
without any guarantees as to the accuracy of the information included.
All use is at the user's risk.

A note on registration:

I am releasing this program as shareware. Using this program for a
NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSE is allowed. DC is NOT Public Domain Software
nor is it Freeware. It is copyrighted by myself and I retain the
rights to all files included in this release. If you find this
program of use, a donation of $15 is encouraged. Use of this program
for COMMERCIAL use REQUIRES registration of $10 US per copy.
Please make payment in US funds to:

Donald M. Langhorne
South 5241 Columbia Ave.
Hamburg, NY 14075

Thank you for your interest in DC.

Why register:

Registering this program gives you a license to use DC and enjoy
free upgrades for the life of the program. Registering
this program will remove the opening beg window and delay.
For more information or to register write to the above address.

Problems or Suggestions:

If you encounter a problem or have any suggestions in reference to this
program, please send your comments to the above address or to the
following boards. I am interested in you problems/suggestion
with/for DC. Please contact me with any questions or problems. I
will try to help anyone, registered or not who takes the time to get
in touch with me as best as I can.

Data Express:716-627-3299(19200-HST)
Compuserve ID:71031,3113

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