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Code from the Windows Technical Journal of April 1992.
File 0492.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Code from the Windows Technical Journal of April 1992.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BITMAPS.ZIP 12871 10969 deflated
CATCH.ZIP 43895 43109 deflated
EXECWAIT.ZIP 2973 2889 deflated
HOTKEY.ZIP 10351 9693 deflated
IQTEST.ZIP 16120 15709 deflated
MYTHILE.ZIP 23221 16842 deflated
NOTBAD.ZIP 48483 46167 deflated
README.TXT 1719 952 deflated
UNDOCDOS.ZIP 10645 10356 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file


Here's the source code to accompany the April 1992 issue of Windows Tech
Journal. Here's what you've got:

This directory contains the files to accompany James Plamondon's
article on exception-handling, "CATCH & THROW." The code is in C.

This is Walt Oney's WinExec replacement function, ExecWait, which
retains some of the desirable features of good ol' Spawn.

This directory contains Richard Sadowsky's Turbo Pascal for Windows
code for browsing through undocumented data structures in DOS. The
code accesses DOS through DPMI, so the archive includes DPMI.PAS,
which was also distributed with the January 1992 issue.

This directory includes source and executables for Zack Urlocker's
fun little "prank" program, IQTEST.

As a rip-off of Notepad, it's not bad. A simple text editor for Windows,
with complete source code.

This is Rud Merriam's Visual Basic program launcher. Pretty cool.

Jonathan Zuck's sample hook-filter code. The ZIP file includes a
DLL with Pascal source, plus sample access programs in Visual Basic,
Toolbook, ObjectViews, Realizer, C, and Pascal.

These WinTech logos are just for fun. Use 'em for wallpaper--we do!

As always, thanks for your support of Windows Tech Journal. For a free issue
and a no-risk subscription, give us a buzz at (800) 234-0386.

And don't forget to order a WinTech T-shirt or sweatshirt. RTFM is outselling
NO GUI, NO GLORY, but it's a close race. Be a Windows Warrior in the proper

Best wishes,

J.D. Hildebrand
Windows Tech Journal
P.O. Box 70167
Eugene, OR 97401

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