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To run ADA-TUTR on a PC, you need the files ADA-TUTR.DAT and ADA-TUTR.EXE on
a hard disk. The other files will be explained later. An Ada compiler is
helpful, but not required. Just type ADA-TUTR to start learning!
The PRINT.ME file (49 pages) contains notes that should be printed. If you
give the command PRINT PRINT.ME before running ADA-TUTR for the first time,
your notes will be printed while you begin using the tutor. Page 39 tells how
to install ADA-TUTR on non-PC computers, such as mainframes. If you like, you
can punch the notes with three holes and put them in a report binder.
If the next sentence shows strange characters like "[1m" on your screen, see
page 3 of PRINT.ME and install ANSI.SYS before running ADA-TUTR on a PC. One
word of this test sentence should be brighter than the rest.
ADA-TUTR is "Shareware." Try ADA-TUTR for free. To use it after the free
trial, individuals must register and organizations must buy a license. Both
are very inexpensive, and give many benefits. See page 2 of PRINT.ME for
information. Whether or not you use ADA-TUTR and register or buy a license,
please copy the complete program and give unmodified copies to others!
We wish you success learning Ada, the very best programming language!

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(407)951-0233 Copyright 1988 John J. Herro