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PC Magazine Volume 11, Number 8.
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PC Magazine Volume 11, Number 8.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CDMACR.BAT 141 52 deflated
DEMO7 618 282 deflated
DEMO7.C 27160 6319 deflated
DEMO7.DEF 389 236 deflated
DEMO7.EXE 23122 9411 deflated
DEMO7.H 614 287 deflated
DEMO7.RC 350 205 deflated
DOW.C 1297 540 deflated
DOW.EXE 9956 6474 deflated
FIELD.BAS 2163 816 deflated
FONTSI.SMM 4444 1034 deflated
HISTOG.XLM 5387 2320 deflated
HOMEND.SC 356 205 deflated
KBMIDI.BCP 372 184 deflated
KBMIDI.C 28681 6326 deflated
KBMIDI.DEF 385 218 deflated
KBMIDI.EXE 11776 5584 deflated
KBMIDI.MSC 332 169 deflated
LENGT1.BAT 323 195 deflated
LENGTH.BAT 284 188 deflated
WPRINT.DOC 1660 757 deflated
WPRINT.EXE 23040 10590 deflated

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Contents of the WPRINT.DOC file

WPRINT (Version 1.0)

Philip B. Eskelin, Jr. April 28, 1992 (Utilities)

WPRINT: A Windows 3.1-specific utility, lets you print a text or bitmap
file in just one easy step. Simply click on the file you wish to print,
drag it to the WPRINT icon, release the mouse button and WPRINT prints
your file.

You can execute WPRINT by choosing Run from Program Manager's File Menu
and entering on the command line


where d: is the drive and path specifies the directory in which WPRINT
is located. However, the best way to use WPRINT is to copy it to your
Windows directory and add it to a program group by choosing New from
the File menu in the Program Manager. Once it's installed, you simply
double-click on the WPRINT icon and it will appear minimized at the
bottom of your desktop.

To use WPRINT, simply click on any text or bitmap file from within
File Manager and drag the file to the WPRINT icon. When the cursor
changes to what looks like an earmarked piece of paper with cross hairs
in the middle, release the mouse button. WPRINT will print your file.

WPRINT becomes even more of a timesaver when you print multiple
files. From within File Manager, choose File/ Select Files and, for
example, select all .TXT files. Then close the dialog box, click on one
of the selected files, and drag it to WPRINT. Your files will be printed
and you can continue to work on other tasks.

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