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P r o f e s s i o n a l

Shahar Hajdu & Amir Mirenberg

Delta-5 (C) 1993-1994 , DeltaTeam

All Rights Reserved

³ About Delta-5 : ³
Delta-5 is a BBS program that has an easy BBS components
editor. The editor works like a FlowChart. It has 10
icons which help to create the BBS. All of them are
explained in D5Design.DOC. The program itself has some
C00L things that I'll explain later on, in this document.

³ The Delta-5 Package : ³
There are some added doors in the package, and they are :
WM - Warez Manager - The file door
MMaster - Mail Master - The mail door
AceChat - Ace Chat - The chat door
NewsMan - News Manager - The news door
Fillit - Fill It Up - The questionnaire door
TagLiner - Tag Liner - The tag line door.
OnUsers - The multi line who is online door.
LastOn - Last users on the system.

Documents are added with them.
Also added an already set and ready to operate BBS (
Smpl_BBS.ARJ ), just extract it and you have a BBS.

³ Some UnDocumented and important things : ³
- Delta5.EXE's command line options :
-L Puts Delta-5 in a local mode operation. In this
mode there is no need for the fossil driver and
there will be no waiting screen, which means
that it will put you right into the BBS, logging
off will exit right back to DOS. Also in this
mode no logging will be made, and the Delta5.LOG
will stay untouched.
-B[Baud] Enters fixed baud rate. Used to pass Delta-5 the
connect baud rate from an external connection
handler. Like the local mode, it puts you right
into the BBS, this time a fossil is required.
Also, if a no user is online it will exit back
to DOS ( or to the program that ran Delta-5 ).
-N[Node] Execute Delta-5 with a node parameter. Useful
for multi-line BBSs. When this parameter exists,
Delta-5 creates the DORINFO1.DEF files with
?=node, if it doesn't exist ?=1.
-R[Mod.] Runs the module [Mod.] instead of the module
defined as "BBS Main Module" in D5Config ( for
module debugging purposes).

- Keys in waiting mode :
Alt-L - Logs on locally to the BBS.
Alt-X - Exits Delta-5.
Alt-A - Answer manually, works only if carrier
detected. Good for serial cable connections, I
myself used it while debugging Delta-5.

- Giving/Getting data from doors :
Delta-5 uses 2 files to communicate with doors. These
files are :
DORINFO1.DEF ( as other BBS programs have ) - Gives a
door all needed data about the user online and the
modem data. This is the "output" file. This one is
a text file. It's format is equivalent to the other
BBS programs that uses it, so other BBS doors can
work with Delta-5.
EXITINFO.BBS - RA's format, has the same job of DORINFO
we added this support so that some RA supporting
doors could be used in Delta-5.
DOORRET.D5 - Gives Delta-5 back data from the door,
right into Delta-5's variables. Use to give back the
time left into the ^TL0 variable and so on. This is
the "input" file. It is a binary file.
Also an environment variable is added, DORINFO, which
contains Delta-5's root directory.

- Node.<#> ( The between node communication ) :
When activated, Delta-5 creates a file for each node, and
each input to those files comes out to the node that file
belongs to. For example, if I have a user in node 3 and I
input a string to the file Node.3, the string will appear
to the user on that node. Of course you need to use the
Delta-5 commandline -N[Node]

- Nodes.D5 :
This file contains information about each and every node
on your system ( even if you use only one node ). It is
mainly updated by Delta-5 every time the user does

- Everywhere in Delta-5 ( even in doors, original Delta-5
doors of course ) Ctrl-K kills the process. Pressing this
key will exit to dos, not handling modem disconnection if
the modem is online.

- From anywhere in Delta-5 ( again, only in original
Delta-5 doors ), you can hung up the user by pressing the
F8 key. In local mode, this will exit to dos.

- While a user is online you can shut him up by F1 key any
time ( this does not exist in the external doors ). This
will disregard the input coming from the modem. Till you
press F1 again the user will not be able to do anything
in the BBS except than hanging up his modem. ( btw, some
doors will be also effect by this, i mean, if you leave
the user shut up, and then execute a door, the door will
not be able to get any input from the user and you will
not be able to change it till you exit from this door ).

- F2 key loads you the D5Config.EXE program wherever or
whenever you are in Delta-5 ( except in external doors ).

- F3 key loads you the D5Design.EXE program wherever or
whenever you are in Delta-5 ( except in external doors ).
If you're in the BBS at that moment, the D5Design will be
loaded with the same module Delta-5 will run at that

- F4 key shells to DOS ( with swapping ).

- F5 key edit the current user. If no user is defined it
will put you in the users list.

- Delta-5 supports DESQView and MS-Windows multitaskers and
when loaded, displays a message that it had detected them
( each one, both, whatever ). This support causes Delta-5
to run better and faster in each, and also spares CPU
time when it can, to improve other tasks' speed.

³ How to build a multi line BBS with Delta-5 ? ³
First make different directories for each line. For each
line execute the D5Config.EXE from it.
For example :


Then make sure all your E icons ( execute a program )
will have the full path of the program they're suppose to
execute. When activating the lines you need to execute
Delta-5 from each line, just like you did with the
D5Config, plus the node parameter.
For example :

C:\LINE1>c:\delta5\delta5.exe -N1

Delta-5 will keep a separate Delta5.LOG, DORINFO1.DEF and
DoorRet.D5 for each line, but use the same Delta-5 data
files for all lines.
( Note: DORINFO1.DEF will be created with the node number
you give it, as mentioned before, in the above example it
will be DORINFO1.DEF ).
Easy, ha?

³ Tips for building a BBS : ³
1. First, before doing anything, read the D5Design.Doc
document. Then read it again and again until you
understand it, or at least part of it.
( Just kidding about that. btw, there is a F1 - Help
in the D5Design so you don't have to memorize the
D5Design.DOC )
2. Then set all basic things with D5Config before editing
anything. ( you have a document for that too,
D5Config.DOC, so if you don't understand something,
read about it ).
3. After you put the first icon, don't forget to connect
the Start ( S ) icon to it. (;
4. When you set a Case icon, before editing the case
definition file make sure that all the icons that you
want to go to from all the cases, exist on the chart.
If you forgot, nothing happened, it's just a tip from
5. Don't forget UnEnding edges, like an icon that doesn't
connect to anywhere, but is being connected from
another icon. If you do forget one the user that will
get there will be hanged up.
6. In Exec Door icon you can put batch files as well as
the actual names of the door you want to execute. Also
in batch files you can put more than one door, and you
can also put there dos commands.
7. In Input icon in the menu type, don't forget to define
the keys in the "Get control keys" menu item. without
it movement will not be possible.
8. If you don't understand an item in a menu or why
something does not work then try all the menu options
of that icon, maybe you forgot something to define.
9. Get use to using the procedure icon, I mean build your
BBS in pieces. you will understand the chart better
like this.
10.Don't ever leave the part separator undefined. It is
defined by default " " ( space ), so if you don't want
to use it, or don't know what it is, then don't touch
11.If you don't remember the name of a file within
D5Design when you need to specify a file name you can
use wild cards and then to choose the right file from
the list.
12.You have a debug option, F9, don't hesitate to use it,
it will find most of the errors in your design.

³ Some C00L stuff : ³
As mentioned in the D5Config, you can specify 2 file
names in which you will write names that if Delta-5 gets
them it gives them the Security you specify to each one
of them. Nice aha ?, you can specify your friends' names
in the Good names file name and give them a good sec, and
you can specify your "friends" in the Bad names file
name, and give them a "good" security.
There is an option in the security editor to give each
security level a name and use it in the design.
You can leave wrong password users after they tried out
all their chances to guess the password and not hang them
up right after they fail.
You can edit strings that will appear to the users in all
the colors, and with different colors every character.
You can give users the option to identify, and till they
do, they have the Unidentified security. When they do
identify, if they are new users and don't appear in any
good or bad list they get the New User Security.

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