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Date: Mon, 17 Oct 88 16:53:33 PDT
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From: James A. Woods
Subject: README.cray for GNU e?grep

I just sent this out to comp.unix.cray:

From: [email protected] (James A. Woods)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.cray
Subject: GNU e?grep on Cray machines
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Date: 17 Oct 88 23:47:29 GMT
Organization: NASA Ames Research Center, California
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# "What comes after silicon? Oh, gallium arsenide, I'd guess. And after
that, there's a thing called indium phosphide."
-- Seymour Cray, Datamation interview, circa 1980

Now that most Cray software development is done on Crays themselves,
thanks to Unix, GNU e?grep should come in handy. Of course, if you're
scanning GENBANK for the Human Genome Project at 10 MB/second (the raw
X/MP Unix I/O rate), you really do need the speed.

Sample, from one of the Ames Cray 2 machines:

stokes> time ./egrep astrian web2 # GNU egrep
0.5980u 0.0772s 0:01 35%
stokes> time /usr/bin/egrep astrian web2 # ATT egrep
7.6765u 0.1373s 0:15 49%

(web2 is a 2.4 MB wordlist, standard on BSD Unix.)

To bring up GNU E?GREP, ftp Mike Haertel's version 1.1 package from
'' or ''. Mention -DUSG in the Makefile,
and specify

#define SIGN_EXTEND_CHAR(c) ((c)>(char)127?(c)-256:(c))

in regex.c. [Cray characters, like MIPS chars, are unsigned, but the
compiler won't allow ... #define SIGN_EXTEND_CHAR(c) ((signed char) (c))]

However, at least on the Cray 2, there's a compiler bug involving the
increment operator in complex expressions, which requires the following
modification (also in regex.c):

m->elems[m->nelem++].constraint |= s2->elems[j++].constraint;
m->elems[m->nelem].constraint |= s2->elems[j].constraint;

Thanks go to Darin Okuyama of NASA ARC for providing this workaround.

-- James A. Woods (ames!jaw)
NASA Ames Research Center

Though Crays are not at their best pushing bytes, the timing difference
is even more exaggerated with heavier regexpr processing, to wit:

time ./egrep -i 'as.*Trian' web2
0.7677u 0.0769s 0:01 44%
time /usr/bin/egrep -i 'as.*Trian' web2
16.1327u 0.1379s 0:32 49%

which is a mite unfair given a known System 5 egrep -i gaffe. You get
extra credit for vectorizing the inner loop of the Boyer/Moore/Gosper
code, though changing all chars to ints might help also.

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